How to Clean Fitted Hats – 3 Easy Methods

Published by Ahmad Jamal on May 20, 2022 | Last updated on May 15, 2023

Fitted hats work in both a stylish fashion and can be used to play your favorite sport.

Some even obtain them to look like their favorite players, especially on the basketball field.

However, they get messy sometimes and are susceptible to stain spots here or there, therefore, you should know how to clean fitted hats, so you can maintain your beloved hats, instead of just throwing them off due to a stain spot.

Additionally, knowing to clean a fitted hat will always allow you to keep your hat looking as good as new, whether it’s for fashion or just to look good.

In this Cleaners Advisor guide, I’ll walk you through 3 main methods used in how to clean fitted hats in detail, after disclosing why you should know how to clean fitted hats.

Why You Need To Know How to Clean Fitted Hats

Overusing some of your most loved fitted hats can sometimes get them worn off more than other ones you have.

Moreover, if you use it while playing basketball, it’ll get smelly in no time, especially on the inside.

Even if you don’t overuse it, fitted hats will need cleaning of some sort after multiple uses.

Therefore, this guide will help you through your path to know how to clean fitted hats.

Elephant in the Room: How to Clean Fitted Hats

Instead of providing you with a single way of how to clean a fitted hat, I’ll give you 3 options, and you choose whatever suits you.

In general, you should start with identifying what your fitted hat is made of, before choosing the best way how to clean fitted hats.

Ideally, cleaning can be done in 3 methods:

  1. Hand Washing Fitted Hats.
  2. Using a Washing Machine.
  3. Hand Cleaning a Fitted Hat.

How to Clean Fitted Hats: Hand Washing

If you’re looking for a more economical way of cleaning fitted hats, hand washing can be a good choice for you.

Start with searching for accurate instructions/information on what the fitted hat is made of, for a better understanding of what to do with it while cleaning.

If the fitted hat is made of Cotton or Polyester, you need to use warm water mixed with standard detergent. You can just clean it with your hands, or use a toothbrush for specific stain spots.

If the fitted hat is made of wool, then you’ll need a wool-specific detergent mixed up in cool water. Use the same hand/toothbrush way of cleaning.

How to Clean Fitted Hats: Washing Machine

Using a washing machine or dishwasher to clean your fitted hat means you won’t be present when it’s being cleaned, so don’t put any extra weight over the fitted hat in any of the machines, so it doesn’t lose its fitted shape.

Use a suitable detergent like I explained earlier when hand washing, use the suitable water type too.

How to Clean a Fitted Hat: Hand Cleaning

This is another economical option too.

Use a lint roller to clean the lint, dust, and any hair stuck on your fitted hat, this requires small movements over the obvious spots where the lint roller will work effectively.

The other trick is using a cap brush; it does the same as the lint roller.

That’s for the outlines of your fitted, as for the sweatband, you’ll need to use a drier sheet when it starts to smell. Just put it inside the fitted hat, and leave it for a couple of hours, it’ll suck away all the sweating smell in the hat.

Cleaning detergent without bleach alongside a toothbrush can be used for specific spots. Try to be as gentle with the hat as possible, you’re trying to get rid of the dirt spot, not the fiber itself.

This concludes all aspects of how to clean a fitted hat using hand cleaning, simple and economic tools.

A Thorough Guide on how to clean a fitted hat

How to Clean Fitted Hats FAQ

To Wrap Up

Obtaining a fitted hat can be stylish to a huge extent when it suits your clothing style, but obtaining a dirty fitted hat doesn’t do any good style-wise.

Therefore, here are 3 different options on how to clean fitted hats, you can choose between them for a perfect cleaning of your beloved fitted hats.

Tell us more about your experience with cleaning a fitted hat yourself at home in the comments section below.