Performance Tested: Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V8 Absolute

Published by Ahmad Jamal on July 27, 2023

Shark vs Dyson, you probably have heard or read countless topics of comparison between those famous brands. Most notably, the shark Ionflex vs Dyson v8 absolute has been one of the most anticipated comparison series of them all. So we decided to test these two famous models!

In this CleanersAdvisor article, we conducted a comprehensive evaluation of these two popular cordless vacuum cleaners, according to our tests, starting with the Shark IONFlex 2X DuoClean, and moving on to the Dyson hand vacuum of V8 Absolute. We’ve tested these models, examining their suction power, maneuverability, battery life, and overall cleaning performance, so you can make up your own mind in what vacuum you’d like to obtain.

Our Testing on the Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V8 Absolute

At CleanersAdvisor, we understand the importance of earning your trust. These outstanding cleaning products have undergone testing and evaluation to ensure their performance, and durability, making them the best choice for your vacuum cleaners and providing you with reliable and tested cleaning solutions that make your life easier and your surroundings cleaner.

Our CleanersAdvisor team of experts rigorously test and value every feature of the cleaners. By relying on our extensively tested products, you can have confidence in their performance and trust that they will deliver the best results.

Tighten your seatbelts, and let’s see who wins in a shark Ionflex vs Dyson v8 absolute battle.

Testing Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V8 Absolute

CleanersAdvisor test team tested the Shark IONFlex and Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum cleaners in order to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of these two popular models by examining their suction power, maneuverability, battery life, and overall cleaning performance.

We also tested how they can tackle different floor types to reach tight corners and high surfaces, and we’ll share our findings on the Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V8 Absolute.

Shark IONFlex X2 Review

Shark IONFlex X2

Technical Specs

Wattage: 12 Watts

Package Dimensions: 13.4 x 10.4 x 45.9 Inches

Recommended Surface: Multi-Surface

Capacity: 03 Dry Quarts

Weight: 15 Pounds

Before we compare the Shark Ionflex vs Dyson V8 Absolute, according to the CleanersAdvisor test, it’s important to know the review and features of every vacuum separately, how long do vacuums last, and I’ll start with the Shark Ionflex X2 review.

As a test team member, I had the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate the Shark IONFlex X2 vacuum cleaner. Our goal was to assess its performance, features, and overall usability.

One of the standout features we really liked about the IONFlex X2 is its cordless design, providing freedom of movement without the hassle of cords. We tested its suction power on various surfaces, including carpets, hardwood floors, and upholstery, and were impressed by its ability to effectively capture dirt and debris from different surfaces.

The two removable and rechargeable Lithium-lon batteries allowed for extended runtime. We also examined its maneuverability, and found that the flexible wand and swivel steering made it easy to navigate around furniture and reach tight spaces.

We also were impressed by the IONFlex X2’s multi-surface brush roll, which was perfect for delicate surfaces, while the crevice tool helps clean narrow gaps and corners effectively. Additionally, the upholstery tool is designed to remove pet hair and debris from furniture and upholstery.

While the IONFlex X2 does feature Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology, we found that it doesn’t include a HEPA filter to capture ultrafine particles and allergens with the same efficiency as a dedicated HEPA filtration system.

If you require a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration to address specific allergens or maintain excellent air quality, it’s advisable to explore other options that offer this feature.

What Our Testers Say About Shark IONFlex X2?

According to our experience, the Shark IONFlex X2 is a great choice due to its flexible design and powerful cleaning performance. With its DuoClean technology and cordless operation, it can tackle various surfaces with ease.

The removable batteries offer convenient extended runtime, and the included attachments enhance its versatility. If you value flexibility, strong cleaning power, and convenience, the Shark IONFlex X2 is a vacuum worth considering.

Our Testers Ratings

Cleaning Power: 5/5

Noise Level: 4/5

Versatility: 5/5

Maneuverability: 5/5

Dyson V8 Absolute Review

Dyson V8 Absolute

Technical Specs

Wattage: 350 Watts

Package Dimensions: 48.97″L x 8.81″W x 9.84″H Inches

Surface Recommendation: Hard Floor

Battery Life: 40 Minutes

Noise Level: 2dB

Capacity: 0.54 Liters

Weight: 5.74 Pounds

During testing, we found that one of the standout features of the V8 Absolute is its impressive suction power, which effectively collected dust, dirt, and debris from various surfaces, including carpets, hardwood floors, and upholstery!

