Best Black Paper Towel Holder for Your Kitchen in 2023

Published by Hala Zaqqout on February 3, 2022 | Last updated on May 14, 2023

The kitchen towel holder is the negligible ingredient of a cooking room. But, although kitchen accessories are among our latest concerns when we organize space at home, they are incredibly useful. If you do not have one or more spots dedicated to towels, you know how irritating it is to search for one just when you need it.

Moreover, they are available in a wide range of sizes, colours, and styles, and are thus capable of transforming the kitchen into a catchy place. Explore our collection and pick up what meets your taste!

Finding the right places for hanging your paper towels can save a great deal of annoyance, as well as contribute a decorative element. But it can be difficult to find the perfect paper towel holder, especially if your space is limited.

Choosing the right place to display your kitchen paper towels required careful consideration after choosing the right choice for the black paper towel holder.

Looking for a black paper towel holder? If you’re willing to try different things or want a traditional style, or you want your holder hidden and out of sight, we at CleanersAdvisor have the right black paper towel holder options for you.

We understand that, for many, items are more functional than aesthetic, but we have decor in mind for your choosing. The list of top products below is a great place to start looking for a black paper towel holder.

What is Paper Towel?

Paper Towel

A paper towel is an absorbent, disposable towel made from paper. Paper towels for kitchen use are also known as kitchen rolls, kitchen paper, or kitchen towels.

Paper towels are made up of ground-up plant material called cellulose, which can include wood, cotton, and other plants. The molecules of cellulose are actually sugar – but not like the sugar we eat – which attracts water molecules.

Therefore, they are great at picking up liquid spills. Fun fact: a paper towel’s design is actually made of small crevices that help the paper towel have a better grip.

Check out this video to know more about paper towels.

Why Use Paper Towel?

It’s mainly made for home use, paper towels are usually sold in a roll of perforated sheets, but some are sold in stacks of pre-cut and pre-folded layers for use in paper-towel dispensers.

Unlike cloth towels, paper towels are disposable and intended to be used only once. Paper towels soak up water because they are loosely woven, which enables water to travel between the fibers, even against gravity (capillary effect).

They have similar purposes to conventional towels, such as drying hands, wiping windows and other surfaces, dusting, and cleaning up spills.

Paper towel dispensers are commonly used in toilet facilities shared by many people, as they are often considered more hygienic than hot-air hand dryers or shared cloth towels.

Do Paper Towels Expire?

If stored properly, paper towels do not expire. To maximize the lifetime of paper towels, keep them in their original plastic wrapping or in a sealed waterproof container. Also store paper towels away from humidity, potential water leaks, or dust.

That’s why you need to have a kitchen paper towel holder.

Why Don’t Paper Towels Expire?

Paper towels are, despite their cloth-like texture, made of the same material that books are made of. Paper towels can degrade over long periods or get damaged when they’re in the wrong environment, just like an old book, but they technically don’t “go bad” on their own.

Paper towels are made when a paper is shredded and combined with water to create a soft pulp, which is then filtered, pressed dry, and bleached to remove anything that could make the paper towels decay.

They’re also treated with a chemical strength agent to keep them from falling apart when wet.

Between their strengthening agents and the natural durability of paper, you can keep paper towels stocked up in your home– if they’re in the right environment.

How to Keep My Paper Towels Fresh?

Even though paper towels won’t go bad on their own, you can’t just put them anywhere in your house and come back to them, expecting a usable product.

You need to make paper towels are protected by both their packaging and their environment. Let’s dig into both of these factors in more detail:

1. Packaging

If you want to avoid mold, dust, and pests from destroying your paper towels, then keeping them packaged appropriately is critically important.

Some brands of paper towels wrap each roll individually, while others pack several rolls into one plastic package.

2. Environment

The environment where you store your paper towels is extremely important in keeping your paper towels fresh.

And you’ll need to particularly avoid the following environmental factors:


The biggest enemy to a paper towel’s shelf life is moisture. If your paper towels are exposed to moisture, it’s like they’re being used by their environment.

Paper towels that get wet can accumulate mildew and mold, which can cause health problems.


Paper towels that aren’t appropriately stored are also susceptible to getting dusty. While you can technically still use them to absorb liquids, you might be adding to the mess as you do.

Dust doesn’t just come from something not being touched. If you do a lot of projects, like woodworking, near where you store your towels, lingering dust could also get into the paper towels.


Exposed or improperly stored paper towels are at risk of being nibbled on by mice. Once mice get in, your paper towels should not be used; this is because mice can transmit diseases like salmonella and hemorrhagic fever.

