How to Clean Mohawk Revwood Flooring… Do’s and Don’ts [2023 Detailed Guide]

Published by Hala Zaqqout on May 8, 2022 | Last updated on January 9, 2023

You’ve made a fantastic decision by choosing Mohawk Revwood waterproof laminate flooring due to its many wonderful features.

Nothing compares to walking into a home with high-quality flooring. Walking on your newly-installed Revwood floors makes any home renovation worth it.

Your new Mohawk Solid Wood flooring will last for years, while your RevWood flooring combines the beauty of natural wood with easy, low-maintenance upkeep. With a little preparation and know-how, you’ll get years of beautiful performance from your wood floors.

However, If this is your first time working with laminate flooring, you may feel a little overwhelmed in some ways. For some people, the stress of cleaning a type of flooring with which they are unfamiliar can be too much. Considering this, how to clean mohawk revwood flooring?

While it is appealing eye-catching, it will require maintenance work. Furthermore, there are methods for cleaning laminate flooring properly.

For that, Cleaners Advisor has made an effort to provide you with the right steps of how to clean mohawk revwood flooring, so you can lengthen the laminate floor lifespan.

In the end, you’ll also find some tips on how to clean mohawk revwood flooring so that you can effectively take care of your new laminate flooring and make it last for a long time, follow these tips and make sure to read until the end.

What is Mohawk Revwood Flooring?

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Mohawk’s RevWood flooring is a higher-end laminate flooring option, it’s a revolutionary engineered flooring product that combines the look and feel of authentic wood with the durability of laminate.

In essence, RevWood is billed as a revolutionary wood flooring (hence the “Rev” in “RevWood”) that’s built to withstand the rigors of today’s active households.

RevWood Select Laminate Collection is also waterproof, which is created in a combination of Mohawk’s three patented technologies; The Uniclic ® joint system, GenuEdge® pressed bevel edge, and Hydroseal perimeter coating.

Laminate flooring, in general, is made up of three layers: A wood-derived core making up the structure of the floor. A photo-realistic embossed image that’s printed on paper.

Mohawk laminate flooring is built to hold up to pet traffic, family life, and many sunny days. With a little know-how and some simple maintenance, you can keep your wood flooring looking as beautiful as it did on move-in day for years to come.

How to Clean Mohawk Revwood Flooring?

Follow these easy steps below on how to clean mohawk revwood flooring for long-lasting wood flooring:

1. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

To remove dust, grime, and loose particulate on a regular basis, use a dust mop, soft bristle broom, or a vacuum cleaner with suction only (no beater bar or with the beater bar disengaged). Wet-mopping with water or liquid cleaners is not recommended.

If you find that using regular brooms and mops to wipe dirt off your floor is inconvenient, vacuum cleaners may be a better option. Only a few reminders are necessary: remove the beater bar attachment. The floor’s surface will be damaged and corroded by the beater bar.

2. Use a Spray or Liquid Cleaner

When cleaning floors, avoid using harsh cleaning aids like bleach, ammonia, and urethane polish (or power cleaners). It has the potential to damage the finish of your laminate floor.

Instead, a spray mop can be used to keep gritty dirt from accumulating. Spray the surface, mop it up, and wipe it down with a dry mop.

3. Keep Light and Temperature at Bay

For extra protection, invest in protective window coverings to ensure that light does not cause damage to your floor. UV rays cause your laminate floors to fade, giving them an ugly appearance. Heat causes wood to expand, while cold causes it to shrink.

Cover the area where snow or rain usually falls on the floor to prevent wood shrinkage. Avoid exposing your flooring to water as much as possible during inclement weather.

You can also avoid extreme heat and cold by keeping your thermostat set at a constant temperature.

4. Protect from Moisture, Dust, and Dirt

Where water is most accessible, such as under kitchen sinks or outside the bathroom, use high-quality floor mats. In order for the laminate to age evenly, you should rearrange the rugs every now and then.

Fast floor corrosion is particularly likely to occur in high-traffic areas. Mats and rugs should be placed both inside and outside the doorway.

Maintain a scratch-free laminate floor by identifying and removing tough substances, gritty soil, rocks, and other exterior debris.

5. Mind the Furniture

Rearrange heavy furniture periodically to help your floor age evenly.

To safeguard the floor’s surface, we also recommend using protective pads under furniture legs.

6. Watch Your Pets

Keep your pet’s nails trimmed and clean up any water spills right away.

Despite the fact that most Mohawk products are pet-proof, it is still a good idea to safeguard your floor as much as possible for maximum longevity.

Watch this video to learn how to clean mohawk revwood flooring and what to do and not to do while cleaning it.

Pro Tips on How to Clean Mohawk Revwood Flooring

Here’re some tips for you so that you can effectively take care of your new laminate flooring and make it last for a long time:

1. Use a broom with a soft bristle. You can also use automatic brooms, but make sure to get one that has a soft-bristled attachment. Scuffing your laminate floor will be avoided by sweeping dirt and debris away.

A dust mop is another cleaning equipment that you might use. It’s designed for dry mopping and is therefore ideal for wood floors.

2. Wet mopping will damage your wood floors, so avoid it. Instead, clean laminate floors with a moist mop or a slightly damp towel.

Microfiber mops and cleaning cloths are effective cleansers; nevertheless, they should be washed regularly and fabric conditioners should not be used on them.

3. Do not use steam cleaning because water is the wood’s worst enemy. Liquids can also shorten the life of a floor. Laminate flooring can be warped and swelled by steam cleaners.

Spray mops, such as Swiffer WetJet, are acceptable as long as the label specifies that they are suitable for laminate flooring.

4. Use ice to harden sticky residues like chewing gum. After the gum has hardened, use a plastic scraper to gently scrape your laminate floors. Scratching the wood’s surface with scouring pads and steel wool pads is never a good idea.

Furthermore, never use the power rotating brush head on your cleaning machine. Although other types of wood flooring may withstand a lot of cleaning, laminate flooring is not one of them.

5. RevWood should not be treated with wax, polish, oils, soaps, detergents, shine enhancers, or varnish. Staining can occur if the cleanser is applied directly to RevWood’s surface.

Instead, softly spray it on a damp mop or a cleaning cloth. Spray mops, steam cleaners or mops, and power cleaners should also be avoided.

How to Clean Mohawk Revwood Flooring FAQ

To Wrap Up

We advise avoiding any wet-mop cleaning or using liquid cleansers and always remember to wipe up any extra water with a clean, dry cloth as soon as possible.

We hope you now know how to clean mohawk redwood flooring after reading this Cleaners Advisor guide, so you can make it last for a long time.

If you have any questions related to how mohawk revwood flooring, leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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