How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets Before Painting?- Easy Methods in 2023

how to clean kitchen cabinets before painting

Nothing is worse than greasy and dirty kitchen cabinets. They’re soiled, stained, and ugly. You can completely change their look by painting the cabinets. But before you paint, you need to clean and degrease the cabinets. Want to know how to clean kitchen cabinets before painting? Cleaning greasy and dirty kitchen cabinets does not need the … Read more

What Smells Deter Cats from Peeing? 11 Smells to End the Peeing Problem for Good [2023 Guide]

what smells deter cats from peeing

As much as we love our furry little friends, they can stink up the house if we’re not careful. When it comes to cats, they do their business in the house as well. This annoying cat behavior could drive anyone crazy! If you’re already dealing with this issue, the solution lies in your kitchen cabinet. The … Read more

Step-By-Step Guide on Why & How to Steam Clean Walls – [2023]

Steam Clean Walls

Daily cleaning chores rarely include giving the walls a sweeping or any type of mopping or vacuuming to say the least. However, like any other surface inside your house, walls require regular cleaning as well. Different types of germs, dirt, hard-to-notice dust can always be lingering there, making your house less clean environment than it … Read more

Can You Mix Pine Sol and Bleach without Harmful and Poisonous Effect- Quick Guide for 2023

Can You Mix Pine Sol and Bleach

“Can you mix pine sol and bleach?” is a question that arises in so many people’s minds. You’ve probably heard that mixing certain household chemicals, especially cleaning solutions, can result in serious toxicity. If you have a variety of cleaning products on hand, you might be wondering if combining a couple of them will result in … Read more

Super Quick & Easy Dish Scrubber in 2023

Dish scrubber

Who doesn’t enjoy washing the dishes? Oh, right. Everyone! We’ve all been there. Excited to try out new dish scrubbers, only to be confronted with a mountain of dirty dishes at the end of the meal, wondering if it was all worth it. It was, indeed! If you don’t have a dishwasher or just need … Read more