How to Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors – 2023 Guide

Published by Ahmad Jamal on June 5, 2022 | Last updated on January 9, 2023

Hardwood floors are as versatile as you’d like them to be. Once installed, you have a handful of finishing touches options for your distinguished flooring style.

Every finish has clear advantages & disadvantages, therefore, you’ll need to be prepared beforehand to be able to clean your floor with the suitable methods and items, based on what finish you decided to get.

Matte Finish on Hardwood Floors suits a lot of décor styles, it’s glossy but luxurious at the same time, and to maintain that, you’ll need to know the right methods when it comes down to How to Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors.

In this Cleaners Advisor guide, You’ll be able to know what is the matte finish on hardwood floors, why you should know How to Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors and some detailed step-by-step methods you can do at home to clean your Matte Finish Hardwood Floors.

Additionally, I’ll give you some preventive measures that’ll help you maintain your floors, protecting the floors against potential damage.

What is Matte Finish?

Choosing the proper & suitable finish can’t be as easy as people seem to think. There are some huge differences & small-but-important ones you’ll need to take a deep look at, so you don’t feel like you’re making a mistake.

For example, a matte finish can be compared to a satin finish when it comes to hardwood floors, and they both provide a different look and touch to your house.

The matte finish gives your flooring a glossy appearance, while the satin finish provides you with a more durable look that lasts longer than the matte finish.

So, with the glossy appearance, your wood may look less natural, but more luxurious, that’s what the matte finish provides, compared to other flooring finishes.

In short, a matte finish means a hardwood floor combined with a matte finish that provides a luxurious look despite the shiny appearance.

Why You Need to Know How to Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors

You may find it hard to choose between different finishes for your hardwood floors, but the matte finish looks great in certain situations, and if you’ve made up your mind about it, then you should also know how to maintain it.

Therefore, you choose the finish, now it’s time to know How to Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors, so you know how to maintain it against different dirt and debris types.

And by the end of this Cleaners Advisor guide, you’ll have some tips on how to not damage them, so you’ll have 2 different sets of tips, how to clean them, and how to not damage that matte finish hardwood floors.

Elephant in the Room: How to Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors

We know for a fact that still water residing on your hardwood floors can damage the floor and the finish alike.

And some forms of cleaning solutions can literally melt down the finish and the wood to the ground.

Therefore, knowing How to Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors means knowing the dos and don’ts as well.

Therefore, here are the scientifically proven methods for How to Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors:

How to Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors: Vacuuming

Choosing the perfect vacuum for hardwood floors with a matte finish isn’t a difficult task if you run through my list of the best hardwood floor cleaning machine options, as I’ve compiled a list of 4 machines on the market capable of vacuuming the hardwood floor effectively.

Generally speaking, vacuums working on hardwood floors with matte finish should be made by a Reputable Brand, Lightweight If Possible, Can Do Multi-Surfacing, and Provides High Suction Power.

Moreover, it shouldn’t be using any type of bristle brushes or any type of brushes capable of damaging the flooring.

If you haven’t obtained one yet, then visit that list and choose one. Don’t worry, I have put one budget option there too!

How to Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors: Mopping

Mopping can save you 80% of the efforts needed to clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors if carried out regularly.

I would advise mopping every other day with a damp mop, it’ll get rid of visible dirt with ease, in addition to the tiny organisms that may cause you some trouble.

Additionally, you can mop once a week with a mop dampened in warm water, but make sure to dry that immediately after you finish.

Some would argue that dish soap is a great option to add to warm water. It’s not too great, but it’s not that bad. It’ll provide an extra level of cleanliness, but in exchange, you’ll have to work an extra step to make sure there’s no soap/warm water left on the ground once you’re done mopping.

How to Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors

How to Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors: Spot Cleaning

Even if you vacuum & mop on regular basis, some stain spots will still cause some trouble for your hardwood floors with a matte finish.

Therefore, you’ll need to attend to those stain spots using hardwood-friendly solutions, like baking soda, or enzyme cleaners.

Other solutions like the white vinegar will need more complicated steps, that’s why I won’t recommend using it regularly on your matte finish hardwood floors.

If you want to know more about spot cleaning, this article on how to clean vomit off hardwood floors explains it thoroughly.

Preventive Measures

  1. Use Furniture Pads.
  2. Careful If Your Pet Has Long Paws.
  3. Don’t Wear Shoes Around The House As They Slowly Damage The Matte Finish.
  4. Don’t Use Bristle Brushes of Any Sort.
  5. Attend to Stain Spots Immediately.

I’ve also prepared a guide on how to vacuum hardwood floors without scratching, you’ll find more preventive measures there.

How to Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors FAQ

To Wrap Up

The Matte finish for hardwood floors has its advantages and disadvantages, but it’s a perfect fit if you maintain it correctly.

Therefore, if you master this thorough guide on how to clean matte finish hardwood floors, your job will be a lot easier by time.

Ask us in the comments section below in case you have any questions on this guide.