Why Is My Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging?

Published by Ahmad Jamal on May 8, 2023 | Last updated on May 14, 2023

Cleaning can be effortful if you use the wrong items and equipment, but sometimes even using the suitable items can be effortful, especially if they start causing problems themselves instead of solving them.

Shark robot vacuums are helpful, smart, and useful for daily cleaning chores on hard floors and carpets, but what would you do if you’re facing a problem when shark robot vacuum not charging at all?

We’ll fix it for you. In this CleanersAdvisor guide, we’ll present you with everything related to this problem, the causes, and 10 different fixes.

But first, how would you notice the problem before asking “why is my shark robot vacuum not charging?” That’s our first point of discussion.

How Do I Know My Shark Robot Is NOT Charging?

Before going for the causes and fixes and answering your question on why is my shark robot vacuum not charging, how would you know it is not charging?

There’s a blue indicator light flash on your robot vacuum that flashes whenever the robot vacuum is charging.

If you can’t notice the blue light or it doesn’t flash, or it shows a red error light, then it’s not charging by any means.

Now, why would that problem happen? Read through.

Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

Why Is My Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

The main cause of this problem is connected to a handful of reasons, sometimes it’s the cleanliness of the robot vacuum, sometimes it’s connected to the power outlet in your house.

Here is why your shark vacuum is not charging:

1. Dead Charger

2. Dead Battery

3. Dirty Contact Points in Either the Deck or the Vacuum

4. Faulty Power Outlet

5. Simply Vacuum Programming Error

1. Dead Charger

There is a handful of reasons that cause your charger to stop charging your robot vacuum.

You can check if your battery is running properly, and if another charger can get it running, then you’ll be sure that it’s a dead charger.

2. Dead Battery

Dead batteries are referred to as the main reason why shark robot vacuum not charging.

Every battery has an estimated life time, and when it nears that time, it either has a shorter life span, runs for shorter than anticipated, or stops working for good.

Follow this guide further as we’ll explain how to fix a problem caused by dead batteries.

3. Dirty Contact Points in Either the Deck or the Vacuum

Dust, dirt, and debris can accumulate on the contact points in either the charging deck or the vacuum itself.

This can happen over time, and can be caused by inconsistent cleaning of either the charger or the vacuum.

Similar to the dead battery’s problem, read through the next section as we break down the problems into solutions.

4. Faulty Power Outlet

Power outlets can trip easily, and due to several technical reasons outside your own control.

Always make sure that the outlet is working, and the charger is plugged properly, before reading through the next fixes for this problem.

5. Simply Vacuum Programming Error

Sometimes your cell phone stops working out of nowhere, and you can get it working again by turning it off then on again, and surprise, it works again properly.

The same can happen with nearly any electric device, and shark robot vacuums are no different.

You can find the fix in the next section, read through.

Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

How to Fix a Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging Problem

Batteries lose their top form over time, so would a default charger, and cleanliness can be maintained at the top level for your vacuum for a long time.

Regardless of the cause, here’s how to fix a shark robot vacuum not charging:

1. Check the On/Off Switch

The switch can easily get flipped if the robot bumps into a chair or a wall.

Robot vacuums won’t always charge when they’re turned off, and continuously trying to put the robot vacuum in the deck again won’t be of help. Turn it on again and check if it’s responsive now.

2. Manually Put the Vacuum Back On Charger

Sometimes the battery is depleted before the robot vacuum gets back to the charger deck.

Blue LED indicator lights can help you notice if the battery is near depleted or there’s enough until it charges back.

Either way, you can help yourself manually put the vacuum back on the charging deck, and check if it started working again.

3. Clean All Charging Contacts

We mentioned that one of the main problems is how dirty charging contacts can be.

Read the user manual on how to properly clean the charging contacts, as using the wrong cleaning method can cause serious damage to the charger and the vacuum.

4. Clean The Vacuum 

The vacuum itself can be the source of the dirt that prevents the shark vacuum from charging properly.

Similar to how you worked on the charging contacts, clean the robot vacuum’s charging contacts properly, before moving on to the next fixing attempt.

5. Check the Deck for Power and Proper Operation

Check the charging deck if it’s turned on and ready to charge, as it’ll have a green light flashing when it’s properly working.

If that isn’t happening, then make sure it’s plugged, or try another power outlet around the house.

Additionally, you should always clear the place around it, to provide the robot vacuum with an easier path towards the charger, in and out. Three feet of space on either side is enough, five feet is great.

Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

6. Inspect and/or Replace the Battery

The deck is plugged in and properly functioning, then it may be the battery as we disclosed earlier in this guide.

Open up the battery case, and check the battery, how clean the area around it is, and is it connected properly or not.

Cleaning and repositioning the batteries can sometimes work, but if it doesn’t, then the problem is in the battery, and it’ll need to be replaced, especially if there is a clear sign of damage on it.

Always make sure to check the replacing battery that suits your model, instead of buying one that won’t work on it.

7. Reset Shark Robot Vacuum

We already agreed that some errors can happen out of nowhere, and resetting the device can be helpful.

This is the same with shark robot vacuum as resetting the robot vacuum can solve its charging problem.

Read our full guide on how to reset shark robot vacuum.

8. Refrain from Charging Under Extreme Temperatures

Shark robot vacuums, especially the newest models, run on Li-ion batteries, which can be severely damaged if charged under extreme temperatures.

Those temperatures – according to shark robot vacuum manuals – are 10°C (50°F) or colder, 40°C (104°F) or hotter.

If you’re used to charging it under such temperatures, severe damages can be inflicted, and therefore, you should check the battery and deck for damages.

9. Contact Support

Now that you’ve nearly scraped every problem and fix possible, and still no charging is happening, then you should contact shark vacuum support through their official website/store.

Explain the whole situation to them, and the fixing steps you’ve already carried out, and they should find a suitable solution.

10. Replace The Vacuum

Replacing your vacuum is the last resort here, if the support hasn’t found a solution for you, then you’ll have to buy yourself a new vacuum.

This is a rare occasion that may or may not happen, so keep it as a last resort as we already mentioned.

Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging: Video

Here’s a video explaining the whole situation, if you’re a fan of video guides:

To Wrap Up

Why is your shark robot vacuum not charging? You already know the answers, the causes, and the fixes, after reading through this CleanersAdvisor guide.

We already have discussed Reasons Why My Shark Vacuum Won’t Turn On, and Shark Robot Vacuum Troubleshooting of various problems.

If you’re still encountering several shark vacuum problems, let us know in the comments section below.