How To Clean Bottom Of Pool Without Vacuum [Mostly DIY]

Published by Ahmad Jamal on February 28, 2022 | Last updated on May 15, 2023

Pools are where you’d want to have a quiet time, relax, enjoy some stress-free time alongside your loved ones, and you won’t that to be interrupted by any forms of discomfort.

Unfortunately, dirt, debris, algae, are the main forms of dirt-forming inside and outside a pool.

Therefore, in order to keep that stress-free time enjoyable, you’ll have to know how to clean bottom of pool without vacuum.

If carried out improperly, the pool will just become another place you don’t want to go to as it won’t be as enjoyable as it should be.

In contrast, mastering the methods of how to clean dirt from bottom of pool without vacuum will be of great help to both your enjoyment & health.

In this Cleaners Advisor guide, you’ll be able to master the best way on how to clean bottom of pool without vacuum, while knowing beforehand all the types of dirt you’ll find in the bottom of the pool.

Additionally, I’ll provide other options you may have to get the dirt in the bottom of the pool, with and without a vacuum.

Types of Dirt You’ll Find in the Bottom of Pool

  • Dirt
  • Algae
  • Bacteria
  • Fats
  • Ammonia
  • Nitrogen
  • Dust
  • Leaves
  • Animal Droppings

Pool Filters Are Essential

In case the pool lacks a filter, and small particles have invaded the bottom, it means your cleaning process will be effort-demanding.

Pool filters are a great addition to any pool, but it’s not always doable or as affordable as you’d want it to be, so you’ll have to get down to the bottom of pool and get rid of more types of debris than you’d want to.

Therefore, if you have pool filters installed, then you’ll only have to worry about medium-sized & large-sized debris, while small particles in the bottom will be taken care of by the filters.

Otherwise, check other options disclosed below to get rid of all kinds of dirt you may find in the bottom of a pool.

What Options Do You Have to Clean Bottom of Pool?

Professional Pool Cleaning Companies

If you have a lot of spare money you don’t wish to spend on other valuable chores, you can get help from professionals.

However, despite being one of the best ways to do it, the pool will get dirt soon enough, and requesting professional help, again and again, doesn’t seem like a perfect solution then.

Additionally, all the other ways are more cost-efficient compared to the help of a professional cleaning team.

Obtaining a Commercial Pool Cleaner

The second best way to clean a pool is obtaining a Commercial Pool Vacuum, they are manufactured to work on the walls, the bottom, and the sides of a pool.

Whether you want them to work on a weekly basis, on a bi-weekly basis, or whatever, the Commercial Pool Vacuums are a great addition to the cleaning of any pool.

However, they are still an expensive option, even the Budget-Friendly option is still an expensive one, but budget-friendly compared to other ultra-expensive machinery.

DIY Pool Vacuuming

This is a cost-efficient pool vacuuming option that would require a little bit of money but provides a higher efficiency rate when it comes to how to clean bottom of pool.

In this article of DIY Pool Vacuum, you’ll find extra details on how to provide a full cleaning of your pool, using your regular vacuum.

Doing It Without a Vacuum

Mastering how to clean bottom of pool without vacuum isn’t as expensive as any of the aforementioned options above.

Moreover, it would only cost you extra effort, as you won’t be used any electrical devices of any sort.

In the next section, you’ll learn more about how to clean bottom of pool without vacuum.

Elephant in the Room: How to Clean Bottom of Pool Without Vacuum

Using a Brush to Clean Bottom of Pool

Start by cleaning around the pool to reduce the amount of dirt that can drop into the pool accidentally.

Different pool floor types require different types of brushes and different cleaning methods.

If your pool floor is made of soft vinyl flooring, you should use a nylon brush to get rid of dirt stick in the bottom of the pool, while using rubber brushes would yield similar results.

If it’s made of concrete floor, then choosing stiff and coarse brush is a must to remove dirt stuck on the concrete walls and floor.

Cleaning a pool made of concrete floor is harder, and requires more effort than soft vinyl flooring pools.

As I said earlier, if you’ve already installed a filter, most of that hard work will be easily done by the filter.

Using Shock Method

Since a lot of people have been asking on how to use the Shock Method on a swimming pool, instead of explaining it further, here’s a video explaining how to shock your swimming pool.

Shocking a swimming pool provides a certain level of chlorine that’s efficient enough to make the pool useable and free of dangerous organisms.

Is Chlorine Important for Pool Cleaning without Vacuum?

That’s an absolute yes, but it still needs a certain level of adjusting the levels depending on the pool’s area and the water that fills it.

For instance, chlorine is an important substance that gets rid of a lot of health-threatening microorganisms.

It’s essential to use chlorine to keep the water safe for swimming purposes.

Every pool area is different, every environment is different, so, getting the help of a pro is key here, as there’s no general formation for chlorine to water that fits all pools around the world.

Prevention Measures

As explained a couple of weeks ago in the DIY Pool Vacuum guide, prevention is key.

You’re going to do all the work, which means limiting the amount of dirt that’ll get stuck in the bottom of the pool will also reduce the amount of effort you’ll need to put into cleaning the bottom of pool without vacuum.

That means that you need to cover the pool when you’re not using it.

Moreover, you’ll need to sweep off the dirt stuck on the cover, so you don’t let it back again into the pool after you’ve tried so hard to keep it clean.

How to Clean Bottom of Pool Without Vacuum FAQ

To Wrap Up

Cleaning your own pool may be an effort-demanding task, but the more you put into that, the more enjoyable you and your family’s experience with it will be.

After mastering how to clean bottom of pool without vacuum, you’ll have 3 options to choose from when you find dirt inside the pool: A Commercial Pool Vacuum, a DIY Pool Vacuum you’ll create yourself, or going for the cleaning without a vacuum at all.

Whatever your choice may be, I have you covered with a proper guide, but if you still have any kind of questions, I’m ready to answer you, free of charge of course.