Why Is My Shark Robot Vacuum Not Connecting To WiFi?

Published by Ahmad Jamal on May 17, 2023

The more advanced the technologies that run our robot vacuums, the more issues may rise to the surface that require adequate solutions.

Is your shark robot vacuum not connecting to WiFi? Same happened to me!

It just couldn’t connect as it usually does, and I had to improvise and fix it. With the help of shark robot vacuum users manual and my expertise in using shark robot vacuums & dealing with their errors, I managed to fix it.

In this CleanersAdvisor guide, we’ll discuss Why Is Your Shark Robot Vacuum Not Connecting To WiFi, and how important it is to maintain the connection properly.

Then, you’ll have 14 different fixes for this problem, 5 that are Wi-Fi related, and 9 others that are robot vacuum related that can get the connection between the robot and the internet running again.

Some of these fixes I found myself, others I had my tech friend fitch for me and apply to test on both the Wi-Fi and the robot vacuum.

Why Is My Shark Robot Vacuum Not Connecting To WiFi

There are multiple reasons why your shark robot vacuum isn’t connecting to WiFi, some of those reasons are connected to how good your internet connection is, and the others are related to your robot vacuum itself.

Here are the potential causes:

  1. You’re using an incompatible Wi-Fi network
  2. You have a VPN running on your cell phone that’s interfering with the WiFi
  3. There’s an issue with the router’s wireless settings.
  4. You’re trying to connect the robot vacuum to 5GHz Wi-Fi network
  5. The Wi-Fi is overcrowded with devices
  6. Poor Wi-Fi signal
  7. The Wi-Fi is far from the robot vacuum and the dock
  8. Wrong Connectivity settings on your robot vacuum
  9. Software glitches with your vacuum
  10. The robot vacuum is switched off
Shark Robot Vacuum Not Connecting To WiFi

Why Should You Learn How to Fix Shark Robot Vacuum not Connecting to WiFi?

We already know that it’s a problem, but how important is it to know how to fix the problem.

Instead of asking yourself Why Is My Shark Robot Vacuum Not Connecting To WiFi, you should already know how to connect it regardless of the error you’re facing.

It goes without saying that connecting your shark robot vacuum is the first step towards facilitating every other feature you’re looking for in a shark robot vacuum.

Whether you’re connecting it to Alexa, Google Home, or whatever third party service, you want to enjoy the features provided in the vacuum.

Those features include scheduling, remotely controlling the vacuum, and many other features that facilitate the daily use of shark robot vacuum.

And enjoying those features won’t be happening if the connection is weak or if it is not connecting at all to the Wi-Fi.

How to Set Up the Shark ION™ Robot App

Before attempting to fix a problem, make sure you know how to set your vacuum up properly, as setting it up properly gets you halfway through the best setup for your vacuum cleaner, reducing the potential of a software error here or there. Here’s a video that can help you with it:

How to Fix Shark Robot Vacuum Not Connecting To WiFi

Before attending to the shark robot vacuum and attempting to fix your problem starting from there, it’s better to start with testing the internet connection & router before that.

Here’s How to Fix Shark Robot Vacuum Not Connecting To WiFi by fixing Wi-Fi related errors:

  1. Check the router’s cables and make sure they’re connecting properly
  2. Check if the Wi-Fi is enabled and is broadcasting a signal
  3. Try connecting a cell phone or a laptop to the Wi-Fi and test if it’s working properly and you have access to the internet
  4. If there isn’t any type of internet access, then it’s an Internet Service Provider (ISP) problem, contact them and let them fix it for you, as it’s not a robot vacuum issue

However, if your Wi-Fi is working just fine, then it’s time to fix the problem occurring in your robot vacuum, and those fixes are:

1. Restart your phone/app

Maybe it’s a glitch in the phone itself that connects the app with the robot vacuum, then you’ll need to restart your phone fully, and check if the problem continues to occur.

2. Power Cycle your robot vacuum

When restarting the phone and app hasn’t worked for you, then you can power cycle your robot vacuum.

We’ve already talked about how to power cycle your robot vacuum in this guide, make sure to check it out.

3. Reboot the Whole Vacuum

Power cycling your shark vacuum will refresh its software and remove any glitches, but rebooting the whole robot vacuum can restart the whole system from scratch, 

Reboot your robot.

4. Check Power Switch

Make sure that the power switch that’s on the back of the DOCK is on the ON position.

Sometimes you check everything but forget to turn the switch on the back of the DOCK.

5. Dock is Close to the Router

Connectivity issues never end if you attempt to put the router at one end of your house, while you operate the robot vacuum at the other end, this mostly doesn’t end well.

Make Sure the Dock is Close to Your Router and it’s easy to connect to, the same happens to operating any Wi-Fi dependent household item.

Shark Robot Vacuum in Dock

6. Connect a Wi-Fi Extender for Better Coverage

Wi-Fi extenders help you provide a better & higher quality connection around the house.

This allows you to maintain a great connection between the router and the vacuum whenever the robot vacuum is.

7. Activate Your Router’s 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

Shark robot vacuums operate at only 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connections.

Activating 5 GHz Wi-Fi connections will disallow the robot vacuum to connect, as they don’t fit together at that signal.

8. Update the SharkClean App

For a simpler fix, make sure you’re using the latest version of the SharkClean App.

Using an older version can allow for software glitches that we always warn of, that means updating to the latest version is a must here.

9. Contact Shark Support

As a final piece of the puzzle it may be, but if you’ve already tried every trick in the book, using the experience of both cleaning experts and tech experts, and yet you haven’t found a solution.

Then you should certainly contact shark support and seek their guidance.

To Wrap Up

Having your Shark Robot Vacuum Not Connecting To WiFi is certainly a problem, but it’s not a problem you can’t fix.

You’ve already gone through too many fixes to try, and all of them have already solved someone else’s problem.

Don’t forget to watch this guide if you’re interested in video guides, it’ll help with the same problem:

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