Best Robot Vacuums 2023 Worldwide [Scientific Study]

Published by Ahmad Jamal on August 14, 2022 | Last updated on May 14, 2023

All you need to know about Robot Vacuum Brands in One Place, here at, we’ve spent hundreds of hours reviewing the most reputable Robot Vacuum Brands on the market, to provide you with the list of the best Robot Vacuum Brands.

It goes without saying that Robot vacuums are on the rise, more and more people are getting into understanding how they operate, and what level of comfort and luxury they can offer.

Moreover, you’ll most certainly need the most reliable robot vacuum that’s manufactured by a well-known, sophisticated, professional, and practical brand that builds only the best robot vacuums.

To make searching for such brands easier for you, Cleaners Advisor’s team has created a list of the Best Robot Vacuum Brands in the whole world, in addition to the best ones in the US market.

Keep on reading to muster the importance of this list and the scientific methodology in which this list was created, and the lists you’ll need.


Google- as a leading Search engine controlling over 86% of the Search engine’s market share– processes over 3.5 billion searches per single day.

According to research by Hootsuite in January 2022, nearly 58.6% of those customers purchased a product online on weekly basis, that’s a huge number of purchases if you ask me.

To carry out the most suitable decision that suits your needs, you’ll need the most accurate information we can gather for you, to help you decide what is the best option for your convenience when you surf Google for guidance.

As well all know, robot Vacuum brands differ in price, floor types they operate on, main features, dustbin capacity, how long they can run, the technology used to control them, and more.

The following methodology will explain in depth how we managed to fetch the information you need to make up your mind among those different aspects of each robot vacuum brand.


Our main goal is to provide the most accurate information, analyze it in the simplest of methods, and arrange the list of the best Robot Vacuums 2022 Worldwide & in the United States.

To serve that goal, we’ve used the famous search engine optimization tool in Semrush to fetch the monthly search volume for each brand between 9th & 13th August 2022.

Moreover, we’ve built the research methodology on the number of monthly visits the official website of each brand can gather.

On the other hand, since search interest reflects the customers’ behavior on google as the lead search engine, Google Trends gauges how popular, trendy & has growth potential a brand can be over the course of the last year.

Then we can use google trends to compile volume for each brand, as it values each search query with a 0-100 score, 100 being the trendiest, growing, and most popular.

Over the course of the last year between 15-8-2021 and 31-7-2022, we’ve gathered the google trends’ score for each brand, and calculated the average for them, counting the ups and downs each brand endured all year long.

We didn’t stop there; Amazon is the leading online market in the US for purchasing different items and products, therefore we fetched & analyzed the list of the top 50 list of best robot vacuums 2022 on 13th August.

This means that to help you make up your mind on which is the best robot vacuum brand in the world & in the US, we’ve used data from the top 1 search engine worldwide, the top 1 online market, and the top 2 search engine optimization tool in the world.

Best Robot Vacuum Methodology
Methodology Explained

First List: Best Robot Vacuum Brands 2022 Worldwide – The Most Searched

To measure how popular a robot vacuum brand has been, we resorted to calculating how many potential customers have searched for the brands’ query on monthly basis, using the aforementioned methodology.

This will help you gauge how reputable a single brand can be among potential customers, using the volume of searches via the most famous search engine.

Using that process, you’ll have a list of the most searched robot vacuum brands worldwide, that would help you measure the popularity of each brand, and how much people seek information on their products.

Here is the list of the top 3 most searched brands worldwide, where customers will search for the main brands’ query on Google:

  1. iRobot (371.2K monthly searches)
  2. Hoover (267.6K monthly searches)
  3. Shark Vacuum (248.7K monthly searches)


iRobot is the most searched robot vacuum brand in the whole world! That’s right.

On monthly basis, there are more than a third of a million searches on the iRobot vacuums, including the most famous Roomba.

It has also a similar feat when it comes to the searches on iRobot in the US, you can find it in the next section of this list.

Earlier in August, Amazon bought iRobot for 1.7 billion dollars, turning a new page in the books of the most searched robot vacuum brand.


Hoover occupies #2 on the list of the most searched brand when it comes to robot vacuums.

Their up-and-coming robot vacuum technologies have earned them the respect of tens of thousands of customers.

Therefore, there are more than a quarter of a million monthly searches for Hoover on Google alone.

Shark Vacuum

A little bit shy of the quarter of a million monthly searches, Shark Vacuum has managed to secure the #3 spot on the list of the most searched robot vacuum brands.

Despite being well-known worldwide for other types of vacuums, Shark has managed to catch up with other brands and hastily caught them with its magnificent robot vacuums.

With more than 248K monthly searches, you know for a fact that Shark is a reputable brand whenever you travel around the world.

