4 Best Vacuum Under 200$- [Tested by Experts]

Published by Enaam Siam on July 17, 2023 | Last updated on July 30, 2023

Vacuum cleaners are essential household applicants that make cleaning easy and efficient. 

However, with so many vacuum cleaners available on the market, it can be overwhelming to find the right one with the appropriate price. 

This guide aims to clarify to you what are the best vacuum under 200 that are both reliable and affordable, according to our tests. 

We have reached out and tested multiple models to find Reliable but Affordable Best Vacuum Under 200 that meet your needs.

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Our Testing on the Best Vacuum Under 200$

During Cleaners Advisor testing, we have identified the best vacuum under 200$ that delivers impressive performance without breaking the bank.

This budget-friendly vacuum exceeded our expectations in terms of suction power, effectively picking up dirt, debris, and pet hair from various floor surfaces.

Its lightweight design and maneuverability made it easy to navigate around furniture and tight corners.

Based on our comprehensive testing, we confidently recommend this vacuum as the top choice for those seeking a cost-effective option without compromising on cleaning efficiency and functionality.

Vacuum Cleaners Brands

It would be challenging to decide which vacuum cleaner brand to buy with so many choices available in the market.

This comparison table includes some of the most popular vacuum cleaner brands, along with their prices and features, to help you make an informed decision.

Here’re their prices and features, to help you make an informed decision.

Brand NamePrice RangeKey Features
Dyson$300-$700Powerful suction, multiple attachments, bagless design, HEPA filtration, and sleek design.
Shark$150-$500Strong suction, easy maneuverability, various attachments, bagless design, anti-allergen filtration, and lightweight.
Hoover$80-$300Affordable, lightweight, versatile, various attachments, easy to use and store, and cordless options.
Bissell$50-$300Affordable, multiple attachments, versatile, powerful suction, bagless design, and easy to use.
Eureka$50-$250Budget-friendly, powerful suction, lightweight, versatile, and bagless design.
Miele$400-$1,500High-end, long-lasting, powerful suction, HEPA filtration, bagged design, and German-engineered quality.
Kenmore$100-$500Affordable, powerful suction, various attachments, bagless design, and lightweight.
Black+Decker$50-$200Lightweight, cordless, affordable, easy to use and store, and has various attachments.
iRobot Roomba$200-$1,200Robotic, automatic cleaning, versatile, easy to use and store, and various smart features.

In conclusion, each vacuum cleaner brand has its unique features and price range, so it’s essential to choose a vacuum cleaner that suits your needs and budget.

 If you want a high-end vacuum cleaner with powerful suction and HEPA filtration, Dyson, Miele, or iRobot Roomba would be the best options.

 On the other hand, if you want an affordable vacuum cleaner with multiple attachments and a bagless design, Bissell, Shark, or Kenmore would be good choices.

Ultimately, the best vacuum under 200 for you will depend on your cleaning needs, budget, and personal preferences.

What are the best 3 Brands in the Market?

Shark, Bissell, and Miele are some of the top tested vacuum cleaner brands in the market. Each brand has unique features that cater to different cleaning needs. Whether you’re looking for a powerful vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration or a lightweight and versatile stick vacuum, these brands have you covered.

1. Shark

It is a famous brand that offers a wide range of vacuum cleaners, from lightweight and portable stick vacuums to powerful upright vacuums.

Their vacuum cleaners feature a bagless design and anti-allergen filtration that capture 99% of dust and debris.

Shark vacuums are known for their excellent suction power, maneuverability and ease to use.

Best Vacuum Under 200

2. Bissell

A British technology company that has been in the market since 1993. They are well-known for their powerful suction and innovative technology. Dyson offers a range of vacuum cleaners, including cordless, upright, and canister vacuums.

They also have HEPA filtration, making them a perfect choice for people with allergies and asthma.

Best Vacuum Under 200

3. Miele

Is a German brand that has been in the market for over 100 years. They are known for their high-end vacuum cleaners that are built to last.

Miele vacuum cleaners are designed with powerful suction, HEPA filtration, and a bagged design that ensures maximum dust and dirt capture.

They also offer a variety of attachments that make cleaning your home easier. Miele vacuum cleaners are known for their durability, quality, and long-lasting performance.

Best Vacuum Under 200

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

There are various types of vacuum cleaners, including upright, canister, stick, handheld, robotic, etc… Choose a type that best suits your cleaning needs.