We really liked its HEPA filtration system, which collected allergens and fine particles, promoting cleaner air quality in your home.

The vacuum’s lightweight and ergonomic design made it easy to maneuver and clean hard-to-reach areas.

The V8 Absolute’s attachments, including a motorized brush roll, helped us in deep cleaning, as we also tried and tested the combination tool for versatile cleaning tasks and the crevice tool for reaching narrow spaces, and they performed perfectly well!

We were also impressed by the battery life of the V8 Absolute, which offered up to 30 minutes of runtime in regular mode and 7 minutes in maximum power mode.

Different Battery Settings

The Dyson V8 Absolute can be powered in different settings, for a different amount of time, as followed:

  • No Attachments + Low Power Settings = ~40 minutes.
  • Cleaner Head Attachment + Low Power Settings = ~30 minutes.
  • Cleaner Head Attachment + High Power Settings = 8-10 minutes.

Finally, we found that Dyson V8 has a one-touch mechanism, single touch will empty the dust bin, without getting your hands dirty at all.

What Our Testers Say About Dyson V8 Absolute?

“According to the CleanersAdvisor test, the Dyson V8 Absolute exceeded our expectations. It effectively picked up the debris of various sizes, leaving floors and surfaces cleaner.”

“And if you’re looking for a similar Dyson V8 model, there’s full comparison between the Dyson V8 Absolute vs Animal.”

Our Testers Ratings

Cleaning Power: 5/5

Noise Level: 5/5

Versatility: 5/5

Maneuverability: 5/5

Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V8 Absolute: Deeper Comparison

In this CleanersAdvisor article, you’ll not only have a single sheet of comparison between the shark ion flex and the Dyson hand vacuum, but you’ll have 2 different ones, to help you make up your mind easily.

First, I’ll start with the Technical Comparison, according to our test.

Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V8 Absolute: Technical Comparison

Technical ComparisonShark IONFlex X2Dyson V8 Absolute
Weight8.7 Pounds5.7 Pounds
Length49.0 Inch46.0 Inch
Motor Size300W350W
Bin Size0.280ml0.540ml
Warranty5 Years2 Years
Power SourceBattery PoweredBattery Powered
Battery TypeLithium IONLithium ION
Battery Life23 Minutes/ batteryLow settings: 40 Minutes
Charging Time3.5  Hours5.5 Hours
Noise Level75db72db
Speed SettingsDefault Speed (1)2 Modes: Normal + Max

You should compare the Technical Specifications in this Shark vacuum vs Dyson comparison depending on your needs and your house’s requirements.

Some people need lengthy cordless vacuums –for example- to reach certain corners, while others need shorter vacuums for better control over the machine.

Another example: smaller rooms will require less run-time for the vacuum, which means you won’t need to pay more to acquire a bigger battery.

In the end: It’s all about the needs.

Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V8 Absolute: Features Comparison

The second Shark vs Dyson cordless comparison is the Features comparison. In the next table, I’ll compare the Shark vs Dyson vacuums depending on the features they provide.

Features ComparisonShark IONFlex X2Dyson V8 Absolute
Suction PowerPowerfulPowerful
Preferred Debris TypeAllAll – Large Debris
Filter TypeStandardHEPA Filter
Washable FilterYesYes
Preferred Floor TypeCarpets & Hard FloorsCarpets & Hard Floors
Coverts To HandheldYesYes
LED ScreenYesNo
Accessories IncludedDuster Crevice
Tool Dusting Brush
Wide Upholstery Tool
Anti-Allergen Dust Brush
Crevice Tool
Mini Soft Dusting Brush
Combination Accessory Tool
Mini Motorized Tool

Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V8 Absolute FAQ

To Wrap Up

Shark vs Dyson is the long-living comparison that keeps rising up occasionally whenever we talk about great vacuums. As for cordless vacuums, we have the Shark ION flex X2 on one side, and the Dyson hand vacuum of V8 Absolute on the other side, both are really great, and they both offer a pleasant and clean vacuuming experience.

Despite the fact that there are more advanced Shark models that you can find in the best shark vacuum for pet hair list or Dyson Models you can compare in Dyson V10 vs V11 article, the comparison between Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V8 Absolute is still one of the top comparisons you should take another look at.

According to our test, Dyson V8 Absolute is our top option!

However, it’s always about personal preferences, and in this article, you have all kinds of features analysis, and deep comparisons of two different builds, according to CleanersAdvisor test, and you’re only job, will be to choose the one that suits you the best.