Mice also love cluttered spaces to burrow and hide in. Those cluttered spaces are often the places where you might store extra bulk goods, like a basement or a closet, so you should take extra care when putting your paper towels in those areas.

What are Things that Shouldn’t Be Cleaning with Paper Towels?

If you stop to think about it, you realize most things can be cleaned with a reusable sponge or cloth. Save kitchen paper towels and clean a lot more efficiently.

1. Carpets and Rugs

Wiping up spills or scrubbing stains with a paper towel will leave paper residue on carpeting, and it does not do a thorough job of wiping up. Instead, use a clean, dry cloth to soak up spills, let them dry, then vacuum.

2. The Tub

Think twice before reaching for a paper towel to remove that icky residue from your sink, shower, or bathtub.

3. Your Hands While Cooking

It’s easy to grab a sheet off the roll to dry your greasy, sticky fingers, but try to resist. We recommend wearing an apron while cooking instead.

4. Dinner Plates

Wiping kitchen plates and cups with paper towels is a bad idea. Not to mention that tiny particles might stick to dishes and later on end up in your digestive system. We recommend using a damp kitchen towel to wipe off those plates or mugs.

5. Electronic Screens

Keep paper towels far away from your delicate glass surfaces like TV screen, laptop, and cell phone because the fibers can cause permanent etching on the screen. Instead, use a product and microfiber cloth designed specifically for these surfaces.  

6. Silver

You might be tempted to tear off a paper towel when you want to add a little shine to silver whether it’s formal silverware, home decor, or jewelry, but you’re better off using a tool made specifically for the job.

7. Produce

A paper towel isn’t the best way to dry foods. Instead, after rinsing in a colander, lay your small produce on an absorbent towel or drying mat. You can also use an absorbent towel to hand-dry larger produce items.

8. Dusty Decor

If your goal is to move dust from one spot to another, go ahead and use a paper towel! However, if you want to pick up the dust completely, use a product that was actually intended for dusting, which includes mitts, cloths, and formal dusters.

9. Mirrors and Windows

Paper towels don’t give you the best results to get windows and mirrors sparkling. Instead, use reusable microfiber cloths.

10. Toilets

Paper towels are not effective in cleaning toilets. Instead, Use Toilet Cleaners with bleach and a toilet bowl brush to make your toilet bowl sparkle.

11. Cutting Boards

When cleaning up stains on a wooden surface like a cutting board, don’t use a paper towel, as it won’t thoroughly soak up all of the liquid. Instead, use a clean, damp cloth with disinfectant. For stains, try using cutting board soap and a sponge or scrubber.

12. Eyeglasses

Raw paper can be hard enough to scratch your lenses, and it will leave lint. Instead, use a microfiber cloth, as it cuts the oils that cause smudges and wipes them away.

13. Car Interiors and Exteriors

Don’t dust your dashboard with a paper towel, as a dry paper towel never seems to fully remove the dust, as well as your car’s exterior because towels can scratch and dull paint.

Instead, use microfiber towels. They’re soft enough to protect your car’s windows and paint, but they’re also sturdy enough to be used on tires.

14. Grout

Don’t even think about using a paper towel to clean your grout. It’s going to fall apart as soon as you start scrubbing.

Instead, use an old toothbrush on grout, as well as on brick and other textured surfaces.

What are Types of Paper Towel Holder? 

Mounted towel holder with friction core

Mounted towel holder with friction core

Single Bar-Mounted Towel Holder

81AsRsiYk L. AC SL1500

Upright Countertop Towel Holder

polished nickel paper towel hldr

Mounted Hook-Shaped Towel Holder

AceWall MountedToiletRollHolder 1

Floating 2-Piece Magnetic paper Towel Holder

Magnetic Paper Towel Holder with High Quality 1

Where to Hang or Hide Kitchen Paper Towel?


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Under Cabinet

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Back of the Cabinet Door

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Why Use a Paper Towel Holder?

Holding a roll of paper towels is just one benefit offered by a paper towel holder. Here are a few other reasons you should add one to your collection of kitchen gear.

– It keeps paper towels in one place, so they are easy to find.

– It helps prevent rolls from falling on the floor, in the sink, or in other inconvenient areas.

– It makes it easier to tear just one sheet at a time, therefore saving towels and money.

– It can create more organization on your countertop.

– It looks stylish, with options available to match kitchen decor or appliance finishes.

Which paper towel holders are best?

If left sitting on a counter or table, a roll of paper towels is at risk of toppling onto the floor or unraveling. However, keeping a roll neat and secure will cut down on unnecessary waste. That’s where a black paper towel holder comes in.

