Here’s How to Remove O Cedar Mop Head Properly [2023 Guide]

Published by Hala Zaqqout on February 6, 2022 | Last updated on January 9, 2023

O-Cedar is one brand that makes brooms, mops, mop refills, scrubbers, pads, gloves, and a variety of other cleaning tools and products that make your routine cleaning chores easier.

Simple cleaning tools, particularly mops, are so effective at cleaning your various floors that you may mop with simply water and remove 99% of bacteria from the surface you’re walking on without using any chemicals.

The O Cedar spin mop is one such exceptional product! But how to remove o cedar mop head?

Mops should be cleaned regularly, and its head must be cleaned for optimal cleaning results. Then the only choice you have is to wash the mop head or replace it with the new one.  How to remove o cedar mop head?

The technical side is where most people are stuck; yet, it is not that tough. Hence, proper guidance is necessary to release the mop head and wash it thoroughly.

Most people don’t know how to remove the spin mop heads off O-Cedar Spin mops, which are well-built and long-lasting mops that minimize mopping time and relieve back strain. When they can’t remove the heads, they tend to use force and forsake the mops.

How to remove o cedar mop head is a question that arises in so many people’s minds. This CleanersAdvisor article will get you acquainted with the steps of how to remove the O Cedar mop head.

How Does O Cedar Spin Mop work?

The O Cedar spin mop is powered by your feet on the pedal of the bucket. In this way, you can control the mop depending on the floor you are cleaning.

When you spin the dirty water out of the mop in the basket, the water is collected at the bottom.

Check out this video to know how O Cedar spin mop works.

When to Replace the O Cedar Spin Mop Head?

O Cedar now makes its products really sturdy and long-lasting. So, once you get the Spin O Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop, you can expect it to last a long time.

However, due to the frequent cleaning of dirty floors with the mop head, you may become dissatisfied with plain water and opt for alternative cleaning chemicals to clean your floors, as well as detergents and soap to wash the mop head.

As a result, the mop head strands must be worn off for a variety of reasons.

These microfiber strands are super-absorbent and high-quality, however, they will ultimately wear out with heavy use. It will also become stained, and no matter how thoroughly it cleans your floors, you may not want to keep using the old, unsightly mop head.

That’s when you’ll need a new mop head. Yes, we’re referring to replacing the mop head rather than the whole stick mop and bucket.

Why You Need to Change Mop Head?

There are many reasons why you should do so. The most essential of these is that you are most likely to use a mop for a cleaning session.

If the mop itself is not clean, how on earth do you think that it will serve you the purpose that you have purchased it for?

Provides Better Cleaning Outcomes

If you follow the o-cedar mop instructions, you can enjoy the benefits of better cleaning results. You should know that when a mop becomes old, it does not clean your floor efficiently.

It is the right time to change your mop because a new mop consists of a soft bristle that cleans the floor without leaving any dirt behind.

Avoids Water Leakage

If you want to get the benefit of avoiding water leakage, you should remove your old mop and replace it with a new one. You should know that when the mops become old, the mop heads leave streaks.

If you notice such a thing, you should buy a new mop to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Better Cleaning Results

If you do not know how to change a cotton mop head, you better learn it because it will come in handy. Did you ever feel like your mop is doing a not-so-great job in cleaning your floor? Well, we guess you need to get your lazy self-up and change the mop head.

A new mop head has a soft bristle that cleans the floor without any aggressive cleaning action. It has no built-up bacteria or foul smell, which leaves your floor clean and fresh.

Disease Defense

Since mop is an organic product at the end of the day (or at least the cloth build cleaning part is), there is a possibility that it may give a good sanctuary to many diseases.

While wiping, you are actually spreading them across the house. To avoid that, give your mop head a wash. Trust me, it will do no harm.

How to Remove O Cedar Mop Head?

If you have bought this mop, you must be interested to know how to remove o cedar mop head. It’s because it’s necessary to clean it after every cleaning. Plus, it must be removed after every three months.

Here’re some simple and easy steps of how to remove o cedar mop head:

1. Check the Mop Thoroughly

First, you need to check the stick mop deeply and know its functions. You can also read its instruction book. Checking the mop thoroughly will let you know that it consists of an adjustable handle. 

You can adjust it according to your height. Note that you do not need to remove the whole stick from the mop head. So, you should not consider the shaft of the mop but should focus on the mop head only.

2. Concentrate on the Mop Head

You should just focus on the mop head. You will notice that there is a triangular red beveled frame and some strands coming out of that frame.

When you check the mop head, you will have to flip the stick mop. At that time, the mop head will be in your hand.