  1. Robotic Vacuums
  2. Canister Vacuums
  3. Stick Vacuums
  4. Handheld Vacuums
  5. Shop vac vacuum cleaners
  6. Portable mini vacuum cleaners
  7. Wet/Dry
  8. Central
  9. Backpack
TypeAdvantagesDisadvantagesBest Suited forImage
RoboticHands-free cleaning, smart features, programmable, navigates around furniture and obstacles.Limited suction power, requires charging, high initial cost, can get stuck or tangled.Busy households, people with mobility issues, pet owners.mzHj2 wF08a pUtJsX9dgyBGvmFuasMTl6eyH Ofr0YE86KbINcI sLRfPqxjtcTP5blkE137c33cAe5 KQqlCXgqD7QEtD6yeZIrSUnboeYS3Kx59O 6Ub DkRezWWzebqGVrLisIkk7pvoFZ57mHg
CanisterPowerful suction, versatile, easy to maneuver, various attachments, suitable for hard floors and carpets.Bulky and heavy, can be difficult to store, requires assembly, cord management can be tricky.Homes with stairs, hard-to-reach areas, homes with different flooring types.
StickLightweight and portable, easy to store, versatile, cordless options, suitable for quick clean-ups.Limited suction power, small dustbin, battery life may be short, not ideal for deep cleaning.Small apartments, people with limited storage space, quick clean-ups.Hv syeIqpO9gAAe09ZgW4ujAHm7aJEbfxX3lZXZUTpI9kNdCQyzG5VNBzSdzHh0s1MF1Xh6D8AUnz3jiixvTmfq0ucvtkNujuT4RFTy4Fjqs09sC9ZCY A VURG0N RCDffrHXckHH34VQbsgTVdeNU
HandheldCompact and portable, versatile, easy to use, cordless options, suitable for spot cleaning.Limited suction power, small dustbin, battery life may be short, not ideal for deep cleaning.Cars, upholstery, small spills, pet hair, hard-to-reach areas.5e47rSfIdbnxbwHBoY1MlyNSAORzOpTo yS0c0tUAc KHu2s j9MW OsiWk8M0Gwl02oJ0piZ Ygau2OFJSyhHA8uJ0ZhqDa8qSM7HEoI8Lu5EeTASVrI4M9BcjrBiWw p
Shop vacHigh suction power, suitable for wet and dry cleaning, large dustbin, durable, various attachments.Bulky and heavy, loud, corded, not ideal for indoor use, may require maintenance.Garages, workshops, outdoor areas, heavy-duty cleaning tasks.
Portable miniLightweight and portable, affordable, easy to use, suitable for small messes.Limited suction power, small dustbin, not ideal for deep cleaning, may not be durable.Cars, desktops, small spills, pet hair, hard-to-reach areas.FvybZaWMcf2U72DtaVbjls4Zi la ZrgP7sFF1UviRudlaGpjmOL6 SaE JEk6BfjhYIz6DhqnIxwcxE9JYdJlnHtrxLBwqwyHCCVxPghiBai Ifhs Agv8
Wet/DrySuitable for wet and dry cleaning, high suction power, large dustbin, durable, various attachments.Bulky and heavy, loud, corded, not ideal for indoor use, may require maintenance.Garages, workshops, outdoor areas, heavy-duty cleaning tasks.OIpFCl4Ajp1fAI3OAwMr3i7bmSLSVBtruSzFtg9GbSMRNEzu1f22ikx86CyuRWURvQsOZd CIAkRBEv025djI5ipBgBcM1T V1jl1yOufFtKKmPo X JlnGF2PnKPqHQpmnUuulhsJ z8isHKTsT5Ac
CentralPowerful suction, quiet operation, convenient, no need to carry the unit around, suitable for large homes.Expensive to install, requires professional installation, limited mobility, requires maintenance.Large homes, allergy sufferers, people with mobility issues.dL0D9kRMFftsh pQb0IDZpQjyPuPm9I4H8LIvjMi9iAntg2Sm5QapxSUR5 9HeB9zCEYauXeQUV1vWdblcm9k4 PwSqxkDmpyzNK0L3LmW1i1nfETxMBnUy8ioUNZ2e2EkmplafUoMx vaen 24g OE

In conclusion, choosing the right type of vacuum cleaner depends on your cleaning needs, budget, and personal preferences.

