Mahli Robotic Vacuum Definitive Review [Tested By Experts]

Published by Ahmad Jamal on July 5, 2023 | Last updated on July 6, 2023

Running down on options when searching for pretty economical robot vacuums, while you still need to obtain a decent level of performance in that much needed to vacuum your house?

There are some quite interesting options to look into, like the Goovi Robot Vacuum, any of the Best Roomba Alternatives, or the fairly-new Mahli Robotic Vacuum.

 In this Cleaners Advisor article, you’ll learn more about the Budget-Friendly Mahli Robotic Vacuum, the difference between a robot vacuum and a traditional vacuum, in addition to the deeply positive and negative features of the Mahli robotic 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner.

Our Testing On Mahli Robotic Vacuum

To determine how well the Mahli Robotic Vacuum is going to perform, we carried out multiple tests we usually carry on when we test robot vacuums.

We tested how well it performs on multiple floors types, in crowded rooms, and on different debris types.

We also tested how much time it takes to fully charge, for how long it runs before needing to recharge, and more.

By the end of this guide, you’ll find ample of data on what results we got from the Mahli Robotic Vacuum after testing it thoroughly.

Robot Vacuum Vs Traditional Vacuum

Robot Vacuums have been raising up the ranks of the most demanded vacuum type over the years.

Even though Robot vacuums can be a bit more expensive than most traditional vacuums, they can deliver real useful performance.

Traditional vacuums are mostly heavy, and they are designated for heavy-duty vacuuming and can provide real multi-surfacing over larger areas of flooring.

Robot Vacuums, however, are exceptionally lightweight, can provide quiet hands-free vacuuming, and focus more on hard floors and low-pile carpets, more than rugs and high-pile carpets.

In contrast, Traditional vacuums alongside Robot Vacuums have been putting less expensive price tags on their newly designed vacuums, and that’s what made the Mahli vacuum a demanded robotic vacuum.

For example, iRobot Roomba has been known for its expensive vacuums, but the same brand created two budget-friendly models of Roomba 675 Vs e5.

Why Choose a Robot Vacuum?

Robot Vacuums are lightweight, time-saving, effort-saving, and high-technology vacuums.

They provide efficient performance, in a huge long list of exceptional types of robot vacuums, starting from the most economical, up to the most expensive state-of-the-art robot vacuums.

All of that adds to the fact that you only need a single press of a button, or a single app command to turn a dirty house into a picture-perfect clean & shiny one.

What is Mahli Robotic Vacuum?

Mahli Robotic Vacuum is a Southern Telecom-produced vacuum that has been rising in popularity among robot vacuums throughout the second half of 2021.

By July 2019, online markets like Amazon and eBay started having rising numbers of Mahli Robotic Vacuum cleaners, but the online reviews haven’t been kind to the Mahli vacuum by any means.

On Amazon alone, it hasn’t received any 5-star ratings, only less than 3 ratings, which have been damaging its popularity on this online market.

However, the seeking of information on the Mahli Robotic Vacuum hasn’t been affected at all, that’s why this article is here to provide the much-needed Mahli robotic vacuum reviews.

Mahli Robotic 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Mahli Robotic 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Technical Specs

Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Navigation System: Smart System

Weight: 2.05 lbs.

Filter Type: Cartridge

The Mahli Robotic 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner is an economical choice for people who love robot vacuums but lack the wide budget to cover up for an expensive brand or model.

It provides a multi-functioning feature, alongside its highly-functioning sensors.

The popularity of the Mahli Vacuum has been increasing noticeably, and the features section can provide more information.

Mahli Robotic 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner Benefits and Drawbacks

3-in-1 Multi Functioning

Most Robot Vacuums manufacturers focus on a specific feature or function and put most of their efforts and advanced technologies into improving the main feature or function.

However, the Mahli Robotic 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner has improved on 3 main functions, ordinary vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping.

Hard Wood Specialist

The 3-in-1 Multi Functioning has helped the Mahli Robotic Vacuum to provide an elevated performance on hardwood floors.

Therefore, the Mahli Robotic 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner is effective on hardwood floors, and low-pile carpets, while being ineffective on rugs and high-pile carpets.

Functioning Sensors

The main drawback to other economical robot vacuums was that they have very simple sensors that don’t provide the minimum of tasks for a robot vacuum.

However, the Mahli Robotic 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner enjoys properly functioning sensors, helping the Mahli vacuum to detect & avoid stairs, and furniture, while being efficient in cleaning.

2-Year Warranty

Brands producing budget-friendly robot vacuums rarely provide a single-year warranty on their products.

Despite that, the Mahli Robotic Vacuum provides a 2-year warranty on all the technical errors that may occur in their robot vacuum.

Long-Lasting Battery

The Mahli Robotic 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner features a Lithium-Ion long-lasting battery, better than most economical robot vacuums, at 2 hours per full charge

The Mahli robotic vacuum reviews, however, showed that the battery provides 2 hours initially, but over time that starts to decline down to 45 minutes.

Online Market Issues

Starting the drawbacks list for the Mahli Robotic Vacuum with a small but dangerous intended issue, that has hurt tens of Mahli Robotic 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner customers.

Some online markets tried to advertise the Mahli Robotic Vacuum and failed to provide fully functioning robot vacuums to customers.

Therefore, make sure it’s a certified market like Amazon or eBay.

Battery Problems

The second drawback is the aforementioned declining battery, as it fails to maintain the 2-hour functioning time for months.

Moreover, some unhappy customers faced another battery error, in which the battery failed to recharge after 2 or 3 full charges.

The warranty will cover that, no worries!

Small Dustbin

The Mahli Robotic 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner suffers from a teeny-tiny dustbin.

It only has an area of around 0.15L (5 fl oz), which isn’t efficient for larger rooms or areas with a high frequency of dirt per day.

What Our Testers Say About Mahli Robotic 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

“The Mahli Robotic 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t cost more than 60-70$, and it comes in 2 different colors, Black & White. It provides decent performance while being highly effective on low-pile carpets and hardwood floors. The Mahli Vacuum features a functioning set of sensors alongside its 3-in-1 multi-functioning feature. However, it suffers from some battery errors, a small dustbin, and other intended infamous online market errors.”

Our Testers Ratings

Performance: 3.5/5

Battery Life: 4/5

Smart Navigation: 3.5/5

Durability: 3/5

Mahli Robotic Vacuum FAQ

To Wrap Up

This concludes the Mahli Robotic Vacuum Reviews on Cleaners Advisor, affirming that The Mahli Robotic 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t cost more than 60-70$, providing decent performance, while being highly effective on low-pile carpets and hardwood floors.

The Mahli Vacuum can sweep, vacuum, and mop, at the economical aforementioned price.

However, check for the list of drawbacks at the end of the features, as I’ve provided the precautions needed to get the full performance from the Mahli Robotic Vacuum.