Why Shark Vacuum Brush Not Spinning?

Published by Ahmad Jamal on May 10, 2023 | Last updated on May 14, 2023

You’d love to enjoy the effort-free and restful evening when your shark robot vacuum is doing the daily cleaning of your floor.

However, some problems occur to shark vacuums and obstruct their daily working routines, one of those problems is shark vacuum brush not spinning.

Is your shark vacuum brush not spinning? This CleanersAdvisor guide will help you identify the main causes of such trouble, and how to fix each of those errors.

But let’s start by identifying how you’d notice that the problem is with your shark vacuum brush not spinning.

Before that, you can check how we diagnosed and fixed the shark robot vacuum not charging, shark robot vacuum error 2, and how to reset shark robot vacuum.

While our ultimate shark robot vacuum troubleshooting guide is completed, we’d like you to check it, before we hop into this new guide on why is your Shark Vacuum Brush Not Spinning.

How To Notice That Shark Vacuum Brush Not Spinning?

So, your shark robot vacuum is not properly working, but you don’t want to waste the time exploring all the potential causes.

If any of those issues occur, then the problem is that your shark vacuum brush not spinning:

1. The vacuum suddenly stops picking up debris and dirt.

2. The vacuum starts spitting the debris out instead of sucking them in.

3. The brush bar stops spinning.

4. The roll indicator light is red, or there’s absolutely no lights on at all.

Although some of those problems may seem easier to deal with, the majority are quite frustrating to a level where you’d like the problem solved as soon as possible.

Shark Vacuum Brush Not Spinning
You wouldn’t want to be in this situation trying to fix a dire situation

Is Your Shark Vacuum Brush Not Spinning? Here’s Why

According to our expertise in troubleshooting tens of shark robot vacuum errors, here are 4 main causes for a non-spinning shark robot vacuum brush:

1. Debris/Hair on the Brush

Robot vacuums are regularly used on a daily basis, this means that they can easily accumulate different debris types and hair.

And with a little maintenance here or there, you won’t be able to stop the accumulating hair or debris from stopping the whole vacuum from operating regularly.

The common fix would be to use a pair of scissors to cut the hair, especially if it’s an easy to cut hair. However, if it’s some heavy build up, then a razor blade would do just fine, just make sure you won’t cut the bristles off the brush.

Shark Vacuum Brush Not Spinning

2. Disengaged Floor Nozzle

Even if everything is connected properly without a nozzle properly attached, the roller brush won’t work.

This is one of the most under-searched causes of a shark vacuum brush not spinning, but we’ve already covered it.

The common fix is to make sure to press down on the handle firmly, to ensure the nozzle’s tight connection is made properly.

Sometimes it’s a bit harder to do that with there’s blockage due to debris, if that’s the case, then disconnect the nozzle after unplugging the vacuum, and carry out a bit of cleaning to the nozzle, before reconnecting the vacuum and getting the parts back together with ease.

Shark robot Vacuum Brush Not Spinning

3. The Roller Brush Switch (Carpet Mode) Is Off 

You may not notice it but sometimes you forget to activate the carpet mode or the roller brush switch that gets the brush spinning.

The switch should be toggled which will allow the brush to spin, otherwise, the roller won’t receive any orders to start spinning since it’s put on floor mode, that’s the fix.

4. Clogged Hose or Dirt Bin (For Upright Shark Vacuums)

Although this guide explains specific shark robot vacuum, but there’s another instance in which a clogged hose or a full dirt bin cane be the reason why your shark vacuum brush not spinning anymore.

In this instance, you’ll need to follow the instructions written in the user manual on how to unclog the vacuum hose, and then get the dirt bin an emptying then a thorough cleaning, using the similar user manual used for your shark vacuum.

Is Your Shark Vacuum Brush Not Spinning? A Video with The Fix:

We know some of you love to watch a video guide instead of reading through the lines searching for a fix.

Here’s a video explaining the whole situation when your shark vacuum brush is not spinning, and how to fix the error accordingly:

Make Sure Your Shark Vacuum Brush Not Spinning Problem Doesn’t Occur Again

Here are our top tips on how to make sure this error doesn’t occur again:

1. Clean your shark robot vacuum filters often, this solves many problems, not just the brush not spinning problem.

2. Clear the spinning roller bar after each use to avoid any accumulating hair or debris.

3. Empty the dust cup after each use if possible, if it’s not an automatic operation.

4. Clear larger debris by hand before getting the robot vacuum going, so it doesn’t get sucked in and clog the robot vacuum unintentionally.

To Wrap Up

Is your shark robot vacuum brush not spinning? This isn’t a problem for you anymore as we’ve disclosed every possible issue, and how to fix them properly.

We’ve even provided you with a video guide that helps you fix the problem.

Visit our other shark robot vacuum guides if you’re interested in learning more about troubleshooting shark robot vacuum errors.

And leave a suggestion or a question in the comments section below, and our experts will get back to you shortly.