How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning

Published by Ahmad Jamal on October 22, 2022 | Last updated on May 20, 2023

Carpets need periodic cleaning, don’t they? As periodic as the clean can be, it isn’t the hardest part, as the repetition will make it easier for you the more you do it.

However, drying the carpet isn’t as easy, as it takes so much time, and carrying improper drying methods will lead to worse situations than before cleaning the carpet.

In this Cleaners Advisor, I’ll take you through the best methods in how to dry carpet after cleaning, explaining along the way why you should know how to dry carpet after cleaning.

By the end of the thorough guide, you’ll know how long you’ll have to wait between cleaning and using the carpet again.

Why You Should Know How to Dry Carpet after Cleaning

Dry carpets are healthy, easy to use, and they smell normally well.

In contrast, wet carpets are easily susceptible to growing mold & mildew, putting the health factor in question.

Moreover, wet carpets smell really bad, and the odor can be hard to deal with afterward.

Wet carpets are also hard to put to good use, as they neither look, smell, or feel good/healthy.

That’s why you should know How to Dry Carpet after Cleaning.

Elephant in the Room: How to Dry Carpet after Cleaning

There is a handful of ways and methods you can carry out, in your path to knowing How to Dry Carpet after Cleaning, some of them are natural, and others require using some kind of machinery.

All-in-All, you’ll need to know about them all, as using multiple methods can hasten the drying methods.

Opening Your Windows

The oldest trick in the book: Open your windows, it’ll create natural airflow in and out of the room.

This means the natural air will work its way on and under the carpet’s fabrics, causing it to dry.

However, it takes several hours to completely dry a carpet using natural air from windows.

Towel Dry

Some carpets are just not that large, especially the ones you use in the middle of the small rooms, or the bathroom carpets.

Those types are easier to attend to using dry towels. Those dry towels can actually get rid of the wetness stuck at the external surface of the small carpets.

You’ll have to use multiple towels to get the job done, and this method can be mixed with natural airflow.

Using a Fan

Using a fan is considered one of the best ways of producing additional airflow in and out of a room.

If you’ve opened the windows, and the airflow isn’t as strong as you’d want it to be in order to dry the carpet faster, then a fan can be of help.

Larger fans can provide better airflow and can make drying your carpet even faster.

Carpet Blowers

Looking for heavy machinery that can get your cleaned carpet dried faster? Carpet Blowers can actually blow your mind.

They aren’t expensive, a very-good option can cost up to 40-60$, so if you have multiple carpets and you clean more often, I would advise you to go for carpet blowers.

How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning

Professional Blow-Dry

Beauty centers have them too, but we’re looking for carpet & house beauty instead.

There are local professional teams who can take care of your cleaned carpets, and dry them completely no matter how many or how large your carpets really are.

However, this method only works the best for you if you have extra bucks you don’t mind putting into drying your cleaned carpet, but it isn’t a viable option on a periodic basis.

This is a different approach on How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning

I Want to Use The Carpet: How Long To Wait Before I Can Walk on It Again?

Let’s draw the basis first before answering. Natural methods take longer than artificial ones that use machines to dry the cleaned carpets.

Moreover, there isn’t a “Best solution” you can use to get it dried as soon as possible, but there are combinations of methods.

For instance, getting a large fan, and opening your windows for better airflow can get you sooner towards a dried carpet.

Therefore, wet carpets can require 2-6 hours to completely dry, and then you can walk on them again. And using natural airflow can require you to wait 12 hours to completely dry.

Additionally, you don’t want to use them too soon, this will worsen the situation instead of letting the carpets dry on their own.

How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning FAQ

To Wrap Up

If you’ve reached this section, then you’ve gone through the 5 best methods on how to dry carpet after cleaning.

I would always advise resorting to machines when it’s harder to get the natural air to do the trick for you.

Do you have other options you’ve already used and found effective? Tell us in the comments section below.