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Cleaners Advisor is a platform that has many experts in cleaning field, was established on November, 2021.

Keeping your surroundings clean is the first step towards a healthy and successful life! In your journey to success, we provide expert cleaning advice, gathered by trusted cleaning experts from all the fields.

Our goal at cleanersadvisor.com is to provide you with the most accurate and precise information, regarding any and every cleaning subject.

All the tools, the tricks, the devices, the machines, the guides, the lists, and the valuable information, should all be yours, aiding you in forming the correct knowledge, and easing your way to a successful life, through a clean and tidy route!

Our Team

Ahmad Shehada

Ahmad Shehada

Content Manager

Ahmad is our Head of Content, he has 6 years of journalism & content writing under his belt.
He is a literal “Cleaning Freak,” and he’s the one to always give advice to everyone and anyone at the company.
The other thing we know about Ahmad is that when he’s not focusing on cleaning, he’s focusing on eliminating enemies in counter-strike video game.


Hala Zaqqout

Content Officer

Hala is a freelance copywriter at Cleaners Advisor. She has a master’s degree in Business Administration and holds a BA in English Literature.
Her aim is to create a place where all questions can be answered and empower you with the right information on cleaning products and effective cleaning advice so that you can make better decisions.

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