How to Clean Balcony Floor In Less Than 1 Hour

Published by Hala Zaqqout on March 13, 2022 | Last updated on May 15, 2023

Undoubtedly, balcony is a great place for a peaceful escape from today’s busy world. You can enjoy the warm sunlight, fresh air, and a beautiful view of the city from your balcony, but something is missing– a clean balcony floor!

The balcony, unfortunately, can also be a haven for dust and bird droppings. If you’re fighting a never-ending battle against outside dust, dirt, grime, and filth that builds up over time. Thus, just like the interior of your home, the balcony must be regularly cleaned.

If you are looking for quick and easy methods of how to clean balcony floor, Cleaners Advisor will help you.

Cleaning can feel like an exercise in futility most of the time, and it can take a long time. However, there are simple and quick techniques to clean your balcony. For that, we’ve made an effort and put a list of numerous easy tricks of how to clean balcony floor to keep your it neat and tidy.

There’s no need to worry anymore; you’ll also find some easy cleaning tips and recommendations on what to use for stubborn stains so you can go outside, get that sparkle back in no time, and enjoy your space!

Just put in a comfortable lawn chair, make your favorite beverage and relax. Take in the cool evening breeze while admiring the city skyline or reading a book; it’s cost-effective. You also won’t have to deal with the madness of city traffic.

How to Clean Balcony Floor?

If you want to get a jump start on cleaning, follow these 9 steps below of how to clean balcony floor to keep your space tidy and ordered:

1. Clear Everything Off Your Balcony

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Most people’s balcony enclosures have furniture, flowers or plants, and other outdoor items. These ornamental items are used to provide a personal touch to the balcony.

However, such materials can get in the way of your navigation, making it more difficult to thoroughly clean the entire area. As a result, you should remove all of the items from the balcony before the cleaning begins.

This will clear the balcony, making it easier to thoroughly clean the floor and other surfaces.

2. Wipe Down the Items Before Cleaning

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Those same pieces of furniture and plant pots? Before you move them at all, you’ll need to wipe them down. These items are more likely to attract grime and other traces of filth.

You don’t want to be moving these around and have the dust blow in your face. Wipe them down to keep this from happening.

Depending on how much dirt is there, you can use microfibre towels or moist paper towels. First, make sure you have a couple of buckets of water on hand. One towel will be used to soak, while the other will be used to squeeze out any remaining dirt.

3. Clean the Balcony Floors

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Every item you take away from your balcony may leave traces of dirt, which will surely fall onto the flooring. Start your condo balcony cleaning with a quick and thorough sweep to get rid of the dirt. Start sweeping the balcony from the edges to the center. 

Make sure you have a trash bag nearby to dump all of the residues from the balcony. Be sure to clean all of your balcony’s tight corners, as this is where dirt accumulates the most.

After sweeping, use a wet/dry vacuum to get to those hard-to-reach corners. Manual scrubbing may be required in areas where solidified dirt has formed.

4. Scrub the Balcony Floors

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Scrub or mop the balcony’s floor. In a bucket, combine a fresh mixture of multi-surface cleaner and warm water. A mop should suffice if the balcony’s floor is fairly smooth, such as wood or tile.

Scrub the floor with a scrub brush if it has a rough surface, such as concrete. Dip the brush in the cleaning solution and scrub the floor by hand in this case. If any residue remains after cleaning, go over the floor with a mop and freshwater.

A mop should suffice if the balcony’s floor is fairly smooth, such as wood or tile. Scrub the floor with a scrub brush if it has a rough surface, such as concrete.

5. Power Wash the Balcony

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A power wash is useful in cleaning your condo balcony after you’ve swept and vacuumed it. Grab a hose with a spray attachment and thoroughly clean the various portions of the balcony. With the hose, try to reach all visible corners.

Watch out for water from the hose dripping onto the balconies below if you don’t have an enclosed balcony. Place towels over each part of the rails to counter the problem. They will soak up the hose’s exterior splashes this way.

6. Sponge or Mop Your Balcony

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If you live in an apartment or your hose is on the other side of your home and wondering how to clean balcony floor without a water hose, you’ll find this method effective. The water helps remove stubborn dirt your broom or brush couldn’t reach.

Fill a bucket halfway with warm water and add a few drops of mopping solution or detergent. Wipe clean the walls and railings with your sponge. Start at the edges of your balcony and working toward the center, mop the floor with your cleaning solution.

If you don’t have suitable tools like a bucket or sponge for cleaning and want to get this work done quickly, then check out our detailed guide of the mop and bucket set if you want to get one.

Always be aware of anyone who has a balcony just underneath yours, as water from your balcony may flow down and dirty theirs. Before you start, always wring out your mop or sponge to remove any excess water.

7. Clean the Balcony Windows

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Just like the balcony flooring, a significant amount of filth can accumulate on your windows over time. The various stains and smudges on your windows can be extremely obvious, especially if the accumulation is left neglected for an extended period of time.

Not only does this appear unappealing, but the bacteria that have adhered to your windows and frames could become a health hazard. You’ll need to do some manual labor to clean the condo balcony windows. Scrubbing all of the windows with a sponge is an efficient way.

Scrubbing is necessary because it removes visible dirt traces. You can also spray your window glass with a hose before cleaning it properly.

8. Let the Balcony Dry

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After you’ve finished cleaning, follow up with a round of clean water to rinse the soap away. Then, you can let the balcony dry before you put stuff back out on it.

You can either let the balcony air dry or clean your mop and use it to absorb extra water. You can also use extra towels if you don’t have a mop.

9. Double Check the Furniture

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When the balcony is completely dry, you can start putting everything back again. Check to see if it’s still clean and dry and if any dust has accumulated. If there are any dusty areas, now is the time to clean them. Make use of the same tools you used on your balcony.

Make sure the bottoms of your table and chair legs are dry and clean as well. You want to make sure they don’t dirty the floors because they’ll be touching the balcony.

If you need to replace your balcony furniture, make sure the new set is clean before using it. After that, make sure to keep your balcony as clean as possible.

Watch this video and learn how to clean balcony floor with using the steps above.

Easy Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Balcony Floors Clean

Here are some simple cleaning tips for how to clean balcony floor to keep it neat and tidy:

1. Keep all items stored outside of the apartment in storage bins/containers to avoid scratches or stains on your balcony floor.

2. Regularly inspect each container for leaks and clean any affected areas thoroughly with a moist cloth.

3. Maintain a clean grate over drains at all times.

4. Vacuum/sweep your balcony floor regularly to avoid dust accumulation (which can also attract pests like ants).

5. If you’re using outdoor rugs, make sure they are stored inside when you’re not using them.

6. Invest in wicker or resin wicker or resin wicker or resin wicker or resin wicker or resin wicker or resin wicker or resin wicker or resin wick (which can be easily wiped down with a garden hose after use).

7. When not in use, make sure all patio chairs and cushions are stored indoors to avoid moisture build-up and mold growth (mold release spores which can make you sick and cause respiratory problems).

8. Make a habit to sweep and declutter your balcony regularly. Simply write it on your list of household chores. A habit of cleaning your balcony space will mean less garbage, stains, and grime buildup.

How to Clean Balcony Floor FAQ

To Wrap Up

Cleaning your balcony may seem a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be if you follow Cleaners Advisor guide above on how to clean balcony floor. But keep these steps above in mind every time you clean your balcony and enjoy your space!

If you’re still unsure about any step of how to clean balcony floor, please leave your question below before attempting anything yourself that may damage or warp the boards over time and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Ready now for a great summer with a clean balcony? Feel free to share any cleaning tips you have about how to clean balcony floor and BBQs with us below!