Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V8 Absolute: Comparison 2023

Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V8 Absolute

Shark vs Dyson, you probably have heard or read countless topics of comparison between those famous brands. Most notably, the shark Ionflex vs Dyson v8 absolute has been one of the most anticipated comparison series of them all. Why is that? Due to the similarity between both cordless devices, in many aspects and features. In … Read more

5 Best Backpack Vacuums for Less Pain & Better Experience [2023 Review]

Best Backpack Vacuums

Some people just like keeping their houses clean, but extensive work plus non-ending house chores can sometimes put enough pressure on those people’s bodies, preventing them from doing what they like- cleaning. That’s why there’s a solution in the best backpack vacuums, as they offer the cleaning efficiency you need, minus the long-lasting back pain. … Read more

Dyson V8 Vs V10: Which is The Best Dyson Vacuum?

Dyson V8 Vs V10

If you’re looking for an effective powerful cordless vacuum, then you’ve surely heard of the Dyson and its innovative models. But, how can you choose from different models that perform relatively close performances? You’ll need a deep comparison between those models, to help you make up your mind and choose the best for your cleaning … Read more

List of the Best Commercial Mop Models for Home and Commercial Use in 2023

Commercial Mop

Whether you run a small business or a large workshop, cleanliness is important to your company’s success. A cluttered, filthy office can reduce staff productivity and give the wrong image to potential clients and customers. Commercial mops are effective in cleaning the floors of any facility and are capable of handling larger and more difficult … Read more

Are Robot Vacuums Good For Hardwood Floors? – [Best Detailed Guide of 2023]

Are Robot Vacuums Good For Hardwood Floors

If you’re considering buying a robot vacuum, you might wonder “are robot vacuums good for hardwood floors?”. Since robot vacuums can be pricy, it’s important to check if your vacuum model is compatible with your flooring type, to help prevent the hassle and expense of having to return and order a new vacuum. In this … Read more

Here’s Why Robot Vacuums Move Randomly [2023 Detailed Guide]

Why Robot Vacuums Move Randomly

Different robot vacuums may include versatile navigation systems, but there is one thing that all robot vacuums share, they seem to have random navigation, but trust me, there’s a simple explanation of why robot vacuums move randomly. By the end of this article, you will understand the fascinating reason behind the weird navigation of your … Read more

How to Clean Between Hardwood Floor Cracks – Easy Step-by-Step 2023 Guide

How to Clean Between Hardwood Floor Cracks

No wonder hardwood floors provide a luxurious & beautiful look to any house, but they need thoughtful maintenance and cleaning to continue providing that. That means, that hardwood floors can face some hurdles that need attending to, and one of those hurdles is the floor cracks. Therefore, this Cleaners Advisor‘s guide will explain How to … Read more

How to Remove Murphy’s Oil Soap From Hardwood Floors – Simple Solution 2023

How to Remove Murphy's Oil Soap From Hardwood Floors

Murphy’s Oil Soap has been widely demanded specific cleaning chores, including the cleaning of ceramic tiles, hardwood floors, and more. However, sometimes you just can’t get the soap-to-water ratio well, adding too much soap to the water, which will create a lot of soap buildup on the floor that extends the need for further cleaning. … Read more

How to Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors – 2023 Guide

How to Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are as versatile as you’d like them to be. Once installed, you have a handful of finishing touches options for your distinguished flooring style. Every finish has clear advantages & disadvantages, therefore, you’ll need to be prepared beforehand to be able to clean your floor with the suitable methods and items, based on … Read more

How to Clean Bella Hardwood Floors – Professional 2023 Guide

How to Clean Bella Hardwood Floors

Engineered Bella Hardwood Floors has been increasingly asked about on the internet, guess why? It’s a great addition to any household. Looking for a great mid-priced reliable flooring for your house? Maybe you’ve heard of the Bella Cera flooring. In this Cleaners Advisor article, I’ll walk you through the up-and-coming Bella Hardwood Floors, explain how … Read more

How to Clean Berber Carpet – 4 Distinguished Methods 2023

How to Clean Berber Carpet

Berber Carpet is getting increasingly popular lately, due to its elegant & stylish designs, and how economical it can be compared to other carpet types. Moreover, it’s resistant to most liquid spills and can provide a comfortable feeling on your feet when you walk over it. However, it’s mainly obtained as long-lasting carpeting, so you’d … Read more

5 Simple & Easy Steps on How to Clean Bathroom Floor [A Step-by-Step 2023 Guide with Pictures]

how to clean bathroom floor

Did you know that germs and bacteria accumulate on bathroom floors? Cleaning the bathroom is probably everyone’s least favorite chore but one of the most important places to keep clean in your home. If we want clean, good-looking, and sparkling bathroom floors, it is important to know how to clean a bathroom floor quickly and … Read more