Robotic vacuums are great for hands-free cleaning, while canister vacuums are ideal for homes with stairs and different flooring types.

Stick vacuums and handheld vacuums are perfect for small spaces and quick clean-ups, while shop vacs and portable mini vacuums are ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

Wet/dry vacuums are great for cleaning up spills, while central vacuums and backpack vacuums are suitable for commercial spaces and large homes.

Basic Features Should Look at Before Buying Best Vacuum Under 200

Before purchasing a vacuum cleaner, it is essential to consider the following tested factors:

1. Suction Power

The power of a vacuum cleaner determines its suction power. A higher wattage means more suction power.

2. Bag or bagless

Bagless vacuum cleaners are more cost-effective in the long run, but bagged vacuum cleaners are better for people with allergies.

3. Air Filtration system

Look for vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters as they can trap 99.97% of particles.

4. Corded or cordless

Cordless vacuum cleaners offer more flexibility, while corded vacuum cleaners offer more power.

5. Weight and size

Consider the weight and size of the vacuum cleaner, especially if you have limited storage space.

6. Noise level

Consider the noise level of the vacuum cleaner, especially if you have children or pets that may be disturbed by a loud machine.

7. Cleaning Tools & Accessories

Additional accessories such as crevice tools, dusting brushes, and pet hair attachments can make cleaning easier.

We Picked for You the Best Vacuum Under 200

According to our tests, here’re the Best Vacuum Under 200 Comparison Table for 2023:

NameDimensions (in)Weight(lbs)TypeWarrantyBrandFilter TypePrice
1.BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Advanced Clean 17.25 x 5.5 x 7.75 2.6Stick2 YearsBLACK+DECKERCartridge$49.00
2.Cordey Smart Sensor12.6 x 2.76 x 12.69Robotic1 yearCordyHEPA$56.99
3.Vacmaster VBV121018.44 x 20.52 x 24.4925.9Handheld2 yearsVacmasterCartridge$70.26
4.Ovente Electric Bagless Canister15.5 x 10 x 11.514Canister 1 yearOventeHEPA $77.99
5.Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G 9 x 17.5 x 11.6311.6Upright1 YearEurekaWashable$87.03
6.BISSELL 2252 Clean View Swivel13 x 14 x 44.518.01Upright2 YearsBissellDisk$100.81
7.Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S28.9 x 8.3 x 6.75.5Stick/Handheld1 YearEufyHEPA$139.79
8.ORECK XL COMMERCIAL 6x 13x 359Upright1 YearORECKStandard$149.99
9.Shark Rocket HV301 Stick10.5 x 9.8 x 467.6Stick5 YearsSharkFoam$149.99
10.Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away15 x 11.4 x 45.512.5Upright5 YearsSharkHEPA$159.99
11.Bissell, 2747A PowerFresh Vac & Steam9 x 11 x 46.5 13.57StickNot specifiedBissellWashable$185.39
12.Prolux Tritan Bagged Canister12 x 13.5 x 42.515Upright2 YearsProluxHEPA$199.99

The Best Vacuum Under 200 (4 Top Picks)

1. BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Advanced Clean (CHV1410L)/ ($49.00)

Best Vacuum Under 200

Technical Specs

Wattage: 120 Watts

Capacity: 0.94 Gallon

Surface Recommendation: Carpet, Car, Upholstery

Battery Runtime: 11 Minutes

Charging Time: 240 Minutes

Noise Level: 78 dB

Package Dimensions: 17.25″L x 5.5″W x 7.75″H Inches

Weight: 2.6 Pounds

The BLACK+DECKER (CHV1410L) model is the perfect addition to cars and small spaces that comes with a plethora of unique features and benefits.

  • MULTI-SURFACE USE – Removes hair, dirt, and debris from carpets, car interiors, furniture, and high-traffic areas.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE – Easy to carry and maneuver, even in tight spaces. Has a charging base which cannot be mounted on a wall.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – On-board extension means you won’t need to bend over as often.
  • ROTATING SLIM NOZZLE – Nozzle rotates 180° to fit into tight spaces at different angles.
  • PULL-OUT CREVICE TOOL – Accesses hard-to-reach areas like between couch cushions and on top of shelves.
  • FLIP-UP BRUSH – Adds an extra layer of versatility for dusting and vacuuming upholstery.
  • CYCLONIC ACTION – Spins dust and debris away from the filter, supplying consistently strong suction power.
  • EASY-VIEW DIRT BOWL –Translucent, bagless dirt bowl empties easily for convenient debris disposal without having to touch the dirt.
  • WASHABLE DIRT BOWL AND FILTER – Can be cleaned right in the sink.
  • CORDLESS CLEANING – Powered by a lithium ion battery, this handheld vacuum is ideal for larger jobs requiring quick cleanup. NOTE: The instruction manual does reference mounting brackets and screws, but it is for a different (Model CHV1410L32).

