How to Clean Vacuum Brush Easily in 20 Minutes Only

Published by Ahmad Jamal on May 9, 2022

A Vacuum Brush can define what we can clean inside our houses, the better the vacuum brush, the better the performance it can provide.

This increases the need to know how to clean vacuum brush professionally, maintaining one of the most important parts of any vacuum.

It’s safe to say that vacuum brushes are replaceable, but maintaining them is the key to success and preserve money instead of continuously buying new brushes.

However, official guides like this one don’t help as they only state simple steps that don’t apply to real-life experiences with different debris types.

Therefore, in this Cleaners Advisor guide, I’ll show you How to Clean Vacuum Brush in 20 Minutes Only, preserving that essential vacuum part, and preserving your time and efforts as well.

What Do Vacuum Brushes Do?

Vacuum brushes for the first line of defense in your vacuum, as the dirt and debris in their dirtiest form will face the vacuum brushes first and foremost.

They get rid of debris of different types, according to the vacuum’s abilities, as some of the vacuums work on specific debris types and act ineffectively on other types.

This means that they are the most susceptible to dirt and need cleaning on regular basis.

How Do Vacuum Brushes Work?

Vacuum brushes are run and operated with the power of the motor that provides air suction into the vacuum via the first line of defense that’s the brush.

How does that happen? Once you run the motor, its fan starts operating, creating air suction power that’s based on how strong the motor power is.

Air suction provides power that runs through the vacuum head containing the brush, allowing it to suck in the debris and dirt.

As long as this line of operation isn’t interrupted, your vacuum will continue to work properly.

If any kind of dirt is stuck in the vacuum brush, the whole operation drops unexpectedly, causing the performance to drop as well.

If they are not cleaned properly, vacuum brushes can aid in moving dirt and germs around the house instead of getting rid of them, and here lies the importance of this guide.

How to Clean Vacuum Brush

In this section, you’ll learn how to clean vacuum brush in just 20 minutes, let’s get going:

Unplug Your Vacuum (2 minutes)

Before you start any cleaning of your vacuum parts, you should always unplug your vacuum from power source.

This also goes for cordless vacuums, as you should take away the batteries too.

Detach Brush (1 minute)

Different vacuum models have different ways of detaching the brush inside the vacuum head.

Generally speaking, you’ll either have to press a certain button on the bottom or the side of the head, and you’ll be able to open the head, while older versions require little force to open them and detach the brush.

This is one of the most essential steps while mastering how to clean vacuum brush

Remove Visible Debris (2 minutes)

If you notice any visible and easy-to-remove debris on the vacuum brush, proceed to remove them with a suitable tool.

Most of the time a single wooden stick or a piece of cloth will help you with that.

Prepare a Bucket (3 minutes)

Fill in a small bucket with warm water, add a spoon of washing powder, and try mixing them together.

You can put the vacuum brush in the bucket after mixing the water and powder.

Rinse for a While (5-7 minutes)

This is the longest step of the whole cleaning operation, as you can go as long as you’d want to, but I only do it for 5-7 minutes max.

Rinsing the vacuum brush in the bucket will help it dissolve any hard dirt stuck on it, to be later removed easier.

Use a Bristle Brush (2 minutes)

Now that the hard dirt is easy to remove, use a bristle brush to get rid of any dirt remaining there.

Additionally, try to act with ease, don’t press too hard to remove any dirt type so as not to break down the vacuum brush.

Dry It Off (2 minutes)

You’ve done cleaning with ease, now all you need is dry the vacuum brush off.

Do it naturally, instead of using a cotton rag or paper towels, as those can create smaller pieces that may damage the brush instead of cleaning it.

How to Clean Dyson Brush Head

There is a hotlist of appealing Dyson vacuums we can demonstrate how to clean Dyson brush head on, but I’ll take Dyson V11 as an example, and here’s the list of steps:

  1. Use a Coin to Open the vacuum head by putting it inside the cap and rotating anti-clockwise.
  2. Remove the side cover and get the Dyson brush heads out.
  3. Wash them carefully with warm water.
  4. Wash the brush bar as well and remove any visible dirt.
  5. Don’t rinse them in water, just wash them, then try to get as much water out as possible.
  6. Put them in standing positions in a place to dry off naturally for a full 8-24 hours.
  7. Re-install them back again, and use the same coin put inside the cap and rotate clockwise to close it.
  8. Now, you’re good to go.

At Cleaners Advisor, have detailed comparisons between Dyson V8 vs Dyson V10 that have the same functioning, you can check it if you’re interested in a Dyson vacuum.

How to Clean Bissell Crosswave Brush

Bissell Crosswave models are pretty interesting and can be found in a lot of lists of best products, as they have ventured as Best Vacuum Mop for Hardwood Floors, while the Bissell CrossWave All in One ranks 1st on the list of Best Vacuum Mop Combo.

Here’s How to Clean Bissell Crosswave Brush:

  1. Grab the front of the brush window, and remove it by pulling upward.
  2. Remove the brush by pulling it up as well.
  3. Rinse the brush in a small bucket of warm water and put the brush window in the same bucket after a little while.
  4. As for the brush head built-in vacuum, you can use a clean cloth to clean it.
  5. After drying the brush and the brush window for 8 hours, you can re-install them back again in the vacuum.
  6. Now, you’re good to go.

How to Clean Roomba Brushes

Since we’re dealing with different debris types here, the process shall be different and easier, without the need to use water or soap.

Roomba’s advanced models are built with Dual Brushes, and those are the subject of our step-by-step process of How to Clean Roomba Brushes:

  1. Open the Brush frame release tab by pushing down on it.
  2. Remove Brushes from the vacuum.
  3. Remove any visible debris.
  4. Remove Brush bearings to clean around and underneath them.
  5. Clean the green shaft of each brush.
  6. Replace the brush bearings, re-install the brushes into their respective positions, and close the brush frame release tab.
  7. You’re good to go.

How to Clean Miele Vacuum Head

Miele vacuums are so special, as they manufacture a handful of versatile vacuums, and the Miele Complete C3 has ranked the 3rd in our list of Best Multi Surface Vacuum.

Therefore, here’s how to clean Miele Vacuum Head:

  1. Remove the vacuum head, flip the vacuum and loosen both screws.
  2. Remove any debris you find stuck on the vacuum brush.
  3. You may find tangled hair, use a pair of scissors and cut them free.
  4. Get the head out and follow the first steps disclosed in this article.
  5. After you follow those steps and dry the brushes off, re-install everything back.

How to Clean Vacuum Brush FAQ

To Wrap Up

In this Cleaners Advisor article, you have different ways of mastering how to clean vacuum brush for different models, including Dyson, Roomba, and Bissell.

It’s all simple if you understand the basics, while this guide preserves your time as well by providing you with a less-than-20-minutes guide.

If you have any questions in regard to how to clean vacuum brush, feel free to leave it in the comments section below.