Best Robot Vacuum The Most Searched Worldwide
The Most Searched Worldwide

To complete the list of the top 10 most searched robot vacuums worldwide, here are the brands remaining on that list:

4. Roborock (236.1K monthly searches)

5. eufy (180.4K monthly searches)

6. Wyze (163.9K monthly searches)

7. Ecovacs (71.7K monthly searches)

8. Dreame (69.3K monthly searches)

9. Goovi (68.6K monthly searches)

10. Neato (32.8K monthly searches)

Second List: Best Robot Vacuum Brands 2022 in the United States – The Most Searched

Without further a due, here are the most searched robot vacuum brands in the US:

  1. Shark Vacuum (165K monthly searches)
  2. Wyze (135K monthly searches)
  3. iRobot (110K monthly searches)
  4. eufy (60.5K monthly searches)
  5. Hoover (49.5 monthly searches)
  6. bObSweep (29K monthly searches)
  7. Roborock (27.1K monthly searches)
  8. Dreame (8.1K monthly searches)
  9. Neato (8.1K monthly searches)
  10. Ecovacs (6.6K monthly searches)
Best Robot Vacuum The Most Searched Brands in the US
The Most Searched Brands in the US

Third List: Best Robot Vacuum Brands 2022 Worldwide – The Most Visited Official Website

Another factor to put in mind when searching for the best robot vacuum brands is how much traffic is generated using the official website.

When people trust a certain brand, they’ll seek to buy their products directly from the official website or the official brand’s store.

Therefore, here’s the list of the most visited official websites among the best robot vacuum brands in 2022:

  1. iRobot (916600 visits)
  2. Wyze (737700 visits)
  3. Hoover (476500 visits)
Best Robot Vacuum Most Visited Official Website
The Most Visited Official Websites


The most visited official website of a robot vacuum brand in the whole world is the iRobot website, famous for their Roomba robot vacuums, which are considered the Elite among robotic ones.

They have been too close to a million visits per month on their official website, which is quite an achievement in itself above all accolades.

They may be a bit more expensive than other brands, but nearly a million official website visits prove that people don’t really care about that factor when it comes to high quality.


The trendiest in the US – as you’ll find later in this article- has been earning hundreds of thousands of visits on monthly basis, earning them a #2 spot in the brands with Most Visited Official Websites.

With ¾ million visits per month, you’ll know how Wyze managed to improve its products to a high level where people search for the brand and its products on a constant basis, whereas you have tens of absolutely incredible brands to compete against.

In conclusion, iRobot and Wyze are the only 2 robot vacuum brands with +500,000 official website visits.


Famous for its durable collection covering different vacuum types, the Hoover brand occupies the #3 spot on the Most Visited Official Websites.

It comes a bit short of half a million official website visits on monthly basis, while still far away from the #4 position with nearly 350,000 official website visits in between both brands.

Most of Hoover’s visitors are from the US, which is a pattern for nearly 85%+ of the brands we’ve analyzed.

Top 10’s lists are always fun, aren’t they? Here is the list of the top 10 Most Visited Official Websites among robot vacuum brands:

4. Eufy (101300 visits)

5. Roborock (98800 visits)

6. Ecovacs (79400 visits)

7. narwal vacuum (49000 visits)

8. Neato (47700 visits)

9. Shark Vacuum (42500 visits)

10. Proscenic (34200 visits)

Forth List: Best Robot Vacuum Brands 2022 Worldwide – Best Seller List

As we’ve mentioned in the methodology, Amazon is the top online market for purchasing all types of products, and it’s no different when it comes to robot vacuums.

For this criteria, we’ve surfed for the best seller robot vacuum, chose the top 50 products on that list, and analyzed which brands appeared with more and better robot vacuums.

The results are not surprising at all, as iRobot – the most visited robot vacuum brand website worldwide- tops the list with most robot vacuums in the Amazon Best Seller List, and here’s an infographic showing the results:

  1. iRobot (36%)
  2. Roborock (16%)
  3. Shark (16%)
  4. eufy (14%)
  5. ILIFE (4%)
  6. Yeadi (4%)
  7. PureClean (4%)
  8. Coredy (2%)
  9. Bissell (2%)
  10. Dreame (2%)
Best Robot Vacuum Amazon Top Seller List
Out of the Top 50 Products… iRobot Obtained the Majority with 18 Products

Fifth List: Best Robot Vacuum Brands 2022 Worldwide – The Trendiest  

We’ve come across 32 most famous robot vacuums, and subjected them to the already-explained scientific methodology.

Since Google Trends can figure out how trendy a brand can be, here are the top 3 Trendiest robot vacuum brands in 2022 according to Google Trends’ Score:

  1. ILIFE
  2. Goovi
  3. Dreame


ILIFE came out as the trendiest robot vacuum brand in 2022, scoring the #1 rank with 71 points.

It doesn’t score that high in the US, but that doesn’t take anything away from the international company, as it has sold vacuums to over 3 million families worldwide.

People in Hong Kong love ILIFE that much, as the brand scores the highest in that state.