The primary job of a paper towel holder is to keep a roll of towels well-organized while conveniently accessible. Whether freestanding or mounted, a quality model is made of durable materials and is easy to use.

If you prefer a simple yet stylish design, the Blue Donuts Paper Towel Holder Countertop is a popular option as the best black paper towel holder.

What to Look for in the Best Black Paper Towel Holder?

Before picking the best black paper towel holder for your kitchen, take a look below to learn what to look for in the best black paper towel holder in order to help you find a holder that suits your needs.

1. Construction

The first decision to make when looking for a new paper towel holder is its material. Typically, paper towel holders are made of plastic, wood, or stainless steel.

It is important to choose a kitchen tissue roll holder made of durable material as the kitchen’s temperature will differ and food residues from cooking can affect the material.

Plastic Paper Towel Holders

They’re the most affordable option, and they’re naturally resistant to water and other liquids regularly used in the kitchen.

However, these paper towel holders also have the least durability, so you may need to replace this type of holder more frequently than wood or stainless-steel products.

Wooden Paper Towel Holders

They have a classic appearance and a strong, durable design. They are usually coated to protect them against moisture damage, but this protection can wear off over time.

If you aren’t careful about how and where the holder is used, it can lead to moisture accumulation, mold, rotting, and eventual breakage.

Stainless Steel Paper Towel Holders

They’re the most common type because they are resistant to the regular liquids present on a busy kitchen counter. Stainless steel is generally the most durable of the three types.

They withstand temperature differences and is also resistant to rust, making it a common choice for kitchen appliances. In addition, it is easy to clean with lukewarm water and a little soap.

2. Design

Paper towel holders usually have a very basic design that consists of a rod and a base, that’s why we collected the best ones to help you choose the best black paper towel holder.

However, many products have extra features that can make it easier to store, organize, and dispense paper towels, including tension arms, hanging hooks, and additional storage shelves.

Tension Arms

They look like a hinged or straight bar that serves as a friction source on standing holders. The tension allows you to grab a single piece of paper towel with one hand instead of holding the roll with one hand while grabbing the paper towel with the other.

Hanging Hooks

They’re a built-in design feature of some wall-mounted or cabinet-mounted paper towel holders. They can hold cooking utensils, dish towels, or any other kitchen accessories.

Storage Shelves

They can be similarly built into the mounting frame of the paper towel holder, providing extra shelf space to hold soap, sanitizer, spices, and many other kitchen items.

This feature is a great choice for smaller kitchens, allowing individuals to take advantage of the additional organization space.

3. Versatility

Depending on the kitchen’s size, the space available on the walls, cabinets, counters, and kitchen layout, you’ll need to choose between a standing, wall-mounted, hanging, or in-cabinet paper towel holder.

Standing Paper Towel Holders

They’re one of the most commonly used types because they don’t require any installation. However, it’s critical to make sure the counter space is high enough for the paper towel holder to sit comfortably.

Some kitchen layouts feature large cabinets that sit low on the wall, so be sure to measure this height before deciding on a product.

Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Holders

For a stylish and space-saving solution, choose a wall kitchen roll holder to hang above the counter. Not only will this look elegant and stylish, but in this way, you can also save counter space, so you have more area for your kitchen tasks.

Hanging Paper Towel Holders

They’re similar to wall-mounted holders, except they mount under kitchen cabinets—providing easy access to the roll without taking up counter space or sticking out from a wall.

In-Cabinet Paper Towel Holders

They come with a narrow, flat hook on the top of the holder that loops over the top of the cabinet door. These holders allow you to keep your paper towel readily accessible but also out of sight of your guests.

Paper Towel Holder with Special Features

Some kitchen paper towel holders have a smart ’roll-stop’ function, a special spring latch on the side that allows you to pull a piece off with one hand and prevents the paper from accidentally unrolling.

Paper Towel Holders Have Handles

Other kitchen paper towel holders have handles in the form of loops or knobs, which allow you to pick them up easily to carry between the dining room and kitchen.

4. Place

Consider where you will be using the kitchen roll dispenser. If you are going to be carrying your kitchen roll holder stand from the kitchen to the dining room table on a regular basis, choose a material that is lightweight to allow you to pick it up easily.

If it will remain put in the kitchen, a heavier material will keep it sturdy and in its place.

5. Measurements

Measure your paper rolls before choosing your kitchen towel holder

Before making your purchase for a towel roll holder, make sure to measure the dimensions of your standard kitchen rolls, as kitchen roll poles can differ in length, and you will not want one that is too long nor too short!

