Can You Mix Bleach and OxiClean? Dangers Can Be Avoided

Published by Ahmad Jamal on March 26, 2023 | Last updated on May 14, 2023

Cleaning your clothes can be tricky sometimes, it’s not always some easy stains on a handful of clothes, while most of the time you’ll have to be as effective as you can be with cleaning products.

With OxiClean and Bleach as powerful cleaning products, you may think “Can You Mix Bleach and OxiClean for additional effectiveness while cleaning?

In this CleanersAdvisor guide, we’ll help you make up your mind on whether Can You Mix Bleach and OxiClean or not.

Moreover, we’ll explain in depth what are the upside or downside to mixing those products together, and what to do if you’ve mixed them together to make sure you’re safe.

OxiClean is a great product against tougher stains, we’ll make sure you fully master how to use it safely, after explaining “Can You Mix Bleach and OxiClean” or not.

Wondering if you can mix vinegar with OxiClean as well? We got you covered.

By the end of this CleanersAdvisor guide, you’ll have a video showcasing what you should never mix with bleach at all.

Let’s start by breaking down what OxiClean is and does.

What is OxiClean?

OxiClean is a famous household cleaner and stain remover, works heavenly on stains, oils, dirt, and grime.

OxiClean is known for cleaning carpets, clothes, and hard surfaces inside your house.

Additionally, it’s a bleach-free product, which raises the question on whether Can You Mix Bleach and OxiClean or not.

That’s it for OxiClean, wondering what Bleach is? Visit our guide on can you mix bleach and baking soda, as we explained that in depth there.

What is OxiClean

Can You Mix Bleach and OxiClean

No, you should never mix bleach and OxiClean, as it can be fatal, deadly, and dangerous in most scenarios.

Mixing bleach and OxiClean creates a chemical reaction that produces immensely toxic gases, bad fumes, and heat that’s prone to creating a fire hazard.

The toxic gases and fumes are extremely dangerous for a human being’s lungs, and breathing them for some time can be fatal, especially when you’re exposed in a room with poor air ventilation.

Want proof? Read through.

Can You Mix Bleach and OxiClean

Proof You Can’t Mix Bleach and OxiClean

Now that we’ve established that the direct answer to whether can you mix bleach and OxiClean is an absolute NO! Here’s what the manufacturer of bleach said about the idea.

“You should not mix bleach with any other household cleaners. Toxic Fumes Could Result.”

Visit the product page and read through the FAQ>Ingredients and Safety section to learn more about it.

Looking for Increased Effectiveness with OxiClean; Here’s What to Do

We know that since you’re wondering “Can You Mix Bleach and OxiClean,” means you’re looking for increased effectiveness while cleaning with OxiClean, right?

For that, the solution isn’t mixing it with Bleach, but rather using OxiClean to its maximum capacity, while properly using the product without mixing it with other products that may say dangerous than effective.

Here’s to clean effectively with OxiClean instead of mixing it with bleach:

To Remove Stains on Clothes: mix the cleaning powder with water according to the product instructions, then submerge it with the clothes for 2-6 hours, depending on how stained the clothes are.

Then wash it as you would normally do, and dry accordingly.

To Remove Stains on Hard Surfaces: mix a scoop of OxiClean per gallon of water, and apply the mixture to the hard surface using a cloth, a brush, or a sponge depending on the hard surface’s nature.

Let the mixture sit there for 15-30 minutes, then scrub the stains with the same tools that are compatible with the surface.

Rinse and repeat if the stain spots are harder than anticipated, then clear it with water and let it dry naturally.

What to Do If I Accidentally Mix Bleach and OxiClean?

You’ve come to the right place! Accidents happen and we’re here to make sure they’re not lethal nor dangerous.

If you’ve accidentally mixed bleach and OxiClean, then you’re either indoor (most probably) or outdoor.

For indoor incidents, evacuate the room immediately, open the doors and windows to ventilate the area naturally, and let the harmful gas leave the whole house.

Don’t get back to the room before 2 hours, to make sure the dangerous gas has left the area.

When you get back, make sure you’re wearing a protective mask, and your skin is covered properly against any lingering fumes.

For outdoor incidents, leave the area immediately, and go to a higher ground that’s not so far from where the incident happened. Why? Chlorine gas tends to sink in lower areas rather than higher ground, hence the high ground position.

Now, make sure you’re breathing fresh air, and no side effects due to the incident appear to have been inflicted to you, then you can go back to the area after a couple of hours as well.

How do I Use OxiClean Safely?

Here are some top tips that’ll help you safely use OxiClean products:

  1. Keep it out of the reach of pets or children
  2. Avoid mixing it with other products randomly
  3. Follow instructions and directions carefully
  4. Read the label before opening the product
  5. Avoid getting it to close contact with your eyes or skin

Can You Mix OxiClean and Vinegar?

Vinegar is one of the most used home-based products in cleaning, so Can You Mix OxiClean with Vinegar?

No, you should never mix OxiClean and vinegar together.

Mixing the hydrogen peroxide in the OxiClean with the vinegar creates a toxic peracetic acid.

Those acids are dangerous, harmful, and ineffective.

They can damage the mouth, nose, eyes, throat, and skin upon contact.

Products You Should Never Mix with Bleach

Going back to bleach, here are the products you should never mix with bleach, explained in the video:

To Wrap Up

Can You Mix Bleach and OxiClean? No, just never mix those products together, and we’ve explained in this guide how lethal it can be to mix them together.

In case you have any other questions on whether you can mix 2 cleaning products together, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

Don’t worry, our CleanersAdvisor experts will help you out as soon as possible.