Coming second on the list of the trendiest robot vacuum brand in 2022 is Goovi Robot Vacuums, scoring 61 points.

According to the company, their robot vacuums are Powerful, Lightweight, and Long-lasting, but they are not by any means famous in the US, scoring only a single point.

However, Italians adore the Goovi Robot vacuums, and you can check the 3 best Goovi vacuums in the full review we created after testing the Italians-loved vacuum.


Dreame robot vacuums are similar to the Goovi, as they are both famous in the EU, but not with the same luck in the US, scoring 58 points, only 1 point away from the 4th position.

It provides a wide range of robot vacuum cleaners, with an affordable range of prices for their intelligent vacuums.

Lithuania is well-known for selling the most number of Dreame Robot vacuums according to google trends too.

Best Robot Vacuum The Trendiest
The Trendiest Brands Worldwide

Not enough ha? Here’s the top 10 list of the trendiest robot vacuums in 2022 worldwide:

4. Neato (57 points)

5. KYVOL (56 points)

6. Xiaomi robot Vacuum (55 points)

7. Coredy (53 points)

8. eufy (53 points)

9. bObSweep (51 points)

10. Wyze (50 points)

Honorable mentions missing out on the list

Hoover, scoring 50 points ranking the #11

Dyson Robot Vacuum, with 47 points ranking the #13

iRobot, at 46 points ranking the #14

Bissell Robot Vacuum, with 39 points ranking the #21

Sixth List: Best Robot Vacuum Brands 2022 in the United States – The Trendiest  

In the same way, we checked the most popular brands Worldwide, here’s the list of the trendiest 3 robot vacuum brands in the United States:

  1. Wyze
  2. bObSweep
  3. Pure Clean Vacuum


You may be surprised that none of the “most famous” brands have topped this list, aren’t you?

No worries, as Wyze is indeed a top-notch company specializing in creating top-notch robot vacuums.

To make things easier, check their rank among the most visited websites among the whole best brands worldwide, and you’ll know how “trendy” they have managed to be.

It also specializes in developing other technology-based products like cameras and thermostats as well.


bObSweep has also not been as famous as other aforementioned brands, but it’s earning its spot as a top-tier trendy robot vacuum cleaning brand.

Its products have a great effect on hard debris & pet hair, the 2 most annoying dirt types for any homeowner.

It has also earned a great number of points in the worldwide section of this list, scoring 51 points as the top #9 worldwide.

Pure Clean Vacuum

Economical, beautiful, and effective, those are the pure clean vacuum main attributes that helped the brand reach the top 3 in US rankings.

Most of its products come in either luxurious white or beautiful black colors.

It doesn’t rank high though when compared to other brands worldwide, so they seem to have chosen their market very carefully and succeeded in doing so.

Best Robot Vacuum The Trendiest in the US
The Trendiest in the US

Remaining Top 10 of the Trendiest Robot Vacuums 2022 in the US:

4. Shark Vacuum (77 points)

5. Mahli Vacuum (77 points)

6. Coredy (60 points)

7. Hoover (54 points)

8. iRobot (40 points)

9. Bissell Robot Vacuum (37 points)

10. ILIFE (22 points)

What are the Most Famous Brands in Each Country?

According to Google Trends, in some countries, a number of specializing brands are on the top of the mountain of robot vacuum brands.

However, many countries didn’t have such information with Google Trends, making the list were a handful of countries with the aforementioned attributes.

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of information to benefit from in this list of the most famous brands in those countries, as followed in alphabetical order:

  • Australia: Bissell Robot Vacuum
  • Azerbaijan: KYVOL
  • Canada: Mahli Vacuum
  • Estonia: proscenic
  • Germany: yeedi
  • Hong Kong: ILIFE
  • India: Eureka Robot Vacuum
  • Italy: Goovi
  • Latvia: iRobot
  • Lithuania: Ecovacs
  • Malta: Xiaomi robot Vacuum
  • Netherlands: eufy
  • Norway: Roborock
  • Puerto Rico: Coredy
  • Singapore: Dyson Robot Vacuum
  • Sweden: Neato
  • United Kingdom: Shark Vacuum
  • United States: Wyze

On the same note, some countries earned more than one brand, aside from the deeply-analyzed US, here are the countries that had more than 1 brand as their favorite:

  • Australia: 6 Brands
  • Singapore: 3 Brands
  • Lithuania: 2 Brands
  • United Kingdom: 2 Brands
Best Robot Vacuum Countries With Most Famous Brands
Countries With Most Famous Brands


This concludes our list of the best Robot Vacuum Brands 2022 that you may be looking for, as it took us tens of hours of data collecting, website surfing, amazon market studying, and trends analysis.

If you’re into the brands that aim at greatness and have already started picking up speed towards that, then you should check the fifth & sixth lists based on google trends.

However, being a person who loves already reputable brands listed in the monthly searches-based study, the first, second, third, and fourth lists shall point you towards where to find those already-great brands.