6. Appearance

Even though a roll of paper towels covers most of a holder once it’s placed on the rod, portions of the gadget are still visible. If the aesthetics of a paper towel holder are important to you, consider one with a finish that matches your appliances or kitchen fixtures.

In addition, some holders have a sleek, modern design that looks great with contemporary decor.

7. Assembly

Some paper towel holders are one piece, so no assembly is necessary. Others require minimal assembly and have rods that must be attached to the base or mounting plate.

Models with components that produce tension that keeps towels in place may require minor assembly or adjustment for optimal tension. Mountable holders usually include hardware to be used to attach them to a wall or cabinet.

Best Black Paper Towel Holder by Features

Oasis Creations Touchless, Wall Mount Paper Towel Dispenser Oasis Creations Touchless, Wall Mount Paper Towel Dispenser Best for Bathroom Check Price
Self-Adhesive Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder Self-Adhesive Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder Best Wall-Mounted Check Price
Blue Donuts Paper Towel Holder Countertop Blue Donuts Paper Towel Holder Countertop Best Budget Check Price

1. Oasis Creations Touchless, Wall Mount Paper Towel Dispenser

Oasis Creations Touchless Wall Mount Paper Towel Dispenser

Oasis Creations Touchless, Wall Mount Paper Towel Dispenser Review

Hala Zaqqout

Overall Score


This Oasis Creations Touchless modern paper towel holder is an extremely durable paper towel dispenser made with translucent smoke plastic that allows you to access paper towels easily to maintain your hygiene.
The translucent body helps you to keep a tab on the paper inside the dispenser—a simple, space-saving, and mountable design that gets the job done for you.
This portable, smart and hands-free paper towel dispenser can be quickly wall mounted on any wall. Its sleek design barely takes any space. This is a high-capacity dispenser, which holds up to 500 multi-fold paper towels, making it the best black paper towel holder.


Oasis Creations Touchless, Wall Mount Paper Towel Dispenser Features

Hygienic Key Lock

It’s ideal for restaurants, office buildings, parks, or campuses, This Hanging Restroom accessory features a lock design to ensure minimal pilferage and reduce waste.

Keep your bathroom, kitchen, office, or any other high traffic area carefully sanitized and immaculate. With this wall mount, touchless paper towel dispenser, you’ll also receive 2 dispenser keys for your utmost convenience and safety.

High-Capacity Holder and Easy Refill

Benefit from this super practical and easy to refill, high-capacity paper towel dispenser, which can hold up to 500 multi fold paper towels, this’s why it’s picked as the best black paper towel holder you can use.

With this kind of storage capacity, you can make sure that your guests feel thoughtfully looked after without the need for often refilling.

Compact and Space-Saving Mountable Design

This smart and portable, hands-free paper towel dispenser is designed to be wall-mounted for easy, space-saving, and economical, single dispensing of guest paper hand towels.

Enjoy controlled, cost-effective hygiene and drying even in facilities with the most restricted space available.

Top Quality and Value

This’s the best black paper towel holder you can ever have for your bathroom. Encourage your guests or employees to adopt hygienic habits, control waste and maintain the facilities properly cleaned and sanitized.

Make sure paper towels are easily accessible by everyone, by using this top-quality, discreet style dispenser. Extremely durable and made of translucent smoke plastic, this superior, touchless paper tissue holder keeps all areas sparkling clean.

Doesn’t Support C Fold Paper or Stub Roll

This paper towel holder can’t take a single fold because C-FOLD does not work in this dispenser.

Oasis Creations Touchless, Wall Mount Paper Towel Dispenser Verdict

If you’re looking for the perfect model for your bathroom or one that doesn’t require the use of your hands, this touchless model from Oasis Creations is a great option.

The exterior is made from durable plastic, and it dispenses one paper towel at a time for a more hygienic bathroom experience. It holds up to 500 paper towels, so if you’re mounting this in a high-traffic area, you won’t have to refill it that often.

2. Self-Adhesive Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder

Self Adhesive Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder

Self-Adhesive Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder Review

Hala Zaqqout

Overall Score


This style makes replacing rolls easy by having a hook-shaped support rod that is open on one side.
Yes, with this style, replacing the rolls is easy. All you do is slide ‘em off the end. However, that’s where the pros of this model end. Getting a single-handed tear is damn near impossible unless you get the angle just right.
Also, without a doubt someone will come into your house at some point and pull the towel toward the open side of the hook, causing the roll to fly off and unfurl.


