How to Clean Shower Tiles Without Scrubbing

Published by Hala Zaqqout on May 30, 2022 | Last updated on May 20, 2023

Have you ever wondered if there is a less time-consuming alternative to scrubbing to clean shower tiles? Maintaining shower tiles can be challenging if you do not have the right products and equipment. So, how to clean shower tiles without scrubbing?

In this full guide, CleanersAdvisor has made an effort to provide 10 effective methods for how to clean shower tiles without scrubbing that will help you to clean the shower tiles with minimum effort, along with the causes of dirty shower tiles.

What Causes Dirt in Shower Tiles?

What Causes Dirt in Shower Tiles
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Before wondering how to clean shower grout without scrubbing, you should know that the water you use to shower and the resulting wastewater are not so clean. The following are the most common reasons for dirty shower tiles:

1. Hard Water

Hard water minerals stick to shower tiles, resulting in a hazy tile texture.

2. Dirt

Taking a shower might cause the shower tiles to deteriorate quickly. Some people wash their pets in the shower, which can lead to dirt buildup (1).

3. Soap

Any detergent, including soap, should be thoroughly rinsed off ceramic or porcelain surfaces. If you don’t, a soapy film called soap scum forms, which attracts more soap and grime.

4. Dirty Grout

If the tiler does not buff off the grout, the invisible film that forms will trap debris on the tile’s surface. Even if the dirt is washed away, the grout remains and attracts filth (2).

How to Clean Shower Tiles Without Scrubbing?

How to Clean Shower Tiles Without Scrubbing
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Wondering how to clean shower tile grout without scrubbing? Here’re the best 10 effective and safe methods to apply when cleaning shower tiles:

1. Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a good option if you don’t want to use abrasive cleaners or aggressive methods. In this case, running hot water can solve half of the problem. Keep the shower running for at least 5 to 10 minutes to do this.

Moreover, keep some distance from the running hot water.  Allow the steam to build in the bathroom or shower area. It will cause the pores to open and the dirt particles to release.

2. Baking Soda & Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an effective stain remover for grout and tile. So, mix water and hydrogen peroxide in a 2:1 ratio. Fill a spray bottle with the mixture and spray it on the shower tiles. Leave it on for 30 minutes and relax.

Rinse the shower tiles after cleaning them with a small towel or scouring pad. It will not only remove the stains but also give the surface a polished sheen.

3. Vinegar & Baking Soda Paste

Use your vinegar spray solution here if you want to double the cleaning power. Mix a paste with baking soda and vinegar and apply it to the stained tiles. Spray more vinegar on the tiles and let it stay for one hour.

When the paste starts bubbling, the dirt leaves its ground, and rinse the shower tiles with water.

4. Vinegar & Detergent

vinegar is the best acidic content for removing filth, grime, and bad odors. Mix equal quantities of vinegar and detergent to clean shower tiles. Furthermore, it is preferable if the solution is a bit warm.

Fill a spray bottle with it and spray it on the shower tiles. After that, leave it on the tiles for an hour and see the magic! 

5. Bleach & Baking Soda

Baking soda mixed with liquid bleach is another magical cleaning solution. When the solution is ready, it is a powerful agent that cleans shower tiles in one step. Furthermore, you will not find any dirt or stain on the tiles.  

However, make sure to use the proper amount of liquid bleach to avoid damaging the tiles’ shine. Simply combine the baking soda and bleach to form a paste. Apply the paste to the grout lines or the tiles with an old toothbrush.

Allow it to dry on the shower surface for a few minutes. Finally, scrub the area with clean water to get rid of any debris or dust on the tile.

6. Clorox Bleach & Hot Water

Bleach is one of the strong and powerful chemicals you may use to clean your tiles without scrubbing, despite its harshness. It should be your last resort after all the discussed options have failed.

In a 1:4 ratio, mix the bleach with hot water. Hot water is also a compulsion. Otherwise, it will damage the tiles permanently.

7. Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide

When all other options have failed or aren’t giving the results you want, hydrogen peroxide is your final choice. Both borax and hydrogen peroxide are cleaning agents.

Pour borax on the tiles for 5 hours and then gently pour hydrogen peroxide for an additional two hours. Finally, rinse all of the tiles with warm water and enjoy the lush shower tiles.

8. Oxygen Bleach

Always use oxygen bleach before embarking on using Clorox bleach.

In two buckets of warm water, combine three tablespoons of oxygen bleach. Allow at least 15 minutes for this mixture to settle on the shower tiles. Finally, rinse the tiles and scrub the grout lines with a toothbrush.

9. Alkaline Cleaners

Alkaline-based cleaners are mild on bathroom tiles. However, make sure to follow the instructions when you buy these products straight from the store.

Mix the cleaner according to the instructions, apply it to the tile and grout, let it sit for a few minutes, and then rinse with water. Be sure to rinse well so that no residue is left behind.

10. Unclog the Drain

A clogged shower drain can result in a bad odor as well as dirty tiles. As a result, ensure sure the drain is unclogged by removing any stuck hair. Unclog the drain with a wire hanger and remove the human hair.

Keep in mind that a smooth drain will prevent water from collecting on the shower tiles. In addition, keep the shower area dry after taking a bath.

Watch how to clean shower tiles without scrubbing in this video below.

What Not to Use on Shower Tiles

That’s for how to clean shower tiles without scrubbing, now let’s talk about what not to use when attempting to clean the shower tiles.

Here are some pro tips to help you avoid damaging shower tiles while cleaning them:

1. Avoid using harsh acidic cleaners more often as they tend to cause permanent damage to the tiles over time.

2. Overusing water will certainly lead to dull shower tiles, but that’s also over a longer period of time.

3. Refrain from using abrasives, as the stains they leave after cleaning can damage the tiles permanently.

4. Powdered acids are powerful, but when cleaning shower tiles they can easily clog the drain, and instead of finding a solution, you’ve mistakenly resulted in another problem.

How to Clean Shower Tiles Without Scrubbing FAQ

To Wrap Up

Every cleaning method we discussed above is practical and effective. So, you can try out any of the tidyings up solutions and make your washroom a convenient place.

Still have any questions about how to clean shower tiles without scrubbing? Leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!