What Our Testers Say About BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Advanced Clean (CHV1410L)

“The BLACK+DECKER dustbuster AdvancedClean Cordless Handheld Vacuum (CHV1410L) is a reliable and convenient cleaning solution for quick and efficient tidying up around the home or car. Its powerful suction, long-lasting battery, and user-friendly design make it a popular choice for those seeking a portable and effective handheld vacuum.”

Our Testers Ratings

Cleaning Power: 3.5/5

Noise Level: 4/5

Versatility: 5/5

Maneuverability: 5/5

2. Vacmaster VBV1210 ($71.50)

Best Vacuum Under 200

Technical Specs

Suction Power: 1350 Watts

Capacity: 12 Gallons

Surface Recommendation: Car

Noise Level: 55dB

Package Dimensions: 84″L x 24″W x 12″H Inches

Weight: 24.1 Pounds

The Vacmaster model is the perfect addition to cars and homes that comes with a plethora of unique features and benefits.

  • Easily Convert from Wet/Dry Vacuum to 210 MPH Handheld Blower
  • 19-Foot Cleaning Reach with Hose and Power Cord
  • Integrated Accessory Storage
  • Extra Large Drain Port. Power Cord Length- 12 feet
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: 7′ x 2-1/2″ Secure Fit Hose, (2) Extension Wands, Utility Nozzle, Crevice Tool, Car Nozzle, Concentrator Nozzle, Blower Adapter, Air/Noise Diffuser, Standard Cartridge Filter and Foam Wet Filter.

What Our Testers Say About Vacmaster VBV1210

“The Vacmaster VBV1210 is a versatile and powerful wet/dry vacuum that offers excellent cleaning performance for various tasks. With its 12-gallon capacity, it can handle both wet and dry messes effectively, making it suitable for a wide range of cleaning applications. It provides strong suction power, enabling it to tackle tough debris, spills, and dirt with ease. Whether you need to clean up liquid spills or remove dry debris from floors or carpets, this vacuum gets the job done efficiently.”

Our Testers Ratings

Cleaning Power: 5/5

Noise Level: 4/5

Versatility: 5/5

Maneuverability: 5/5

3. Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S ($139.79)

Best Vacuum Under 200

Technical Specs

Suction Power: 1,300 Pa

Capacity: 0.6 Liters

Surface Recommendation: Hard Floor

Battery Runtime: 100 Minutes

Noise Level: 55 dB

Package Dimensions: 12.8″L x 12.8″W x 2.85″H Inches

Weight: 5.73 Pounds

The Eufy by Anker, 11S model is the perfect addition to homes that comes with a plethora of unique features and benefits.

  • Super-Slim RoboVac: Our slimmer RoboVac is only 2.85″, operates quietly, and even has an increased suction power of 1300 Pa
  • BoostIQ Technology: RoboVac automatically increases suction power within 1.5 seconds when extra vacuuming strength is needed for deep cleaning
  • A Quiet Clean: Vacuums for up to 100 minutes** on hardwood floors with consistent, powerful suction at a volume no louder than an operating microwave
  • Special Features: Equipped with an anti-scratch tempered glass-top cover for protection, an infrared-sensor for evading obstacles, and drop-sensing tech to avoid falls. RoboVac also automatically recharges so it’s always ready to clean
  • What You Get: RoboVac 11S, remote control (2 AAA batteries included), charging base, AC power adapter, cleaning tool, extra set of high-performance filters, 4 side brushes, 5 cable ties, welcome guide, and our worry-free 12-month warranty

What Our Testers Say About Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

“The Eufy by Anker BoostIQ RoboVac 11S is a highly efficient and user-friendly robot vacuum that takes the hassle out of daily cleaning. With its slim design, it effortlessly glides under furniture and hard-to-reach areas, ensuring a thorough cleaning of your home. It offers impressive cleaning performance, quiet operation, and smart features, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and hassle-free robot vacuum to keep their home clean and tidy.”

