Which Materials Are 100% Safe for Pressure Cleaning?

Published by Ahmad Jamal on January 5, 2023 | Last updated on January 7, 2023

Homeowners are always looking for ways to make their properties look their best. One of the ways they can achieve this is by using pressure cleaning services in Kendall, FL. Pressure cleaning is quick and effective and can restore the look of even the most tired-looking homes.

However, it is not a cleaning method that can be applied to all surfaces, and some materials may get damaged. Before hiring pressure cleaning services, read on to find out what materials are completely safe for pressure washing.

This guide was created in cooperation with us at CleanersAdvisor, to learn more about the materials that are safe for pressure cleaning.

What Materials Are Damaged with Pressure Washing?

Getting carried away with pressure washing everything can result in surfaces getting damaged. Among them, paint is the first to be damaged but also wood and even certain types of porous rock.

A wooden deck may withstand pressure washing, provided it is made from composite or wood such as tigerwood, ipe, or cumaru.

Homeowners may also want to stay away from pressure washing their roofs since the force of the water can loosen asphalt shingles and strip away their granules. If your roof has algae or mold, it may be cleaned with a light sprayer using water mixed with bleach.

One more thing to keep away from a pressure washer is your car. If it is very dirty, run it through a carwash, but do not use a pressure washer for this task since the force of the water can nick the paint and lead to rust.

Pressure Cleaning

What Surfaces Are Safe for Pressure Cleaning?


If your home has a concrete walkway or driveway, it can be safely pressure-washed. If the area has grease stains, your technician will likely use a finer nozzle to remove them. If there is mold or mildew, some cleaner may be applied first, and then a lower pressure stream to remove it.

Pool Decks

If your home has a pool, you can get rid of all the ground-in mud, grit, bacteria, and pool chemicals by pressure washing the area. Soft brushes may also be used to make sure the area gets completely clean.

Patio Pavers

Bringing new life to dirty patio pavers is easy to accomplish with pressure washing. Just make sure proper precautions are taken not to damage the surrounding landscaping and greenery, which can suffer from the cleaning products used to clean the pavers.

Tile Roofs

Tile roofs can withstand much stronger water force than asphalt shingles. If your roof has grime, algae, moss, or soot, then pressure washing can restore your tile roof to its beautiful original condition. However, if your roof has solar panels, you want to be careful not to damage their delicate surfaces with a strong stream of water.


Aluminum or vinyl siding can easily withstand a pressure washing session, particularly when they are covered with mold and grime. Just ensure your siding is not made from wood since it can easily get damaged.


There is nothing that restores the look of your home faster than having a clean fence. It increases the property’s curb appeal and brightens up the house. Pressure washing is a fast way to clean it, but it also works well when you need to prepare it to be repainted, stained, or re-sealed.


Garages tend to end up with chemical or oil stains on the floor, making it very frustrating for homeowners to get rid of them. Power washing works for these and other annoying stains, and you may also have the technician power wash the garage door. Having a tidy and clean garage can become a selling point when the time comes to put the property on the market.


If your grill has been standing idle during the winter, you may want to give it a good power washing that will quickly eliminate any residue from previous BBQ sessions and any cobwebs that may have appeared while you did not use the grill.

Garden Equipment

Homeowners who have a large yard and have a lawnmower, a tractor, or other gardening equipment.

Pressure washing all the equipment will ensure that you reach even the most unreachable corners, making everything look as close to new as possible.


Sometimes, just power washing the pool deck is enough to make the area look clean. On other occasions, you may need to empty out the pool and give it a good power washing, particularly when unsightly dirt has settled into the bottom.

Sometimes just using chlorine and attempting to clean the water will simply not give you the desired results.

Make power washing a regular part of your home’s cleaning routine. It is a very effective method when you are trying to remove grime, oil stains, and other dirt around different areas of your home.

Pressure Cleaning


This concludes the guide created in cooperation with CleanersAdvisor, as you’ve had enough information about which materials are safe for Pressure Cleaning.

Additionally, we’ve supplied you with surfaces that are safe for Pressure cleaning, including concrete, pools, garden equipment, garage fences, and more.

In case you ever encountered other surfaces that are completely safe for pressure cleaning, feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

Additionally, you can also share what materials you used for pressure cleaning that are 100% safe too.