Blind Cleaning Tips for Homeowners: A Must Read!

Published by Ahmad Jamal on June 2, 2023

Blinds can be a fantastic addition to any home. They provide privacy, control light, and can even help with energy efficiency. However, they also have the tendency to collect dust, dirt, and allergens.

If you don’t clean this buildup, your blinds will not only look dirty and unappealing but also affect the air quality of your house.

But worry not! In this CleanersAdvisor guide, we’ll present you with the top Blind Cleaning Tips for homeowners on how to keep their blinds looking fresh and clean throughout the year with the use of proper tools and techniques.

Regular Dusting is Key

To maintain clean blinds easily, make sure to dust them regularly. Accumulated dust can become challenging to remove. You may use a microfiber cloth or a duster specifically made for cleaning blinds.

To clean the slats, begin at the top and work your way down, dusting both sides. Tilt the slats up and down if you have horizontal blinds to clean all sides. If you have vertical blinds, slide them to one side to access the backside.

When choosing a blind, make sure to select one that is easy to dust off and wipe down. Vinyl or aluminum blinds are your best bet, as they can easily be wiped with a damp cloth.

Blind Cleaning Tips

Vacuum with the Right Attachments

A vacuum cleaner equipped with the right attachments can be your best friend when it comes to blind cleaning. Use a brush attachment to gently remove dust and dirt from the slats without scratching them.

To avoid causing any damage, make sure to set the vacuum’s suction to a low level. Begin cleaning from the top and work your way down, taking care not to miss any areas, just like when dusting.

Spot Clean Stains and Spills

Accidents happen, and sometimes your blinds may end up with stains or spills. To spot-clean these areas, first, close the blinds completely. Then, mix a solution of mild dish soap and warm water. Dip a soft cloth or sponge into the solution, wring it out, and gently dab the affected area. Be careful not to scrub too hard, as this can damage the blind’s finish. After the stain has been removed, use a fresh, wet cloth to clean off any remaining soap and then dry it by patting gently with a towel.

Deep Clean When Necessary

Over time, your blinds might require more than just dusting and spot cleaning. If you notice that your blinds are looking particularly dingy, it may be time for a deep clean. The method you use will depend on the material of your blinds:

  • Wood and Faux Wood Blinds: These blinds should never be submerged in water, as they can cause warping or discolouration. Instead, use a damp cloth to wipe each slat individually, being sure to dry them immediately afterwards. For stubborn dirt, you can use a mild wood cleaner on a soft cloth.
  • Vinyl and Aluminum Blinds: To clean these blinds, you can take them off the window and soak them in a bathtub with warm water and a little dish soap. After around 30 minutes, use a gentle brush to scrub off any dirt left, and then rinse them well. Hang the blinds outside or over the tub until they are completely dry before reattaching them.
  • Fabric Blinds: Fabric blinds, such as Roman or pleated shades, should be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In most cases, this will involve spot cleaning with a mild detergent and water or using a vacuum with an upholstery attachment. If your fabric blinds are heavily soiled, consider consulting a professional cleaner.
Blind Cleaning Tips

Keep Your Windows Clean

Keeping your windows clean can help keep your blinds looking clean too. Dirt and dust from the windows can easily transfer onto the blinds. To avoid this, regularly clean your windows using a glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth. This will help your blinds stay cleaner for longer.

Rotate Your Blinds

To ensure even wear and tear on your blinds, make it a habit to rotate them regularly. This will not only help them last longer but will also promote more even dust distribution, making cleaning easier.

If you have vertical blinds, switch the direction in which they overlap every few months. For horizontal blinds, alternate between having the slats facing up and down.

Invest in Quality Cleaning Tools

When it comes to blind cleaning, having the right tools can make all the difference. Consider investing in a quality blind duster, which is specifically designed to clean multiple slats at once.

There are also various vacuum attachments available that are designed for cleaning blinds, making the task quicker and more efficient. These small investments can save you time and effort in the long run.


Maintaining clean blinds doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With regular dusting, spot cleaning, and the occasional deep clean within our Blind Cleaning Tips, you can keep your blinds looking fresh and inviting.

To enhance the look of your home and create a healthier living environment, use these easy tips to clean your blinds. Get ready to put in some elbow grease and give your blinds the care they need!