Is Deik Robot Vacuum Worth it? This Detailed Review Has The Answer [2023]

While searching for another mid-ranged price-wise robot vacuum, I stumbled upon the Deik Robot Vacuum, and this vacuum showed great promise on paper, but that didn’t continue when I tried to obtain the Deik Robot Vacuum to test it.

Amazon hasn’t had any of the models there, especially the Deik robotic vacuum cleaner mt820, and eBay said that it was sold out.

What to do then? I’ve relied on both the user manual available online, and customer reviews, to provide you with the most accurate Deik Robot Vacuum review possible.

In this Cleaners Advisor article, you’ll learn more about the Deik Robot Vacuum, its performance, how good (or bad) it can be for you, and more.

What is Deik Robot Vacuum?

Deik Robot Vacuum has been sold on online markets since mid-2019, despite being available on the official website years before that.

The Deik Robot Vacuum provides relatively decent performance, compared to the best robot vacuums on the market.

It can also be called somewhat versatile since it can provide vacuuming and mopping tasks.

It runs on a lithium-ion battery, while users said it can work for nearly 90 minutes, which is decent at best.

How Does Deik Robot Vacuum Navigate?

One of the most important factors that differentiate between good and bad robot vacuums is their navigation system.

The Deik Robot Vacuum is navigated with an infrared system that guides the machine across the room, away from obstacles, and onto the next cleaning spot.

It can also be navigated with remote control; you’ll find more about this feature in the features section below.

Deik Robot Vacuum

Deik Robot Vacuum

Deik Robot Vacuum

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Overall Feature


Deik Robot Vacuum is a decent robot vacuum that uses an infrared navigation system, enjoys a decently good dustbin size.
The Deik Robot Vacuum’s main feature revolves around being a pet hair specialist, while it enjoys a somewhat good warranty to rely on.


Deik Robot Vacuum Features


The Deik Robot Vacuum can provide both vacuuming and mopping tasks, all in one machine.

This can help with houses that are primarily made from hardwood floors, as the mopping will be most effective on that type of flooring.

Pet Hair Specialist

The Deik Robot Vacuum doesn’t score pretty well on all types of debris, but it is decent against medium-sized debris, dust, and water-like dirt.

However, it provides the best performance on the pet hair, proving this to be its main feature.

Easy to Start

The Deik Robot Vacuum isn’t a complicated robot vacuum by any means, it’s easy to start, easy to get going, and easy to turn off.

You’ll only need to turn on the power button on the side of the vacuum, then order it to start with another button on the top of the vacuum.

Large Dustbin

The Deik has a 0.9L dustbin, which can be considered the second-best feature of the vacuum.

This helps with reducing the number of trips you’ll need to take to the trash can to empty the dustbin.

1-Year Warranty

I would always call on the manufacturers to provide long-living warranties, as they improve customer satisfaction, and help with building a more stable brand.

However, the Deik has only put a 1-Year warranty on its robot vacuum, which is “good” at best.

Remote Control

I’ve already expressed that the infrared system and the remote control are the two ways to navigate the Deik vacuum.

However, the remote control didn’t seem very responsive to a handful of unhappy customers, which means that you’ll have to solely rely on the infrared sensors to guide the machine, and they are not as reliable as other advanced navigational systems.

TOO Loud

This Deik Robot Vacuum is loud to an irritating extent that you’ll sometimes compare it to regular vacuums.

This video will show you how loud the vacuum can be in a peaceful environment.

It can Flick Away Dirt

By checking the previous video, you’ll also notice that small pieces of dirt can be flicked away, instead of being vacuumed into the machine.

It doesn’t happen with larger types of debris, but it can usually happen on smaller types.

Deik Robot Vacuum Verdict

The Deik Robot Vacuum is a decent robot vacuum that lacks advanced technologies but has made up for that with its large dustbin, 2-in-1 feature, and its specialty in pet hair.

However, it still struggles around small debris, and it is considered one of the loudest robot vacuums in the whole market.

Deik Robot Vacuum FAQ

To Wrap Up

The Deik Robot Vacuum is not an expensive vacuum by any means, but it’s a decent performing robot vacuum that can suit smaller houses.

It can be hard for the Deik to compete against the likes of Goovi Robot Vacuum models or the Coredy R750, but it can be put in the same rank as the economical Pure Clean Robot Vacuum or the Mahli Robotic Vacuum.

Hopefully, this comparison of relevancy shall answer the question in the headline.

If you’re interested in finding more about the Deik Robot Vacuum, feel free to post your questions in the comments section below.

It’ll take me around 24 hours to respond back with a detailed answer, so don’t worry if you don’t find your requested answer shortly.

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