Best Water Filtration Vacuums: The Ultimate Buying Guide 2023

Are you aware that in cases of dust-related allergies or asthma, water filtration vacuums cleaners can be the saving grace?

Water filtration vacuums can purify the air inside your home, creating a perfect environment for people with such health conditions.

Moreover, if you’re a perfectionist who loves the floors or carpets to be sparkling and screaming “I’m too clean,” then a water vacuum cleaner can also be your first step towards that goal.

In this guide, I’ll help you zero in on all of the finest water filter vacuum options, but first, why should you trust us in the first place?

Why do you trust us?

Part of the Cleaners advisor team, I’ve spent nearly 40 hours of research on Water Filtration Vacuums, dove through nearly 20 vacuums that claimed to work as a water vacuum cleaner.

Users have posted hundreds of reviews on those vacuums, some were positive, others were completely negative, but I read them all, and studied the patterns of success and failure.

For this Guide of Water Filtration Vacuums, you’ll find the pinnacle of my tens of hours-long research, which should pave the way for your decision, should I buy a water filtration vacuum cleaner, or not.

What is a Water Filtration Vacuum?

You’ve probably heard of upright, and canister vacuum cleaners before, they are famous enough and there is one of those two vacuums somewhere inside the house of nearly everyone you know.

However, with constant development in vacuum technologies, a new and effective type of vacuums has started to gain ground in the market, for its merits, it’s the Water Filtration Vacuums.

They suck up dry and wet dirt and clean your floors and carpets deeply & thoroughly. However, they collect such dirt inside a water filter, instead of a dustbin.

If your main vacuuming problem is with shag carpets or vinyl floors, I have prepared a list of the best vacuum for shag carpets, and a similar one for the Best Vacuum for Vinyl Floors.

This is the crucial difference between original vacuums (upright/canister) and new water filtration vacuums, alongside other differences we’ll get to later in this guide.

How do Water Filtration Vacuums work?

In water filtration vacuums, you don’t have a dustbin, nor do you have a dirtbag, you have a transparent compartment filled with water.

When the vacuum sucks the dirt (dry or wet), it’s moved straight towards the water-filled compartment.

This serves as a better way to trap the dry dirt, and prevent it from escaping back out of the vacuum.

Furthermore, this also helps with sucking wet floors, as in regular vacuums, sucking water will create chaos inside the dustbin.

On a side note, you may find the looks inside the water-filled compartment a bit gross, but it’s a dirt bin, after all, you won’t find jewelry there “Kidding”.

What makes Water Filtration Vacuums a better choice?

I’ve walked you through some of the main pros you can find inside a water filter vacuum, but here’s a full list of pros of the water filtration vacuum cleaners:

  • Effective on both Dry & Wet messes
  • Suitable for cleaning Pet Hair
  • Have the capacity to hold up to more dirt
  • Perfect for people suffering from allergies and asthma
  • Better environment overall inside the house
  • No incidents of clogged filters at all

However, such pros come at a price, so what are the cons of those Water Filtration Vacuums?

  • Water Filtration Vacuums require a bigger water compartment, meaning it’s heavier
  • Cordless options consume so much power
  • Usually more expensive that regular vacuums

What to look for in a Water Filtration Vacuum?

How can you judge a Water Filtration Vacuum, and how can you judge which one is the best water vacuum cleaner?

Follow are the main categories in which you can differentiate water filtration vacuums:

  • Type: Is it built as a canister or an upright vacuum?
  • Floors: What floors does it cover?
  • Carpets: Is it suitable for carpets? And what types of carpets does it suit?
  • Mess type: Does it work on Dry Mess only? Or both Dry & Wet?
  • Weight: How heavy is it? Does that disrupt the vacuum’s movement?
  • Budget: Vacuums vary in price, does your budget have enough for any vacuum or only a handful?

Best Water Filtration Vacuums by Feature

Sirena Vacuum Cleaner Premium Sirena Vacuum Cleaner Premium Best Overall Check Price
Kalorik Water Filtration Canister Vacuum Cleaner Kalorik Water Filtration Canister Vacuum Cleaner Best Bagless & Economic Check Price
Quantum X Upright Water Filter Vacuum Quantum X Upright Water Filter Vacuum Best for Hardwood Floors Check Price
Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 Best for Carpets & Pet Hair Check Price
Genuine Rainbow SE PN2 Genuine Rainbow SE PN2 Best Dynamic Vaccum Check Price

Let’s get started, shall we?

Best Water Filtration Vacuums 2021

Let’s quick off our list of best water filtration vacuums in 2021, by stating that every vacuum is special in its own ways. As we saw, some are specifically made for pet hair, another vacuum is well-made for carpets… etc.

The first vacuum is the Sirena Vacuum Cleaner Premium Pack

1. Sirena Vacuum Cleaner Premium Pack

Sirena Vacuum Cleaner Premium Pack Review

Ahmad Jamal

Sirena Vacuum Cleaner Premium
Overall Rating


The Sirena Vacuum Cleaner suits the hardwood, carpets, and floors so well, according to our research.
This vacuum covers nearly all the aspects you want in a water filtration vacuum, starting from filtering all the dirt (wet/dry,) in addition to suiting the cleaning of pet hair.


How did Sirena Vacuum Cleaner enter this list, being potentially the best water vacuum cleaner?

Sirena Vacuum Cleaner Premium Pack Features

Multiple Attachments

Sirena Vacuum Cleaner is supplied with 6 distinguished attachments, enabling you to reach all the corners that may seem harder, with normal upright vacuums that lack the attachments.

Moreover, those attachments enable the vacuum to suck pets’ hair, clean up the hardwood floors, and even clear all sorts of dust.

HEPA Filter

Imagine this: the water filter vacuums already filter in the dust and dirt coming into the vacuum’s bin, what would happen if you add another spectacular feature: HEPA Filter.

HEPA adds a new layer of filtering the air coming into the vacuum and entering it during the operation times as well.

This is perfect for people with allergies, now you have 2 layers of protection aiding you in your condition.

Quiet Sound

According to the tens of user reviews, I went through before writing this guide, I couldn’t help but notice that they adored the quiet sound it erupts upon operating.

This pleasantly quiet noise was described by someone as “reminiscent of the ripples in the ocean.”

Moreover, this aids the discussion between regular and water filtering vacuums, that the latter is way quieter than the regular vacuums.

Powerful motor

Sirena Vacuum Cleaner enjoys a 1200-watt motor that is too strong, providing that strength is sucking the dirt from the deepest layers of the carpets.

Furthermore, all types of debris can be efficiently cleaned with that motor, according to the user reviews.

Too Heavy

As it’s the case in nearly all Water filtration vacuums, the Sirena Vacuum Cleaner is too heavy, even the positive reviews indicated that they faced such a hurdle.

This would get in your way of moving it easily around the apartment.

Even storing it should be an easy task, but the compact design acquires you to put more effort into that task.

Sirena Vacuum Cleaner Premium Pack Verdict

This Vacuum cleaner is a perfect overall device, that can provide all the pros you’re looking for in a water filtering vacuum.

Additionally, with its great motor power and quiet sound, this can easily be the first option you should look into, as long as you have its near $1k price.

2. Kalorik Water Filtration Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Kalorik Water Filtration Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Ahmad Jamal

Kalorik Water Filtration Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Overall Rating


Looking for a budget water filtration vacuum that still provides great suction of dirt and debris? Kalorik vacuum got you covered.
This Bagless cost-efficient water filtration vacuum is a great user-friendly choice for those looking for a good initial experience with water filtration vacuums.


This is how the Kalorik vacuum got on our list as a potential best water vacuum cleaner.

Kalorik Water Filtration Canister Vacuum Cleaner Features

Powerful Vacuum

Despite being at a low cost, the Kalorik Canister Vacuum Cleaner is powered by a 1200-watt-motor, providing great suction power for the vacuum.

This allows the Kalorik to get rid of the dust, dirt, and odors efficiently.

Dynamic in Cleaning Different Floor Types

It’s a really good feature to treat every floor type differently, and that’s what Kalorik advertised.

However, users reported that it doesn’t work as well as it was advertised on carpets.

They claimed that it either didn’t glide well on carpets or didn’t suck the dirt efficiently while moving abnormally.

If you’re still aiming to obtain a multi surface special vacuum, check the Ultimate List of Best Multi Surface Vacuum Cleaners in 2022

Good-old Technology

The Kalorik vacuum enjoys some good-old technology, as it has an auto-stop option on the vacuum, that allows it to turn itself off when idle.

Moreover, it also has an indicator, that shows how full the water tank is, which helps you predict when you should empty it up.

Easy to Empty Up

Speaking of emptying the water filter vacuum up, you don’t want to be carrying heavy compartments to the big, and the Kalorik helped with that.

It Kalorik vacuum enjoys a bagless canister, which means there’s no dirt stuck here or there, and no need to clean it more often from the inside.

Caddy Design to maneuver easier

We all agreed that normally, you’ll find the water filtration vacuums heavier than regular vacuums.

With Kalorik Vacuum, it’s not the case. This vacuum enjoys a caddy design, that helps you maneuver your vacuum throughout the house with ease.

 This is a great feature compared to other heavily built water filtration vacuums.

Kalorik Water Filtration Canister Vacuum Cleaner Verdict

No one wants to spend more than they should on something, right? Kalorik Vacuum ensures that its budget-friendly cost is fully deserved, and it pays you back greatly.

The features it enjoys are cool and efficient for a water filtration vacuum, in addition to its powerful suction power, which makes it a great contender for the best water vacuum cleaner.

3. Quantum X Upright Water Filter Vacuum

Quantum X Upright Water Filter Review

Ahmad Jamal

Quantum X Upright Water Filter Vacuum
Overall Rating


Quantum X Upright water filter vacuum is a wet & dry vacuum, that comes in many beautiful colors, and provides the great suction an upright vacuum usually provides.
It’s also famous for being the best Hardwood Floors vacuum on this list.


Let’s dive deeper into the pros & cons of Quantum Vacuum Cleaner, and see how it gained its rank as a good water filter vacuum cleaner.

Quantum X Upright Water Filter Vacuum Features

Great for Hardwood Floors

The Quantum X Upright vacuum is a great choice for people who made the majority space of their house’s floor from Hardwood, as it operates perfectly on such floor type.

It can also work just fine on tiles, and low-pile carpets.

Moreover, users reported that the Quantum Vacuum Cleaner can adjust perfectly to new floor types.

Captures most types of dirt

As a water filtration vacuum, the Quantum X can suck wet dirt, dry dirt, dust, and debris.

Not only that, but the Quantum X can also capture microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, aiding in clearing the environment for a healthier home.

However, some users complained about the suction efficiency, as they proclaimed that it lacked the powerful suction power they had in previous vacuums before obtaining the Quantum Vacuum Cleaner.

4 Beautiful Colors

Who wouldn’t want every machine in their house to fit exactly the décor? You’d rarely find people who don’t care about that.

That’s why, the Quantum X comes in 4 4 beautifully made colors, to match the room’s décor.

It comes in: Rose Gold, Phantom Gray, Viper Red, and Cobalt Blue.

Helpful Attachments

The Quantum Vacuum Cleaner enjoys a number of really helpful attachments, that can make your cleaning process easier and easier, in addition to beating hard corners or cleaning under a piece of slightly elevated furniture.

It contains a Water basin, an upholstery brush, a dusting brush, a crevice tool, a wet/dry hose, 3 Plastic wands, and a powerhead with a rotation brush.

17 Pounds vacuums

Is that a pro? Or a con? It depends on your previous experience with vacuum machines.

If you’re used to having an upright machine, then the Quantum X is considered lightweight compared to usual upright vacuums.

However, if you compare it to a vacuum that uses water, Quantum Vacuum Cleaner is considered a bit overweight.

So, it’s all about the perspective, but in the end, it’s still dynamic and easy to maneuver.

Quantum X Upright Water Filtration Vacuum Verdict

This water filtration vacuum is great for a house with hardwood floors or a house that’s mainly made of hardwood floors.

It enjoys multiple colors and attachments, but the efficiency of the main use of sucking dirt has been debatable, which raises questions on whether it fits your needs or not.

But eventually, it has received hundreds of positive feedback, so it’s at least a very good water filtration vacuum, to begin with.

4. Rainbow Model E2 Type 12

Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 Review

Ahmad Jamal

Rainbow Model E2 Type 12
Overall Rating


The Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 is a premium vacuum that has multiple distinguished attachments, which makes it one of its kind.
The Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 suits pet hair too much, using its great suction power and aforementioned attachments.


Let’s dive deeper into the vacuum and see why it’s a premium vacuum, yet it didn’t rank #1.

Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 Features

Great for Pet Hair

Are you a cats person? Or a dogs person? Either way, the puppies may cause you some inconvenience with their fallen hairs.

In that case, the suction power inside a Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 is impeccable and can absorb those hairs even if they’re stuck deep inside the carpet.

 Furthermore, the vacuum comes with 10 attachments, to help you with different dirt types, not just the pet hair.

10 Attachments

This is more likely more than you’ll need, but it’s a great added value if you obtain the Rainbow Model E2 Type 12.

The vacuum comes with: Coil cleaner, inflator tool, Power Nozzle, Dusting Brush, Attachment Caddy, Electric Hose, Upholstery Tool, Floor and Wall Brush, Wands, and Crevice Tool.

This takes us to the next feature.

Superior Edge Cleaning

If you have a specific attachment for every potential obstacle you may find alongside your way to a full vacuuming operation, will there be any obstacles left? The Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 solved those.

According to tens of happy users, the Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 provides superior edge cleaning, using its attachments in a brilliant way.

Best for Carpet

The premium vacuum of Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 uses its advanced water filtration technology to vacuum carpets in a picture-perfect way.

The Same happy users whose reviews I read, reported enjoying a clean and easy experience vacuuming their carpets.

They also said that this vacuum can do tile floors and hardwood floors as well.

TOO Expensive

We can’t argue over the features the Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 provides, but the price can make your jaw drop immediately.

No one wants to lose those amazing features, especially with the fact that it’s one of the best for both pet hair & carpets.

But, its price can get over $1300, which is too much for a vacuum, unless you’re financially capable, and in great need of those aforementioned features.

Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 Verdict

The Rainbow Model E2 Type 12 is a vacuum that uses water to collect dirt and debris and can be considered one of the premium vacuums.

It has so many great features, that we could only mention some of them only, including the distinguished attachments, and providing a great vacuuming experience.

However, the expensive price may detour those who aren’t willing to pay much for a vacuum.

5. Genuine Rainbow SE PN2

Genuine Rainbow SE PN2 Review

Ahmad Jamal

Genuine Rainbow SE PN2
Overall Rating


If you’re in a rush to obtain a decently great vacuum that helps you decide what vacuum you want without going into similar discussions, the Genuine Rainbow SE PN2 is your best choice.
It’s a dynamic Water filtration Vaccum that works on most floor types perfectly.


Floor types have always been the central topic of discussion when comparing a vacuum cleaner to another.

And if you’re in a rush to obtain a decently great vacuum that helps you decide what vacuum you want without going into similar discussions, the Genuine Rainbow SE PN2 is your best choice.

Want to know more? Let’s go.

Genuine Rainbow SE PN2 Features

Dynamic with Floor Types

Some overall water filtration vacuums can’t provide great vacuuming on more than two floor types, the Genuine Rainbow SE PN2 was ready to challenge that.

This Genuine water vacuum cleaner can switch between different floor types with a single button press, similar to any of the best vacuum mop combo.

It can work on hard floors, carpets, and even stairs.

Compact New Design

The older version of the Genuine Rainbow SE PN2 was a bit rusty and its design received negative overall feedback from hundreds of users on online markets.

Therefore, the new design of the PN2 was rebuilt with a Top-To-Bottom quality control inspection.

Moreover, its high-quality construction, made the vacuuming experience a lot better, according to users who obtained the upgraded version.

6 attachments

Do you know what makes the Genuine Rainbow SE PN2 more dynamic? More attachments of course.

It comes with 6 attachments, allowing you to reach the corners of your house easily, while you can do most types of floors already.


As the company upgraded the designs, it also made it more durable for its users, by providing them with years-long warranties.

The Genuine Rainbow SE PN2 comes with a 5-year motor warranty, in addition to a 2-year Bumper-to-Bumper warranty.

Attachments problem

You thought I’ll go all-in on positive features, didn’t you? My job is to provide you with an unbiased opinion on those water filter vacuums, and that I shall.

A decent number of users explained that they were not happy with how metal extensions (attachments) didn’t fit into each other, upon obtaining the Genuine Rainbow SE PN2.

Some reported that this attachments problem made the vacuum completely unusable.

Genuine Rainbow SE PN2 Verdict

If you’re a person who hates to get through a long process of putting things together or comparing vacuums together, the Genuine Rainbow SE PN2 is the suitable water filter vacuum cleaner for you.

It is a newly designed vacuum, that provides a dynamic stance when needing to vacuum different floor types inside your house.

It also comes at a decent price, so it’s not a hard vacuum to obtain, after all, just make sure to check the attachments before you obtain it, to make sure you’re not putting $750 into waste.

Water Filtratio Vacuums FAQ

To Wrap Up

Water filtration vacuums have the ability to purify the air inside your home, creating a perfect environment for people with health conditions like asthma and allergies.

Some vacuums are expensive, but they provide premium features. Others are the best at a specific feature, yet they are more affordable and easier to obtain.

If you can put the comparison of pros and cons into perspective, it’ll give you an easier task to decide what you need in a water filtration vacuum.

In the end, you’re obtaining a years-long machine that has a goal of providing health-related cleanliness, and the list of water filtration vacuums I reviewed thoroughly in this article, can help you choose wisely.

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