How to Clean Boar Bristle Brush [Detailed guide]

Published by Ahmad Jamal on March 18, 2023 | Last updated on May 15, 2023

Have you ever wondered how do women with superb hair maintain that beauty with ease? It’s due to their ability to maintain the cleanliness of their hair styling tools.

“How to clean boar bristle brush” you may wonder, and CleanersAdvisor experts shall help you, as we fully understand the reasoning behind your willingness to maintain the stylish look your hair provides.

In this CleanersAdvisor guide, we shall provide you with a step-by-step cleaning process that’ll help you master How to Clean Boar Bristle Brush with the simplest tools you may need.

Additionally, since this is a style-related matter, we’ll provide you with the best tips that’ll help you keep your boar bristle brush in the best shape possible, using it time and time again, without wearing it down.

Why to Use a Boar Bristle Brush?

Why do people consistently search for the best boar bristle brushes and obtain them? In other words, what’s in it for them?

The main use for a boar bristle brush is to remove the dead hair strands in a pretty gentle manner.

Moreover, with how they are designed and manufactured, the boar bristle brushes can remove the dead hair strands without pulling or breaking the hair out of position.

Now, let’s talk in depth about how to clean boar bristle brush.

How to Clean Boar Bristle Brush

How to Clean Boar Bristle Brush

Cleaning your boar bristle brush is an easy step-by-step chore that ensures your brush is as clean as it should be, deodorized, and in its best shape possible.

Here’s how to clean boar bristle brush:

1. Remove as much hair as possible

You can use different tools to get it done, as you can easily do it with your fingers, or using a pintail comb or tweezers.

We advise you to do it with the comb, start at the edge, insert the comb at the roots, and pull it away from the brushes to get as much hair as possible out.

2. Wash your brush

You can fill a large bowl with water (preferably warm water), add two teaspoons of shampoo to the water, mix them together for a bit to create the washing mixture.

Now, put your brush in the mixture, swish it a little bit, then let it soak for 7-10 minutes.

Then, get it out and use a toothbrush to clean between the bristles where normal rubbing would be a little bit harder to carry out.

This shall provide your brush with the best cleaning possible, as you’ve already gotten rid of most of the hair, and cleaning between the bristles won’t be harder anymore.

3. Baking soda

Baking soda acts as a gentle abrasive to help you remove more unwanted particles inside the brush, especially when there’s much buildup of hair products that were used on the hair and were caught by the brush.

Dip the damp toothbrush in baking soda, and keep the scrubbing going in the same manner you did with the water-shampoo mixture.

After that, all you need to do is rinse the brush with warm water, then dry it out using a towel where the bristles are pointing towards the towel so the warm water is getting outside the bristles towards the towel.

Once the brush is ready, you can go back to styling your hair with your clean brush once again.

How to Clean Boar Bristle Brush

How Often Should You Clean a Boar Bristle Brush?

The frequency of using the boar bristle brush is the judge here, but doing regular cleaning is the best sentence we can give.

You should clean your boar bristle brush every 1-2 weeks, to make sure you’re not risking using it in an undesired state that may damage your hair instead of styling it.

Regularly removing the trapped hair and dirt with every use can prolong the time you’ll need to clean it often.

Is It OK to Get Boar Bristle Brush Wet?

Yes, it is OK to get the boar bristle brush wet, but you don’t need to soak it for hours in water and think that is also OK, it’s not.

We need to soak the boar bristle brush wet for a handful of minutes to help remove all types of cosmetic buildup that may have been residing there in the bristles.

Other than that, make sure it’s dry most of the time, that’s the best state for your boar bristle brush.

Can I Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Clean My Boar Hair Brushes?

Yes, you can use apple cider vinegar as a replacement for shampoo, but then you’ll need to use dish soap as well in the mixture.

Combine the 2 tablespoons of the vinegar with a single tablespoon of dish soap together, to create the cleaning solution you’ll use to clean the brushes with.

How to Clean Boar Bristle Brush

Tips on How to Clean Boar Bristle Brush

Here are additional pro tips to help you master How to Clean Boar Bristle Brush like a professional:

1. Don’t soak the brushes for too long to protect the brush against getting the soft fabric padding damaged.

2. Air drying is always a great option.

3. Keep the wet brushes facing down whenever you’re drying.

4. Add essential oils to the cleaning mixtures to get the brush a perfect fresh smell.

To Wrap Up

Mastering How to Clean Boar Bristle Brush is not a hard task by any means, but it’s an essential chore you should be able to carry out every 1-2 weeks to maintain the cleanliness of your brush.

Hair styling shouldn’t be compromised easily by an ill-maintained brush, instead, this CleanersAdvisor guide will make sure it’s as well done as you’d like it.

Here’s a video to conclude our guide, that’ll help you demonstrate How to Clean Boar Bristle Brush perfectly.