3. Check Microfiber Strands

When you are holding the mop head, you will notice a red triangular piece. There will be a black piece inside that red triangular area.

Remember that you need to remove that black piece from the red area for o-cedar spin mop replacement or removal.

4. Remove the Mop Head

When you come to know what you need to do to remove the mop head, you should hold the triangular piece decisively and take out the black thing.

It just takes a couple of minutes to remove the black piece from the red area.

Watch this video and follow the steps of how to remove o cedar mop head.

How to Replace O Cedar Mop Head

We already answered how to remove o cedar mop head. If you want to replace your O-Cedar spin mop head, all you need to do is align the black frame with the red frame and gently press it into the red frame.

The black frame will snuggly snap into place. You do not need to use force.

Can You Wash O Cedar Mop Head?

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When you are new to using mop heads, you must have a question in your mind: Can you wash an O Cedar spin mop head?

The answer to this question is yes. The mop head has been designed so that it can be cleaned through two methods, i.e., wet cleaning and dry cleaning. It is suitable to wash the O Cedar mop heat after a few uses.

When you clean your floor, it is possible that the mop can generate more germs. No doubt, the mops get dirty very easily, so you must have a regular routine of cleaning the mop. It would be best to wash the mop to get rid of the cleaner liquid. For this purpose, you should use warm water.

The microfiber mop head is machine-washable so you can refresh and reuse it for a cleaner clean. Our reusable mop head refill will make you feel good about your cleaning choice.

How to Wash O Cedar Mop Head?

A mop head can be washed in two significant ways. This includes manually washing and making use of a washing machine. Here are some things you need to know about both.

Manual Washing

In washing the spin mop head manually, the following steps should be taken:

  • Endeavor to rinse the mop after every use by wringing it entirely before discarding the dirty water.
  • Use clean water to wash up the mop to remove residual muddy waters still trapped in the mop.
  • Continue with this process until the whole dirty is out.
  • Rinse finally and hang to dry off.

Washing Machine

Washing the mop head with a washing machine is one of the fastest ways of keeping the mop neat and safe from germs.

But before one starts to machine wash the spin mop head, it is necessary to confirm if the mop head can be cleaned using the washing machine. And here are some steps to follow when using the washing machine to wash it.

  • Make sure that the mop head is machine washable
  • Lose the mop head from the mop handle. This should be done meticulously so as not to spoil the mop head.
  • Confirm from the manual the cycle and type of detergent to use in cleaning the mop head.
  • Set your mop head into the washing machine. We recommend a gentle cycle so as not to damage your mop head.
  • Add some bleach if the mop head is filthy
  • After the cycle, gently bring out the mop head from the machine
  • Finally, allow the mop head to dry off by hanging it outside. This helps to kill off any surviving bacteria and molds.

What If My Mop Head Is Not Machine Washable?

Not all mop heads are ideal for machine wash. In cases like this, you may want to soak your mop head in bleach instead.

Simply get a bucket large enough to accommodate it. Then, mix equal parts of warm water and bleach. Let your mop head sit and soak in the mixture for at least thirty minutes. Once done, rinse out all the bleach under running water.

How to Store a Mop Head?

It becomes easy to store your mop head if you have all o-cedar mop replacement parts. The best method for storing it is to turn the mop head upside down.

Ensure the o-cedar mop head is on the top and is not wet. Remember that you should never leave it wet when not in use because it will get damaged.

How to Remove O Cedar Mop Head FAQ

To Wrap Up

Note that, it is necessary to read up on further instructions from the manufacturer of the mop head on how to remove o cedar mop head before proceeding so as not to damage the mop head.

By following the steps listed above of how to remove o cedar mop head and wash it, you’ll allow it to do an ideal job of cleaning without spreading additional bacteria. Don’t throw away that dirty spin mop head; just throw it in the washing machine and it will be good as new.

I hope you like this CleanersAdvisor article on how to remove the O-Cedar mop head. If you still have any questions, then please drop them in the comments section below.

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  1. I found that the mop head was thin and scraped my floors when I was using it. Have you had this problem – do they offer a thicker mophead?

    • For optimal floor cleaning results, you should replace the refill every 3 months. You can replace it with O-Cedar MicroTwist Microfiber Twist Mop Refill from Amazon. It cleans up dirt and dust on the first pass with no excess dripping thanks to its super-absorbent microfiber head.

  2. I have wanted a O’Cedar Mop for the longest time. I finally bought one, used it and I liked it. Until now.. I can not remove the mop head! I have tried several times with no avail!! And I am so frustrated!! I realize it is not rocket science to remove it, but what can I do??

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