Dyson Humidifier Cleaning Guide [Fast & Easy Steps]

Published by Ahmad Jamal on May 18, 2022 | Last updated on May 15, 2023

Dyson produces top-notch machinery, and the Dyson Humidifiers are no less than that level of excellence.

They provide perfect performance adding moisture to the air, and fighting against dry environments, however, they can’t perform to that level without Dyson Humidifier Cleaning.

Why? Dyson Humidifier Cleaning procedure makes sure no malfunctions occur during the humidification process.

Those malfunctions can literally turn the useful humidifier into a disease-spreading machine inside the house.

In this Cleaners Advisor guide, we’ll pave the way for a detailed Dyson Humidifier Cleaning process that doesn’t consume your time entirely, while still helping you maintain your Dyson Humidifier.

Why You Need To Know The Detailed Dyson Humidifier Cleaning Procedure

Keeping your home’s environment safe & comfortable with a humidifier is mainly based on your machine working properly.

If it can’t work properly due to any type of dirt or mold, then you’re basically spreading particles that could cause illness around the house.

Therefore, you should get your Dyson Humidifier Cleaning process going on a regular schedule, making sure you won’t be spreading odor, mold, or dirt inside the house.

Items & Equipment You’ll Need in Your Dyson Humidifier Cleaning Process

  1. 150g Citric Acid.
  2. Tap Water.
  3. A Sink.
  4. Dry Cloth (Optional).

Elephant in the Room: Dyson Humidifier Cleaning Procedure

  1. Press Deep Cleaning Button.
  2. Remove Filter Covers & Water Tank altogether.
  3. Remove Evaporator from Humidifier & Place It in Water Tank.
  4. Close Both The Humidifier Filter Covers & Water Tank Cover.
  5. Take The Evaporator Out of The Water Tank & Fill The Tank to 50% of its Capacity and Dissolve the 150g of Citric Acid in It.
  6. Slowly Move the Water Tank in Circle Motion to Dissolve it Completely, then Put the Evaporator Back in the Water Tank and Fill It to the Max.
  7. Close the Water Tank Covers and Put It Back into the Humidifier.
  8. LCD Screen Will Give You an OK signal, then You Can Press on the Deep Cleaning Button.
  9. When the 1 Hour Mark Ends, Remove The Water Tank and Rinse Both The Tank & Evaporator in Cold Water.
  10. Fill The Tank with Cold Water.
  11. Re-Insert Both The Evaporator and The Water Tank.
  12. You’re Good to Go!
Dyson Humidifier Cleaning
Most of the cleaning steps are performed on the Evaporator

When You Should Attend to Dyson Humidifier Cleaning?

You don’t need to stress over when you should do a Dyson Humidifier Cleaning, as the machine has a sign dedicated to informing you when Dyson humidifier cleaning is due.

However, if you’re someone who likes everything organized –as I do- then I advise you to do it once every 2 weeks or once per 3 weeks at max.

Following up on maintaining your humidifier on such a regular basis will automatically remove the stressing over how clean/dirty it could be.


Tips for Maintaining Your Humidifier

Following are professional tips from Cleaners Advisor team, to help you maintain your humidifier correctly, resulting in maintaining the perfect performance for longer periods.

  1. Thoroughly Read Manufacturer’s Instruction Manual.
  2. Don’t Use Any Cleaning Products That Doesn’t Fit the Machine.
  3. Use Distilled Water With Every Use.
  4. Dry The Exterior of the Humidifier If It Feels Wet.
  5. Replace Humidifier Filters on a Regular Basis.
  6. Avoid Washing Filters At Any Cost.
  7. Clean & Dry Every Part Before Re-Installing Them.
  8. Always Empty Reservoir On Constant Basis.

Dyson Humidifier Cleaning FAQ

To Wrap Up

This guide provided you with the best Dyson Humidifier Cleaning Solution, to clean it with ease, in less than 70 minutes.

Even though, 60 minutes of those are just complete waiting for the humidifier to perform the deep cleaning itself.

However, mastering how to perform Dyson Humidifier cleaning is important so you can always get the right sense of maintaining your own machines, regardless of which brand they are made by, and how you use them inside the house.

Therefore, whenever you find the Deep Cleaning signal turned on at your humidifier, get back to this guide, do the step-by-step procedure, and make sure you’re not missing a single step here or there.

If you had faced any difficulties along the way, make sure to tell us in the comments how it went, and we’ll help you as soon as we can, or contact their support.