Finding Reliable Commercial Washers and Dryers In 2023

Published by Ahmad Jamal on January 2, 2023 | Last updated on May 15, 2023

Since the first laundromat opened in 1934, it has changed how people do their laundry. When offering laundry services, your customer will expect you to meet some requirements. Regardless of how much you want to invest in your laundromat business, you must have reliable commercial washers and dryers to ensure the efficiency and productivity of your laundromat business.

Purchasing commercial washers and dryers will increase your chances of a lucrative business. Commercial washers are more durable than household washing machines and can save you money by being energy-efficient. New technologies are being developed to decrease the consumption rate of your appliances to reduce your utility bills and the negative environmental impact.

However, there are only a few brands that can satisfy your needs and give your business the desired boost. Opting for renowned names such as Speed Queen, Maytag, Whirlpool, or Miele will provide you with products that have outstanding durability and reliability. If you need to find washers and dryers for your laundromat business, here is how to find the perfect products.

This CleanersAdvisor guide shall explain further:

Types of Commercial Washers and Dryers

Before making a substantial purchase, you should decide what type of commercial washing machine fits best with your laundromat. It is always good practice to consider the size of your laundromat and the layout to optimize the available space. The more washing machines you have, the more customers you can serve simultaneously.

Depending on how much available space the laundromat has, you can opt for washing machines that load horizontally or on the top. Top loaders are perfectly good as long as space availability is not a concern. Horizontal-loading washing machines are the best for businesses with limited space. However, you want to provide for as many customers as possible. A high number of washers will significantly increase your daily revenue.

Commercial Washers

Washer’s Volume and Available Settings

Depending on the type of clientele your laundromat attracts, you should consider the drum size of your washers. Investing in large washing machines will cater to your client’s needs if the clientele has big loads of laundry. On the other hand, if the business attracts college students or travelers with significantly smaller laundry baskets, going for many small washers will fit the purpose.

Additionally, it would be best to consider what types of washing machine settings you allow your customers to use. Many washing machines display limited settings options regarding cycle type or temperature. These settings are made to avoid unfortunate accidents that an unsuspecting client might have while using your laundromat. Choosing what settings are available on your washers can help your clientele correctly take care of their clothes.

Eco-Friendly Washing Machines

Although doing the laundry might seem a rather mundane activity, it greatly impacts the environment. Commercial washing machines implemented new technologies which save water and energy while having shorter waiting times. These washers have high functionality and are more reliable as an investment for your laundromat business.

By respecting the official standards for washing machines, they consume less of your resources while being durable and dependable. Reducing energy and water consumption will have a positive impact on your financial profit. Your “green” practices will reward you by significantly cutting down your utility bills while you stay eco-friendly at the same time.

Commercial Washers and Dryers’ Warranties and Maintenance Services

You must always check whether your washers and dryers are insured. Having a manufacturer’s warranty is essential when purchasing appliances for your laundromat. Depending on what kind of washer you choose to purchase, your warranty may cover a variety of issues, but it is always better to make sure that your acquisition is properly insured. A trustworthy warranty will prove that your investment is well spent and your appliances will work appropriately.

Additionally, you should always choose distributors who provide maintenance services. As new technologies for washers emerge, you will need continuously trained and educated technicians who know how to ensure that your appliances are working optimally. Experienced technicians will be able to help you in setting up your laundromat in an efficient way.

Keep in Touch with New Technologies

Some laundromat owners opt for coin-operated washers. These kinds of commercial washers reduce the number of employees you will need. You can go for newer models which have contactless options so you will be able to conduct a cashless business. Providing such options will keep your laundromat business busy and top-notch.

One of the most innovative technologies for commercial washers and dryers is the possibility to keep track of your washing cycle on your phone. By downloading a mobile app, you will be notified when your clothes are ready to pick up. Implementing a modern approach to your laundromat business will attract more customers. Additionally, more and more people are environmentally aware, and they will look forward to saving money in the laundry room. Apart from this, some apps given by commercial washers and dryers manufacturers can help analyze your costs and reduce them.