Find Out How to Close an Ironing Board Properly [2023 Guide]

Published by Hala Zaqqout on January 13, 2022 | Last updated on January 9, 2023

Have you ever faced problems with ironing boards? Do you ever find yourself in a full-on battle with your ironing board when trying to close it?

One of the things about ironing that has frustrated people is finishing ironing your laundry, and then having to struggle with closing your ironing board.

The good news is that there are ways to close the ironing board that will keep it out of the way simply and effectively.  

If you’re wondering how to close an ironing board after use, then there’s no need to wonder anymore because CleanersAdvisor will cover how to close an ironing board properly and other related topics with some final tips for closing a foldable ironing board.

What Are the Parts of an Ironing Board?

Modern ironing boards are made of metal and include a variety of interesting features, including the ability to collapse and store them easily.

  • Cover
  • Padding
  • Face
  • Legs and Mechanical Latches
  • Extras
  • Variations

What Are Types of Ironing Board?

1. Standing Ironing Board

Standing Ironing Board
Standing Ironing Board

It’s the most common choice of folding ironing board and the ideal option for large loads of laundry because of its surface size.

It has extendable legs that can be folded, so it’s easy to adjust its height and move around the house.

2. Table Top Ironing Board

Table Top Ironing Board
Table Top Ironing Board

This kind of ironing board is suitable for people living in small and confined spaces like dorm rooms or small apartments.

Because tabletops have a smaller surface area, they can be placed on a table, the floor, or even on top of a washing machine. It’s also quite lightweight and portable.

3. Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Wall Mounted Ironing Board
Wall Mounted Ironing Board

This kind of ironing board is suitable for people living in smaller houses and apartments and can be installed in tight areas.

This ironing board folds out from a closet or a wall and can be stored in a matter of seconds.

How to Close an Ironing Board With a Lever on the Floor?

One option for folding your ironing board is to do it on the floor. This is an easy option for most people! Especially if you haven’t yet gotten used to folding ironing board up. Follow these simple guidelines:

1. Start with the board upright, in the ironing position.

2. Find the lever press and put one hand on it. This is usually on the underside of the board.

3. Hold the other end of the ironing board carefully, particularly if this is your first attempt to close an ironing board.

4. You will need to press the lever slowly. As you do this, you must squat down to the floor and bring the board down in a very slow manner.

5. Lower the ironing board gently to the floor and make sure to move your feet out of the way. When it’s on the floor, release the lever.

6. Raise the board off the floor at an angle, with the rounded part pointing upwards.

7. You should hold the board firmly with your hand and make sure the legs are in place with the lock.

Watch this video and follow the listed steps above carefully to learn how to close a foldable ironing board!

How to Close an Ironing Board With a Lever When Upright?

1. Press the lever with one hand. Lean the board back towards the back feet with your other hand.

2. Allow the rounded end of your ironing board to point straight up to the ceiling.

3. Continue to press the lever. When you tilt the ironing board back, you’ll notice the legs fall into the board.

4. Secure the legs with the locking device once they are fully folded.

How to Close an Ironing Board Without a Lever?

1. Turn the ironing board upside down to access the lever area. You’ll see the supporting beam, which is normally where the lever is attached.

The locking mechanism is situated under this supporting beam.

2. Access the lever’s closing pin using a screwdriver and push it in while gently folding the legs of your iron board.

3. If you cannot see the plug from the lever’s hole, find something firm and long (at least 30cm) to access the lock mechanism from behind the leg’s attachment area.

Slowly insert the rod into the pin of the lever and gently press it to fold the legs of the board.

How to Close a Tabletop Ironing Board?

Simply place it on a table or bed while ironing. Fold it after usage by collapsing the legs.

How to Close Wall Mounted Ironing Board?

Simply press yon the surface with your hands to close it. It’s a breeze. Take a peek at the instruction manual if you’re not sure what to do.

How to Close Over the Door Ironing Board?

Simply pull the top down and secure it in place with your hands during use. Close it after each usage by pressing the lever under the board.

How to Adjust Ironing Board Height?

Adjust the ironing board to accommodate someone who is shorter or who prefers to sit while ironing. To lower the ironing board, press the lever or button and gently push down on it.
Release the button or lever to lock the ironing board in place once it has reached the appropriate height.

How to Store an Ironing Board Safely?

Now that you know how to close an ironing board, here’s a list of several areas where you can store your ironing board.

  • Wardrobe
  • Utility Cupboard
  • Tuck into a Drawer

Tips for Closing a Foldable Ironing Board Properly

Before you go, here are some final tips on how to fold an ironing board if you are still struggling. These will help make this often-annoying task as easy as possible.

  • Wait for the iron rest to cool down before you close the ironing board since it might still be hot to touch.
  • Place the ironing board in a safe location where it won’t fall or slide.
  • Store ironing board in a secured place away from children.
  • Invert your ironing board to an upside-down position. Fold your ironing board with its legs pointing in an upward position.
  • If your board has two lever presses, you’ll only need to press one.
  • Always press the lever gently. Remember that if the lever is misplaced or broken, you may have trouble operating the board.
  • After closing or folding the board, lock its legs.

How to Close an Ironing Board FAQ

 To Wrap Up

When you fold or close the ironing board, do it gently. Gentle handling can make the boards last longer.

We hope you learned something useful today after reading this guide. The above steps will help greatly in working better with your ironing board and keeping it in top condition.

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