Does A Dehumidifier Cool a Room? [Home Cleaners Answer]

Published by Ahmad Jamal on January 17, 2022 | Last updated on May 15, 2023

Many questions arise when you discuss the need for a dehumidifier, but one of the most frequently asked questions lately in 2022, is about “does a dehumidifier cool a room?”

It may not be the first question that comes to mind about dehumidifiers, but it’s definitely one of the most important ones, depending on where you live, and what season you need the dehumidifier in.

Generally speaking, a decent dehumidifier can do its job properly without stating if it cools or heats the air inside a room.

Even top-notch dehumidifiers can sometimes fail to state such facts in their tutorials and manuals, that’s why by the end of this CleanersAdvisor article, you’ll get to know the answer for “does a dehumidifier cool a room.”

What Is a Dehumidifier?

When your house continues to suffer from dampness, high humidity levels, or mold & mildew that comes with those conditions, you have a couple of options to pursue.

You can build a window to open up space for better airflow, or you can use fans to move the humid air outside the house, or you can obtain the best machine for that task: The Dehumidifier.

The dehumidifiers vary in size, power, space capabilities, container capacities, and more.

So, if you’re in need of a dehumidifier, you’ll need to determine the size of the targeted area inside your house, then obtain a powerful-enough dehumidifier, with the proper size, features, container capacity, and other useful features.

What Can Dehumidifiers Also Do?

We already know that dehumidifiers are used to remove the humidity from the air, but what else can they do?

A 2018 study affirmed that humid air is linked to a range of health issues, therefore the dehumidifier is essential to help prevent those issues in the first place.

Additionally, they do:

  • Prevent Mold & Mildew from Forming
  • Provide Better & Fresher Air
  • Improve Air Quality Over-Time
  • Help People with Asthma

Why Ask “Will a Dehumidifier Cool a Room”?

Dehumidifiers function by taking the humid air inside, separating the water from the air, getting rid of it inside a container (or a drainage hose), and producing dehumidified air.

This series of functioning has raised the proper question: will a dehumidifier cool a room? Because normally, you’ll think that the dehumidified air should be either cooler or hotter, depending on the atmosphere inside the room.

Additionally, some other factors join in too, and affect if that air should be in the normal room temperature, or higher, or lower, like the climate at a specific type of a year, how close the room is to the outside… etc.

Does a Dehumidifier Cool a Room? An Accurate Definitive Answer

There’s no denying that the dehumidifier can affect the temperature of the room, whether it was in a basement with high humidity levels, or a small bathroom.

However, dehumidifiers don’t opt to heat or cool the room, it’s mainly based on the level of humidity, and how cool/hot is it inside the room.

With High humidity levels, you’re already feeling warmer than usual, thus a dehumidification process can get rid of the humidity (the main source of warmth), making you feel a bit cooler when the dehumidification is done.

This feeling is relative. Again, the dehumidifier didn’t produce cool air, it just got rid of the main source of warmth in the room, which is high humidity levels, making you feel cooler inside the room, despite not producing cool air.

 In short, if you’re asking can a dehumidifier cool a room, then the answer is a resounding Yes!

Does A Dehumidifier Cool a Room

Can You Use a Dehumidifier Instead of Air Conditioner to Cool the Room?

Since you’ve figured out that it’s possible for a dehumidifier to cool room, you may start wondering if that’s an energy & money-saving fact.

It’s true that you won’t need 2 machines inside your house doing the same job: cooling the air.

However, despite the fact that dehumidifiers can somehow cool the room, they can’t fully cool the air to the temperature you’re cool with.

If you need the most excellent results, I advise you use both together.

Don’t worry, that’s not energy-consuming, as you can obtain a dehumidifier that has an auto-shutdown feature, making the machine turn itself off automatically when it reaches the targeted humidity level.

Then, you’ll only be using the Air Conditioner to cool the air, until the air humidity levels increase again.

Air conditioner or dehumidifier

Other Options Than Dehumidifier to Cool Room?

Air conditioners are famously known for cooling rooms, but they are not the only machines capable of doing that.

Dehumidifiers scored “positive” when asked can a dehumidifier cool a room, then what are the other options you can use to cool the room?

  • Fans: Ceiling or Portable
  • Allow Less Sun Ray into The Room
  • Turn off The Lights Inside The Room
  • Move All The Electric Machines Outside The Room

To Wrap Up

In this article, I answered the increasingly asked does a dehumidifier cool a room question with a definitive Yes.

Dehumidifiers remove the humidity from the air, and this humidity is one of the main reasons why you feel that the room is warmer than usual.

Therefore, whenever the air humidity is lower due to the dehumidification process, you’ll feel relatively cooler air inside the room, in addition to the other benefits of the dehumidifier.

You still have other questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.