How to Clean a Dehumidifier Easily in 15 Minutes

How to Clean a Dehumidifier

When you’re continuously suffering from dampness and high humidity levels, then you’ve already thought about obtaining a dehumidifier. But since it’s working perfectly, you’re not thinking about cleaning them, however, dehumidifiers –like other pieces of machinery- require you to carry out periodic maintenance to keep them running effectively. Therefore, it’s a necessity to know how … Read more

How to Clean Mohawk Revwood Flooring… Do’s and Don’ts [2023 Detailed Guide]

How to Clean Mohawk Revwood Flooring

You’ve made a fantastic decision by choosing Mohawk Revwood waterproof laminate flooring due to its many wonderful features. Nothing compares to walking into a home with high-quality flooring. Walking on your newly-installed Revwood floors makes any home renovation worth it. Your new Mohawk Solid Wood flooring will last for years, while your RevWood flooring combines … Read more

Quick & Easy Steps on How to Clean Cat Litter Dust from Floor [2023 Guide]

How to Clean Cat Litter Dust from Floor

We understand how much cat owners love their feline friends and tolerate their mood swings. Scratching, spraying, peeing, and scattering all over the floors, on the other hand, can drive anyone insane! No matter how much you love your furry friends, I understand how frustrating this situation can be, especially when you’re swamped with your … Read more

How To Clean Bottom Of Pool Without Vacuum? 2 Best Ways of 2023

How To Clean Bottom Of Pool Without Vacuum

Pools are where you’d want to have a quiet time, relax, enjoy some stress-free time alongside your loved ones, and you won’t that to be interrupted by any forms of discomfort. Unfortunately, dirt, debris, algae, are the main forms of dirt-forming inside and outside a pool. Therefore, in order to keep that stress-free time enjoyable, … Read more

How to Unclog a Vacuum Hose? [2023 Updated Guide]

How to Unclog a Vacuum Hose

Maintaining a clean house means doing proper vacuuming & cleaning of the house on regular basis. Sometimes improper vacuuming, hidden objects, or poor maintenance can get in the way of that, by clogging your vacuum hose. How to unclog a vacuum hose? You may be wondering. It’s not a simple technique but it’s not that … Read more

List of the Best Vacuum Mop for Hardwood Floors Models According to Thousands of Reviews in 2023

Best Vacuum Mop for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors not only add a touch of elegance to your home but also a bit of warmth. They do, however, necessitate some specific care to keep them looking new. Looking to upgrade your cleaning tools in your home? This necessitates a thorough cleaning routine, which includes the use of the best vacuum mop for … Read more

Is Deik Robot Vacuum Worth it? This Detailed Review Has The Answer [2023]

Deik Robot Vacuum Featured Photo

While searching for another mid-ranged price-wise robot vacuum, I stumbled upon the Deik Robot Vacuum, and this vacuum showed great promise on paper, but that didn’t continue when I tried to obtain the Deik Robot Vacuum to test it. Amazon hasn’t had any of the models there, especially the Deik robotic vacuum cleaner mt820, and … Read more

The Advanced Review of the Simple-Yet-Effective Pure Clean Robot Vacuum – [2023 Review]

pure clean robot vacuum

The research team on Cleaners Advisor has been spotting uprising economical robot vacuums on the market recently. Those economical robot vacuums are considered a great option for those interested in the basic technologies provided by the robot vacuums, and yet to afford the most advanced ones that cost a fortune. Therefore, the importance of those … Read more

Looking for a Budget-Friendly Robot Vacuum? Mahli Robotic Vacuum’s Definitive Review is The Choice– [2023 Guide]

Mahli Robotic Vacuum

Running down on options when searching for pretty economical robot vacuums, while you still need to obtain a decent level of performance in that much needed to vacuum your house? There are some quite interesting options to look into, like the Goovi Robot Vacuum, any of the Best Roomba Alternatives, or the fairly-new Mahli Robotic … Read more

Here’s How to Remove O Cedar Mop Head Properly [2023 Guide]

How to Remove O Cedar Mop Head

O-Cedar is one brand that makes brooms, mops, mop refills, scrubbers, pads, gloves, and a variety of other cleaning tools and products that make your routine cleaning chores easier. Simple cleaning tools, particularly mops, are so effective at cleaning your various floors that you may mop with simply water and remove 99% of bacteria from … Read more

Ultimate List of 5 Best Sponge Mop – [2023 Guide]