Our Testers Ratings

Cleaning Power: 5/5

Noise Level: 4/5

Versatility: 5/5

Maneuverability: 5/5

4. ORECK XL COMMERCIAL Upright Vacuum Cleaner ($149.99)

Best Vacuum Under 200

Technical Specs

Suction Power: 870 Watts

Capacity: 9 Quarts

Surface Recommendation: Carpet, Hard Floor

Noise Level: 80 dB

Package Dimensions: 12.5″L x 9.25″W x 47.75″H Inches

Weight: 9 Pounds

The ORECK XL Vacuum Cleaner model is the perfect addition to homes that comes with a plethora of unique features and benefits.

  • MICROSWEEP: lets you switch from carpet to bare floors without adjustment
  • DIRECT SUCTION: delivers dirt efficiently to maintain strong suction
  • HIGH-SPEED ROLLERBRUSH: spins at 5,000 to 6,500 RPMs for deep clean
  • MULTI-SURFACE DESIGN: safely cleans carpet, wood, laminate and tile surfaces
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: To guarantee an authorized purchase, ensure your product ships from Amazon

What Our Testers Say About ORECK XL COMMERCIAL Upright Vacuum Cleaner 

“The ORECK XL COMMERCIAL Upright Vacuum is a reliable and effective cleaning solution for ash and debris removal. Its large capacity, strong suction power, and durable construction make it a valuable tool for maintaining a clean and safe environment around wood-burning appliances.”

Our Testers Ratings

Cleaning Power: 4.5/5

Noise Level: 3.5/5

Versatility: 5/5

Maneuverability: 5/5

The Best Time to Buy a Vacuum

Finding the right time to purchase best vacuum under 200 can save your money. Here is the best time of the year to buy a vacuum cleaner:

  1. Holidays: Holidays are a great time to purchase vacuums because retailers often offer sales and discounts during holiday season. Many people are shopping for gifts and retailers want to capitalize on this opportunity to increase their sales.
  2. Black Friday: It is one of the biggest shopping days of the year and many retailers offer significant discounts on many products including vacuums. Black Friday falls on the day after Thanksgiving and is traditionally considered the start of the holiday shopping season.
    All stores offer discounts and doorbuster deals to attract customers.
  3. Cyber Monday: Monday following Thanksgiving and black Friday and is focused on online shopping. Many retailers offer exclusive online deals including vacuums. Cyber Monday become increasingly popular in recent years as more people shop online.
  4. Amazon Prime day: It is an annual sales event for Amazon Prime Members. The event typically takes place in July and offers discounts on a wide range of products. Purchasing a vacuum in such a day is a fantastic chance not only to have a discount but also for free shipping offers.

It’s important to note that buying a vacuum at the end of the month or quarter can also lead to significant discounts. Retailers and salespeople may be looking to meet their quotas and are more willing to negotiate prices or offer discounts to meet their sales targets.

Tips You Can follow to Save Money on Your Next Vacuum Purchase

With these tips in mind, you can find a high-quality and best vacuum under 200 that fits your needs and budget, according to our tests for the best vacuum under 200.

  1. Compare prices between different retailers to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Many retailers will price match, so be sure to take the lowest prices from all stores.
  2. Consider purchasing a refurbished vacuum. Refurbished vacuums are previously owned vacuums that have been professionally restored to like-new condition. They are often sold at a significant discount compared to brand new vacuums and still come with a warranty.

Best Vacuum Under 200$ Models Compared

Vacuums/ Our Testers Rating In Each CategoryCleaning Power VersatilityManeuverabilityNoise Level
1. BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Advanced Clean (CHV1410L)3.5/55/55/54/5
2. Vacmaster VBV12105/55/55/54/5
3. Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S3.5/55/55/54/5
4. ORECK XL COMMERCIAL Upright Vacuum Cleaner4.5/55/55/53.5/5

Best Vacuum Under 200 FAQ


Choosing the right vacuum can make a significant difference in keeping your home clean and free from allergens. Our comparison table of the top 4 vacuums under 200 provides you with a variety of tested options to choose from based on your cleaning needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Whether you need an upright, stick, or cordless vacuum, there’s a vacuum on our tested list that can meet your requirements. Don’t let a limited budget stop you from having a clean home!