7 Ways to Keep Your Floor Tiles Clean & Shining

Published by Ahmad Jamal on December 31, 2022 | Last updated on May 15, 2023

Floor tiles are the foundation of your house. With constant foot traffic and the weight of several things like furniture, appliances, etc, the floor tiles tend to bear more weight. But that’s the expectation that comes with it.

Maintaining the floor tiles can seem difficult at large but it isn’t. If you regularly clean and maintain the floor, you will be surprised as to how they last for so long.

Thankfully, different types of floor tiles, whether ceramic or porcelain, are made to last longer and have tougher surfaces to withstand weight, spills, and stains. However, here is a simple guide to keeping your floor tiles clean and safe.

Do Your Daily Cleaning

Do not miss your daily due diligence. Keep the schedule intact and ensure you sweep and mop the way you do daily, without missing the routine. Whether it is dirty pet paws or a food spill or coffee spill, the floor can get stained, and how!

A mild surface cleaning solution with warm water can do magic to your space and light mopping is always suggested. Keep tissues handy for times when you have spilled or dropped food and quickly remove them before they lodge themselves onto the floor.

Floor Tiles

Vacuum or Mop Properly

Although tiles are low maintenance, they still need some regular TLC to maintain their original shine and sheen. Get a strong yet potent vacuum cleaner to clean the floors, especially nooks and corners where your broom or mop doesn’t reach.

The vacuum pressure will help pull them out from the dungeon spaces easily. Use brooms that have soft bristles and aren’t too hard as they might scratch the tiles and eventually mar them.

Deep Clean Once a Week

Depending on your schedule, it is advised to deep clean your home at least once every week. This ensures that there are no harmful germs or microorganisms settling in the flooring of your home which will eventually make you sick.

If once a week is not possible, once every month is also quite ideal. Use a mild non-abrasive cleaner that will do its job and not harm the flooring tile also. Stay away from chemicals like acids, bleach, and scouring agents that are way harsher than required.

Lay Rugs & Door Mats

They can add a step more to your cleaning routine but having rugs and doormats can be really helpful. They not only protect your floor tiles from stains and chips, but they also add color and depth to the ambiance.

Door mats at your main entrance see to it that you do not carry the debris inside the house and are lodged in them as much as it can. This keeps the dust and grime from the outside at bay.

And when it comes to cleaning your home, you can always wash the rugs and mats once a week and mop away the floor covering them. Voila!

Pad Furniture Feet

Furniture is heavy and tends to leave a heavy mark wherever they are placed especially when they aren’t moved every so often. They can leave a rigid dust stain that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Therefore, to avoid such a situation, consider padding the furniture’s feet.

They will secure the tiles underneath and also save you a lot of effort while cleaning and maintaining the floor tiles. They are available both in square and round shapes, so whichever suits you more.

Seal The Grout

It is very difficult to talk about tile cleaning and not talk about sealing the grout.

The grout lines separate one tile from the other and the space can be a magnet for dust and grime for days.

Also, over time, the sealing of the grout tends to fade away which is why it is essential to reseal the grout to keep it from deteriorating.

They also need to be deep cleaned every once in a while but it is something that you can’t ignore.

Repair and Re-Grout

If you find yourself looking at a chipped or cracked tile, time to call for help immediately! Do not ignore a cracked tile as it can become a safety hazard and hurt you in more ways than one.

Call for a professional to repair the tile and regrout as and when required. This will save other tiles from getting damaged as well.

Floor Tiles

Tips for Cleaning Special Tile

Common tiles like ceramic or porcelain tiles do not require your special attention per se. However, if you have special tiles like slate or marble, or glass mosaic tiles installed, then they definitely need your undivided attention every once in a while.

To keep them clean, these tips are quite handy but stay away from harsh chemical agents like acids and bleaches. Instead, use a pH-neutral solution to keep them long-lasting.

Porcelain and ceramic are veritably tough, but few other materials such as marble and vinyl are prone to get eroded by some harsh and abrasive cleansers.

Linoleum, which may sometimes be applied in a tile pattern, is extremely resilient and can be cleaned the same as tile floors.

Just check to work out if your linoleum may need to be resealed with wax to protect it.

Final Thoughts

Tiles undeniably help upgrade the look of your home, so ensure you have the basic knowledge regarding how to keep them clean. Tiles might lose their shine and look dull if not maintained and cleaned regularly.

Using suitable cleaning materials and methods can avoid damaging the tile. Follow these tips to the T and get yourself long-standing and quite shiny floor tiles. Maintaining them is not such a deal, provided you know how to go about the same.

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