Best Sponge Mop

Daily mopping is always an easy task when you pick the suitable mop for your flooring type, the area of your house, and multi-surfacing that could be required as well. However, sponge mops have been providing increasingly improved results in recent years, and with that increases the need to find the best sponge mop, among … Read more

Ultimate Guide to the Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine in 2023

Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine

Hardwood floors provide a great luxurious look to your house, whether you’re using the vinyl, laminate, or even the parquet hardwood design, they usually give the room (and house overall) a relieving look of beauty. However, with that comes the responsibility of cleaning the dirt types that may endanger damaging this look of beauty. That’s … Read more

Check Out the List of Best Outdoor Broom Appliances on 2023’s Market

outdoor broom

Obtaining a broom is a must-do since my grandparents established their first house nearly 100 years ago. The same level of importance that made them obtain a 1900s broom, is nearly established during our lifetime. The brooms are a daily-use cleaning solution, that can be used indoors and outdoor. In this CleanersAdvisor article, I’ll be … Read more

Get the Safest & Effective Best Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors [2023 Updated Guide]

Best Mop for Vinyl Plank Floors

Vinyl plank floors are wonderful additions to any home. They’re water-resistant, easy to clean, durable, and affordable. However, how do you clean vinyl without damaging it? You don’t need much to keep these floors clean apart from a vacuum cleaner and the best mop for vinyl plank floors. New mops don’t appear to be the … Read more

Get an Easy Squeeze Mop [2023 Detailed Guide]

Easy Squeeze Mop

Many people used to mop with having two buckets; a bucket for clean water, and another one to rinse water. The reason why they do so is that they don’t want to continue to wash with water that gets dirtier and that’s the problem with most mopping. If that’s what you’re still doing, start thinking … Read more

Supreme List of 4 Best Central Vacuum Systems in 2023

Best Central Vacuum Systems

Modern houses have been built with the best advanced built-in technologies, to meet the needs of the increasing daily needs of the people. There has been an increasing demand for Central Air Conditioning Systems, Central Heating Systems, and more importantly Best Central Vacuum Systems, and in this article I’ll be talking about the latter. The … Read more

Ultimate List of the 4 Best Portable Carpet Cleaner – Give Your Carpet A Spotless Look [2023 Edition]

Best Portable Carpet Cleaners

As the winter progresses, dirty slush started piling up, and mud seemed to be getting everywhere. My carpets have likely taken a hit from all the muddy and slushy boots that have walked through. If you are thinking of cleaning your carpets after a muddy, wet winter but wondering what is the best portable carpet … Read more

Shiny Appearance Assured: 5 Best Vacuums for Tile Floors

Best Vacuums for Tile Floors

Sometimes you’ll notice dust or dirt remaining on your tile floor after vacuuming it, and your vacuum is new and performing very well, don’t worry, it’s not the vacuum’s fault, it’s just how tile floors are made. Sadly, vacuum manufacturers don’t announce if their vacuums work perfectly on tile floors, that’s why I’ve prepared a … Read more

How to Clean a Shark Vacuum – Detailed Guide 2023

How to Clean a Shark Vacuum

The quality of any vacuuming chore will be reduced to the least effective if the vacuum isn’t as clean as it should be from the inside. You may wonder: my cleaning device needs cleaning? Yes, it’s the most susceptible to dirt since it’s the first line of defense against dirt, dust, and different debris types. … Read more

An Expert’s Analysis: Dyson V8 Absolute Vs Animal

Dyson V8 Absolute Vs Animal

Dyson produces intelligent & efficient vacuums, year after year then continues to develop new technologies to help ease & elevate the user’s experience. However, there are some major differences between different Dyson versions and series, and sometimes there are minor differences between models of the same series. I’ve been responsible for carrying out multiple comparison … Read more

Best Water Filtration Vacuums: The Ultimate Buying Guide 2023

Water Filtration Vacuums

Are you aware that in cases of dust-related allergies or asthma, water filtration vacuums cleaners can be the saving grace? Water filtration vacuums can purify the air inside your home, creating a perfect environment for people with such health conditions. Moreover, if you’re a perfectionist who loves the floors or carpets to be sparkling and … Read more

Best Roomba Alternatives – Buying Advice & Complete Guide

Best Roomba Alternatives

Who wouldn’t want a robot vacuum? They can make your whole cleaning experience as easy & comfy as any vacuum, plus the main “Automatic” feature they use. One of the most sophisticated robot vacuums is the Roomba, it provides sophisticated feels, alongside great performance, and intelligent devices. But, despite the sophisticated feel it gives, it’s … Read more