Self-Adhesive Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder Features

Horizontal or Vertical Installation

The paper towel holder has screw mounting accessories, which can be installed vertically or horizontally without any difficulty. The “L”-shaped design of the Paper Towel Holder Wall Mount is more convenient for you to change the paper towels and save space.

This’s one of the features that make it the best wall-mounted black paper towel holder. No matter where it is placed, the paper towel holder under the cabinet will match perfectly with your kitchen or bathroom, etc.

Suitable Place

If your kitchen space is limited, the black paper towel holder can help us save the space on the countertop. The adhesive paper towel holder is very helpful for small kitchens, cabinets, RV, sinks, bathrooms, pantry, garages, camper, etc.

Under-cabinet paper towel holder effectively saves most of the space and makes the place look neater and cleaner.

Self-Adhesive or Screw Mounting

Remove the protective film from the under-cabinet paper towel holder for the kitchen of the adhesive tape and press the under-counter paper towel holder on the smooth surface (Glasses, Smooth Wood, Metal Surface, etc) for 30 seconds and wait for 24 hours.

On rough surfaces, we can use screws to install the wall mount paper towel holder. (The package contains adhesive tape and screws).

Suitable For Rolls of Any Size-Durable U-Shaped Holder

It can perfectly match your kitchen and bathroom decoration. The paper towel rack can be installed vertically or horizontally on the periphery of cabinets, flat walls, bathrooms, and toilet walls.

The paper towel holder can be used to place towels, paper towel rolls, plastic wrap, tin foil, and anything that can be hung.

Slightly Less Durability Compared to Other Models

The wall mount paper towel holder can be mounted vertically but the added pressure might make it a little more difficult to unravel/tear individual paper towels.

Mounting horizontally allows for the most optimal user experience.

Self-Adhesive Wall Mounted Paper Towel Holder Verdict

If your kitchen space is limited, the paper towel holder can help us save the space on the countertop. The adhesive paper towel holder is very helpful for small kitchens, cabinets, RV, sinks, bathrooms, pantry, garages, camper, etc,

These features make it the best wall-mounted black paper towel holder for your kitchen.

3. Blue Donuts Paper Towel Holder Countertop

Blue Donuts Paper Towel Holder Countertop

Blue Donuts Paper Towel Holder Countertop Review

Hala Zaqqout

Overall Score


It’s not always about the frills or the glitz and glamour. Home Basics Paper Towel Holder gets the job done right and, on top of that, it comes at an unbeatable price.
Showcasing a clean, understated design, the item is available in three different colorways—black, bronze, and steel—guaranteeing the perfect look for your kitchen. And it’s freestanding, so you can easily place it wherever you like, from countertop to cupboard.
Some customers say this paper towel holder is lightweight and easy to knock over. However, users praise the product for its combination of effectiveness and affordability.


Blue Donuts Paper Towel Holder Countertop Features

Easy One Hand Paper Towel Tear

Dirty hands? Not a problem for this paper towel roll holder.

This black hand towel holder allows you to easily tear one piece of paper towel with one hand without leaving the whole roll un-rolled.

Easy to Load Countertop Paper Towel Dispenser

From the top, just slide on any brand standard size paper towel onto the spine of this paper towel holder, and it’s ready for use.

Paper Towel Holder Countertop

This paper towel holder for the kitchen features a non-tip base, which also makes it perfect as a bathroom paper towel holder.

Farmhouse Design Paper Towel Stand

Uniquely shaped, odd-colored paper towel holder with edgy lines adds an elegant touch to any type of decor.

Difficulty Tearing a Towel with One Hand

This would’ve been great since it is sturdy but the inner middle section piece is too wide. This makes it impossible to use one-handed as the paper towel roll will not spin freely.

Blue Donuts Paper Towel Holder Countertop Verdict

With this modern paper towel holder tearing paper towels becomes a stress-free solution for anyone. Easily load a paper towel onto the spine of the holder and use it right away.

The black color accommodates any type of decor whether it’s modern, farmhouse, or vintage, and makes it the best budget black paper towel holder for your kitchen.

Black Paper Towel Holder FAQ

To Wrap Up

Choosing the right product isn’t easy and for many of them, it could be a time-consuming task. However, with this guide, my aim is to help you find the perfect black paper towel holder for your needs.

After reading this CleanersAdvisor article, you should have good knowledge about the various types of black paper towels holders available in the market, their functionalities, and their ease of operation.

You’re all geared up to pick the right black paper towel holder that suits you the best.

In case you got a black paper towel holder or feel we have missed out on something important or just want to share your feedback, please feel free to drop a comment below. We would love to hear from you.