Ultimate Laundry Guide To Keep Clothes Clean

Published by Ahmad Jamal on November 13, 2022 | Last updated on May 14, 2023

Our clothes are the one that reflects your personality.

Therefore, it is natural to be conscious about them and take care of your wearables. It is obvious to push yourself and go the extra mile when you try to look good, including the purchase of expensive clothes.

When you get them in your possession, it is obligatory to take care of them.

But frequently, we have witnessed individuals struggle and run out of ideas when attempting to maintain and care for those luxurious garments.

If you have the same problem, reduce your worry and note the following tips.

  • Get Dedicated Tools

When you get expensive clothes, you don’t wear them to just sit on the couch of your living room.

So there are fewer chances of getting any stains on them. But if you witness a stain on your dress, you must get a stain remover. It can become convenient when you only want to remove that stain and not wash it.

Moreover, get a portable lint remover if you want to keep your garments in good shape and give them a newish feel each time you wear them. It will remove all the lint from your garments and breathe new life into your clothes, and you can keep them for many years.

  • Try To Wash By Hands

It might sound out of the box, but you should practice it often.

Some fabrics are soft and should be handled with extra care. Therefore you should wash them with your hands. It will prevent them from shrinking or getting loose.

For example, you are going to wash a suit jacket. Start with soaking it in water for some time, put some detergent and let it settle in. Then, after some time, agitate it in the mixture of water and detergent, and that is all.

While doing this, avoid scrubbing, especially at stains, and avoid fitting too much in at once. Water ought to be flowing freely around and through the fabric. When handling heavily stained clothes, you should change the water every few loads.

You don’t have to twist that outfit just rinse it with water and hang it for drying.

  • Wash Your Clothes Distinctly

If you are in the middle of a weekend and thinking of making it a laundry day, that is where you need to be wise.

You are not supposed to be in a hurry. Instead, commit some extra time to it and wash your exclusive clothes separately. But, of course, you should not throw them in the washing machine with all other random costumes.

For example, if you are going to give a spin to your casual outfits and sleeping dresses, do them independently, and once you are done, grab your special one and wash them alone.

This should be your practice whenever your wish to wash them.

  • Get Cold Water For Washing

Whenever your clothes need a wash, always do it at a cooler temperature.

Washing clothes at a moderate temperature with a mild laundry detergent will keep the fabric soft and clean while also preventing color loss.

Washing at 30° or below will help reduce those emissions while protecting your clothing. You need to know that your clothes won’t lose their appeal while you wear them. They would only lose it when you wash them carelessly.

Hence don’t wash them in high temperatures and maintain the delicacy.

  • Care According To Labels

Whenever you buy a certain thing, you must read the instructions that state how to take care of your clothes.

Different methods of laundry are required for various materials. For instance, wool should only be hand-washed or gently machine-washed when necessary with a wool-specific detergent. On the other hand, if you are advised to dry clean your clothes, then do that only.

These care labels are attached to guide you because the makers know about the fabric’s sensitivity, so you should not neglect it.

  • Try To Wash Inside Out

It is an awesome tip to prolong the life of your clothes and keep them in reasonable condition.

When you intend to wash them, turn them inside out. It will have contact with the detergent chemicals but won’t affect your outfit’s colors, and you can wash your garments freely.

If you are worried about stain removal, get it out of your system because this approach will work fine.


You certainly don’t want to be in a place of losing any expensive garments you bought. Then why not be proactive and take corrective measures to handle your belongings?

Therefore, you should be wise and careful while doing laundry and ensure that your clothes stay with you for longer. This will also be worth the amount you spend on them.