How to Remove Roller Brush From Shark Vacuum

How to Remove Roller Brush From Shark Vacuum

There are a handful of possibilities that would cause a shark vacuum roller brush error that needs interfering. Whether you need to unclog it, fix it, clean it, or just make sure it’s working properly, you’ll need to know how to remove roller brush from shark vacuum properly. In this CleanersAdvisor guide, we’ll walk you … Read more

Why Does My Shark Vacuum Keep Stopping

Why Does My Shark Vacuum Keep Stopping [Full Fix]

Shark vacuums are increasingly popular when it comes to how great their vacuums are, how versatile they are, and how speechless you’re left after trying some of their top vacuums. However, even the greatest brands can suffer from problems here and there, and the problem that lured you into this CleanersAdvisor guide is “Why Does … Read more

Shark Vacuum Brush Not Spinning

Why Shark Vacuum Brush Not Spinning?

You’d love to enjoy the effort-free and restful evening when your shark robot vacuum is doing the daily cleaning of your floor. However, some problems occur to shark vacuums and obstruct their daily working routines, one of those problems is shark vacuum brush not spinning. Is your shark vacuum brush not spinning? This CleanersAdvisor guide … Read more

Shark Robot Vacuum Error 2

Shark Robot Vacuum Error 2 – How to Fix It

Obtaining a robot vacuum means coming across a handful of potential errors every now and then, and I’ve already encountered a series of those errors, but thankfully I managed to get my robot vacuums to normal soon after. Having a properly functioning shark robot vacuum means you might encounter some of those problems, especially shark … Read more

How to Reset Shark ION Robot Vacuum

How To Reset Shark Robot Vacuum in 1 Minute

You’ve encountered some unknown error with your shark robot vacuum, and different troubleshooting attempts didn’t work out. This may have had you wondering, how to reset shark robot vacuum, so you can restore the default settings that has helped you get the robot vacuum working for long before the unexpected error occurred. In this CleanersAdvisor … Read more

Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

Why Is My Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging?

Cleaning can be effortful if you use the wrong items and equipment, but sometimes even using the suitable items can be effortful, especially if they start causing problems themselves instead of solving them. Shark robot vacuums are helpful, smart, and useful for daily cleaning chores on hard floors and carpets, but what would you do … Read more

shark vacuum motor died

Why Shark Vacuum Motor Died

Shark vacuums are a popular choice for households and businesses alike. They are known for their powerful suction, lightweight design, and easy-to-use features. However, like any other appliance, Shark vacuums can experience problems, including a dead motor. A Shark vacuum motor died can be frustrating, especially if you have a lot of cleaning to do. … Read more

Inse Vacuum Reviews

In-Depth Inse Vacuum Reviews

Vacuuming is an integral part of any household cleaning routine, but finding the right vacuum can be confusing! There are many different types and brands to choose from, each with unique features and specifications. Inse brand has been gaining popularity in recent years. Our CleanerAdvisor comprehensive guide, presents to you the Inse Vacuum Reviews, where we provide … Read more

Riccar Vacuum Reviews

Riccar Vacuum Reviews – Are They Worth to Pay

With so many vacuum cleaners available in the market, finding the right one can be daunting task. Thats where Riccar comes in. Riccar is a trusted brand in the vacuum industry, it offers a wide range of vacuums cleaners that cater to different needs and preferences.  This CleanerAdvisor guide, will provide you with a deep … Read more

Inse Cordless Vacuum Reviews

Inse Cordless Vacuum Reviews- Best Model

Keeping your home clean is a priority for most people, but finding the right vacuum can be a challenge. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to decide which brand will fit your needs. In this CleanersAdvisor  guide, we’ll take a look at the Inse cordless vacuum Reviews and provide an … Read more

Hart Vacuum Reviews

Hart Vacuum Reviews [Comprehensive Buying Guide]

Cleaning your home or workplace can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the right tools for the job. A good vacuum cleaner is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy environment, and Hart vacuums are among the most reliable and efficient vacuum cleaners on the market. Hart vacuums are known for their … Read more

Fireplace Vacuum

10 Best Fireplace Vacuum Models [Buying Guide]

A fireplace is an excellent source of heat and comfort during the colder months of the year. However, with its use comes the need for proper maintenance and cleaning. One of the essential tools you need for cleaning is a fireplace vacuum. But with so many options available in the market, it can be challenging … Read more

my shark vacuum won't turn on

Reasons Why My Shark Vacuum Won’t Turn On

Customers know well how reliable and efficient shark-cleaning vacuums can be. However, even the most advanced vacuums can experience issues from time to time.  One common question Shark vacuum owners keep asking is “why my Shark vacuum won’t turn on?”.  In this CleanersAdvisor guide, don’t worry if you’re dealing with this issue, we will follow … Read more

Best Vacuum Under 200

12 Best Vacuum Under 200$- [Choose Your Best One]

Vacuum cleaners are essential household applicants that make cleaning easy and efficient.  However, with so many vacuum cleaners available on the market, it can be overwhelming to find the right one with the appropriate price.  This guide aims to clarify to you what are the best vacuum under 200 that are both reliable and affordable.  … Read more

