Shark Robot Vacuum Randomly Starts [What You Should Do]

Published by Ahmad Jamal on May 21, 2023

You’re having a good deep sleep in the middle of the night, but a strange noise is heard from the living room. It’s not the pets, or the kids, or even a family member.

It’s your shark robot vacuum randomly starts cleaning the house out of nowhere.

This is a common issue, so worry not, our CleanersAdvisor experts have spent hundreds of hours fixing shark robot vacuums’ errors, and “Shark Robot Vacuum Randomly Starts” is one they fixed.

Read through this CleanersAdvisor guide, to learn more on why Shark Robot Vacuum Randomly Starts, and how to fix this problem.

Why Shark Robot Vacuum Randomly Starts

Why would such a problem occur, unless there’s either a technical problem, or a configuration problem.

Here are the most probable causes to a shark robot vacuum randomly starts problem:

1. Incorrect Clock/Time Zone Settings

Your robot vacuum and mobile app should be all configured at the right time zone and clock settings.

Configuring either of them on a different time zone will lead to starting the shark robot vacuum at a whole different timing.

2. Pets or Kids Interfere

This may not look as a technical or configuration fix, but maybe your kids just like the clicking noise on the Clean button, or your pets find it funny to hit the robot vacuum then run away from it.

Pets or Kids Interfere and make Shark Robot Vacuum Randomly Starts

3. It’s Resuming An Earlier Cleaning Task

This can also not be considered a malfunction as well.

Sometimes robot vacuums run out of batteries, and run to the dock to recharge.

Out of nowhere they are now fully charged and they decided it’s time to continue the earlier cleaning task, starting where it left off.

4. For Not Brand New Vacuums: Pre-Scheduled Cleaning Cycle

If you’ve bought the shark robot vacuum from someone else, or you buy a returned vacuum that has always been equipped with an already pre-set schedule, then this is why it started randomly out of nowhere.

How To Fix Shark Robot Vacuum Randomly Starts

You’ll need to set the timezone & clock right on both the app and the robot vacuum, to make sure there’s no conflict in the time in which the vacuum should start operating. Moreover, check for kids and pets if they’re interfering with your vacuum’s cleaning schedule.

Additionally, some technical interference we’ll discuss later can be the final fix.

Here are the most common fixes to your Shark Robot Vacuum Randomly Starts issue:

1. Set time zone & clock right

Imagine your friend who’s living across the states asking you to wake him up at 6 a.m., would it be beneficial for him to wake him at your 6 a.m., or his 6 a.m.?

This would create a conflict, as your 6 a.m. is different from his, and there is no chance you’ll have the same time if you’re not living in the same time zone.

Therefore, the best fix would be to unite the clocks and time zones, and that’s what you should do between your vacuum and smartphone.

2. Check if kids aren’t around

If you notice the problem occurring more than usual, check for kids and pets interference.

For instance, if it usually randomly starts whenever the kids are playing in the room, or around the happy hours in which your pets find their joy, then this should be fixed by keeping the kids and pets away from the vacuum.

3. Clear cleaning schedule

You should attempt to clear the whole cleaning schedule created on the smartphone app.

This will remove any older cleaning schedules, and will give you a chance to put the only cleaning schedule you need.

If this fix gets the job done, then that’s the main reason why it’s been randomly starting.

If not, then go to the last fix for the problem.

4. Reset vacuum

Resetting the factory settings on your shark robot vacuum is the last resort.

But since you’ve already cleared the cleaning schedule, then there’s no issue with resetting the robot vacuum to its factory settings.

According to our experts, this solves the problem by 99%.

Want to know how to reset shark robot vacuum? We have a full guide that’ll get your job done in less than 5 minutes.

Reset vacuum to fix a shark robot vacuum starts randomly issue

Shark Robot Vacuum Not Running On Schedule

Another popular yet irritating issue with shark robot vacuum is when it’s not running on schedule.

It’s a similar problem that requires similar fixes.

Those fixes are:

1. Recreate the Cleaning Schedule

Similar to what we did earlier, you’ll need to recreate the cleaning schedule, by removing all the previously created schedules, and creating the one you’ll want your vacuum to carry out next.

2. Check Time zones & Clocks

Once you’ve recreated the cleaning schedule, you need to check the time on both the smartphone and the robot vacuum clocks, to make sure the schedule you’ve just created will be compatible with both devices at the same time, making it more directed at running on schedule, not off schedule.

3. Check Battery Status

Sometimes drained batteries cause your robot vacuum to act strangely, regardless of the pre-set cleaning schedules or settings.

Therefore, the only thing you need to do when you diagnose your robot vacuum and find a drained battery is to replace it with a new compatible one.

4. Reset Factory Settings Using App or Robot Vacuum

Since you’ve cleared all the schedules and got yourself a new battery, it’ll be more than safe to reset the factory settings using either your app or robot vacuum.

Visit this guide to reset factory settings in less than 5 minutes.

To Wrap Up

Seeing your Shark Robot Vacuum Randomly Starts cleaning out of nowhere can be a frightening sight, but after reading this CleanersAdvisor guide, it’s safe to say that this shouldn’t be a problem for you anymore.

You have more than 4 fixes to try, and most of them have already worked with previously annoyed customers, so luck should be on your side as well.

In case you’ve encountered several shark robot vacuum issues, this video talks about a handful of them: