An Expert’s Analysis: Dyson V8 Absolute Vs Animal

Dyson produces intelligent & efficient vacuums, year after year then continues to develop new technologies to help ease & elevate the user’s experience. However, there are some major differences between different Dyson versions and series, and sometimes there are minor differences between models of the same series.

I’ve been responsible for carrying out multiple comparison series of Dyson models, like the Dyson V10 vs V11, but this time, it’s different and with a bit older but more affordable models.

For this article, I’ll compare the Dyson V8 Models, more specifically Dyson V8 Absolute Vs Animal.

Both the Dyson V8 Absolute & Dyson V8 Animal are powerful cordless vacuum cleaners, with high customer satisfaction ratings.

However, I’ll show you in this article how similar they both are, yet there are some important & deal-breaking differences between the Dyson V8 Animal Vs Absolute.

Scrolling down, you’ll find a detailed comparison between both models, in both technical & features sections.

What is Dyson V8?

To start off, what exactly is Dyson V8? It’s a new edition of the Dyson, updated from the Dyson V6 & V7, as it has better features than both versions at different levels and aspects.

Released in 2016, the Dyson V8 has better suction power, longer battery life, better maneuvering, and more advanced technologies used in vacuuming.

Moreover, the Dyson V8 vacuums produce less noise than newer models of Dyson V10 or V11.

As per all our CleanersAdvisor “Versus” articles, you’ll find a deep comparison of multiple types, between both models of comparison, and in this article, it’s the Dyson v8 absolute vs animal.

Why Compare Dyson V8 Absolute Vs Animal?

V8 models have the features of a powerful & efficient vacuum, yet it’s not so old like V7, and not so advanced and expensive like V10 or V11.

Comparing the V8 models will provide perspective on one of the highest-selling Dyson vacuums, and one of the most effective V-Series Editions.

What is Dyson V8 Absolute?

Dyson V8 Absolute Review

Ahmad Jamal

Overall Score


Dyson V8 Absolute is the first part of our comparison, it’s a lightweight cordless powerful vacuum that has enough battery capacity to finish the whole house in a single round of vacuuming.
It features a softroller cleaner head, that empowered the vacuum and provided it with its best feature so far.


Dyson V8 Absolute Best Feature

The Softroller cleaner head enabled the Dyson V8 Absolute to work perfectly on hardwood floors, no matter what type of dirt it’s facing.

Moreover, the softroller cleaner head also allowed the Dyson V8 Absolute to effectively remove larger debris, which is a harder task for a direct drive cleaner head found in other Dyson V8 Models.

Dyson V8 Absolute is a great Dyson model that became featured in another deep comparison of Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V8 Absolute.

What is Dyson V8 Animal?

Dyson V8 Animal Review

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Dyson V8 Animal is another Dyson V8 Model that enjoys the same powerful suction, the ability to work as a handheld vacuum in addition to originally working as a stick cordless vacuum.
It enjoys a light weight that increased its ease of use for its customer, and with intelligent attachments, Dyson V8 Animal can do wonders.


Dyson V8 Animal Best Feature

If your house’s floor isn’t made from 1 type of floor & carpets, then the Dyson V8 Animal will suit you the best.

It has a direct drive cleaner head, allowing it to be a perfect fit for carpets of all types, and it can be considered among the list of best vacuum for shag carpets.

The wide range of cleaning attachments also helped in making the cleaning experience easier and more effective.

What do Dyson V8 Absolute & Dyson V8 Animal Have in Common?

Before jumping into the differences and comparisons between Dyson V8 Animal Vs Absolute, why not look at the similarities between them, rule them out, and leave the rest of the features for deeper comparisons?

Both the Dyson V8 Absolute & Dyson V8 Animal are similar in:

  • Motor Size: Both are run by a 350W Motor
  • Battery Type: Both are powered by a 2800 mAh Battery
  • Dustbin Size: Both have 0.54-liter dust bin
  • Power Modes: Two power modes; High & Low
  • Wall mountable docking station
  • HEPA Filter
  • Attachments: Mini motorized tool, Combination tool, Crevice tool, and Mini soft dusting brush

Dyson V8 Absolute Vs Animal: Deeper comparison

The main difference between Dyson V8 Absolute Vs Animal is the Surface recommendation. The Dyson V8 Absolute works best on Hard Floors, while the Dyson V8 Animal suits carpets better.

Let’s dive deeper into the comparison, and start with the technical comparison.

Dyson V8 Absolute Vs Animal: Technical Comparison

Technical ComparisonDyson V8 AbsoluteDyson V8 Animal
Release Date20162016
Weight5.75lbs 5.63lbs 
Bin Size0.54 liter0.54 liter
Warranty2 Years2 Years
Bagged / BaglessBaglessBagless
Charging Time5 Hours5 Hours
ModelsNoneDyson V8 Animal Plus

Dyson V8 Absolute Vs Animal: Features Comparison

Fluffy cleaning head

The Dyson V6 & V7 models suffered previously from larger debris, they usually clog the vacuum and make vacuuming floors or carpets a harder job than it needs to be.

With the Fluffy cleaning head of the “Softroller cleaner head” equipped to the Dyson V8 Absolute, this issue disappeared, and all types of debris do not cause any problems anymore.

However, the Dyson V8 Animal doesn’t feature such a fluffy cleaning head, and it’s only equipped with the default direct drive cleaner head.

Winner: Dyson V8 Absolute

Mini Dusting Brush

The mini dusting brush can be found in Dyson’s V7, V8, V10, and V11. However, not all Dyson V8 Models acquire this attachment.

Only the Dyson V8 Absolute has this mini dusting brush, whose purpose is gently removing the allergens and dust from flat surfaces & furniture, according to the official Dyson official website.

Winner: Dyson V8 Absolute


If your cleaning problems occur mainly on carpets, where the pet hair or the children mess happens more often, and at the same time you have less hard floor space, then why spend the extra bucks on something your house doesn’t need?

The Dyson V8 Animal is cheaper than the Dyson V8 Absolute, and depending on your needs, don’t spend that extra cash for no apparent reason.

Winner: Dyson V8 Animal

Dyson V8 Absolute Vs Animal: Comparison sum up

Removing all the similarities between Dyson V8 Animal Vs Absolute, this table will sum up every single piece of difference between those amazing V8 models:

Technical ComparisonDyson V8 AbsoluteDyson V8 Animal
Weight5.75lbs 5.63lbs 
Models Dyson V8 Animal Plus
Fluffy cleaning headAvailable 
Mini Dusting BrushAvailable 

Dyson V8 Absolute Vs Animal FAQ

To Wrap Up

In this article of comparison between Dyson V8 Absolute Vs Animal, I’ve prepared a review of each vacuum separately, then proceeded to provide the list of similarities, then the most important part of deep comparisons, both technical and features’ comparisons.

Those lists & tables of deep comparisons shall guide you through your goal of differentiating which’s the better vacuum.

Convinced that V8 models are perfect, but want to look for more perfect Dyson models, check the comparison between Dyson V8 vs V10.

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