How to Clean Roomba Filter

How to Clean Roomba Filter-Tips and Tricks

If you own a Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, it’s essential to keep its filter clean to ensure it operates efficiently and effectively. During time, the filter can become clogged with dirt, dust, and debris, which can negatively impact the Roomba’s suction power and even cause it to break down.  Fortunately, cleaning the Roomba filter is … Read more

The Wyze Handheld Vacuum

The Wyze Handheld Vacuum

The Wyze Handheld Vacuum is a powerful and versatile cleaning device that offers a range of benefits and features to users.  It is a sleek and powerful vacuum cleaner that is designed to make your life easier. Whether you need to quickly up a spill or deep clean your entire home, this Vacuum has you … Read more

iRobot Roomba i8+

iRobot Roomba i8+: The Ultimate Cleaning Companion

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment at home is essential for our well-being. However, cleaning can be daunting, especially when you have a busy schedule. That’s where robot vacuum cleaners come in handy. They are designed to automate the cleaning process and save time and effort. One of the most advanced robot vacuum cleaners available … Read more

Shark Robot Vacuum Troubleshooting

Shark Robot Vacuum Troubleshooting

Are you having trouble with your Shark robot Vacuum? Perhaps it’s not working as it should, or maybe it’s just not picking up dirt and debris like it used to.  This article will explain some of the most common shark robot Vacuum troubleshooting tips to help you solve your Shark robot Vacuum issues. Whatever the … Read more

How to Change Dyson Battery

How to Change Dyson Battery [Step by Step Guide]

Dyson is a well-known brand that provides high-quality and efficient vacuum cleaners. However, over time, the battery in your Dyson vacuum cleaner may begin to lose its efficiency, so you need to know how to change Dyson battery. Replacing the battery in your Dyson vacuum cleaner may sound like a daunting task, but with the … Read more

Why Does My Vacuum Cleaner Smells Nasty

5 Reasons Why Does My Vacuum Smell

A stinky Vacuum is a real problem that may turn the cleaning process into a real disaster. A vacuum that spreads out a foul smell causes health issues. Therefore, it is essential to understand the reasons behind “Why Does My Vacuum Smell?” In this guide, we will help you to get rid of that odd … Read more

Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V8 Absolute

Shark IONFlex vs Dyson V8 Absolute: Comparison 2023

Shark vs Dyson, you probably have heard or read countless topics of comparison between those famous brands. Most notably, the shark Ionflex vs Dyson v8 absolute has been one of the most anticipated comparison series of them all. Why is that? Due to the similarity between both cordless devices, in many aspects and features. In … Read more

Best Vacuum for Shag Carpets

4 Best Vacuum for Shag Carpets Models [Buying Guide]

Shag carpets have been providing houses, palaces, cabins, and lodges with a luxurious look for ages. Preserving their cleanliness hasn’t been an easy job either. That’s where this article comes in handy, as it’ll show you the path towards picking the best vacuum for shag carpets. Whether it’s a ranch, an office, or the living … Read more

Best Backpack Vacuums

5 Best Backpack Vacuums in 2023

Some people just like keeping their houses clean, but extensive work plus non-ending house chores can sometimes put enough pressure on those people’s bodies, preventing them from doing what they like- cleaning. That’s why there’s a solution in the best backpack vacuums, as they offer the cleaning efficiency you need, minus the long-lasting back pain. … Read more

DIY Pool Vacuum

How to DIY Pool Vacuum in Less Than 60 Minutes

Swimming can literally be the best way to relax after a long day, some people kick off their day with a peaceful swim in their pool to get the fresh start they need for the day. However, pools are vulnerable to a long list of dirt and debris, and that’s a thing you really need … Read more

Dyson V8 Vs V10

Dyson V8 Vs V10: Which is The Best Dyson Vacuum?

If you’re looking for an effective powerful cordless vacuum, then you’ve surely heard of the Dyson and its innovative models. But, how can you choose from different models that perform relatively close performances? You’ll need a deep comparison between those models, to help you make up your mind and choose the best for your cleaning … Read more

Are Robot Vacuums Good For Hardwood Floors

Are Robot Vacuums Good For Hardwood Floors?

If you’re considering buying a robot vacuum, you might wonder “are robot vacuums good for hardwood floors?”. Since robot vacuums can be pricy, it’s important to check if your vacuum model is compatible with your flooring type, to help prevent the hassle and expense of having to return and order a new vacuum. In this … Read more

Why Robot Vacuums Move Randomly

Why Robot Vacuums Move Randomly

Different robot vacuums may include versatile navigation systems, but there is one thing that all robot vacuums share, they seem to have random navigation, but trust me, there’s a simple explanation of why robot vacuums move randomly. By the end of this article, you will understand the fascinating reason behind the weird navigation of your … Read more

Best Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair

Best Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair [2023 Full Guide]

No matter how much we love our furry companions we often find ourselves in mountains of their fur and debris. And that’s where pet vacuums come in, they are designed specifically for the hair and dust produced by your pets. And they often include a multitude of useful features that make for an easier cleaning … Read more

Best Robot Vacuums

Best Robot Vacuums 2023 Worldwide [Scientific Study]

All you need to know about Robot Vacuum Brands in One Place, here at, we’ve spent hundreds of hours reviewing the most reputable Robot Vacuum Brands on the market, to provide you with the list of the best Robot Vacuum Brands. It goes without saying that Robot vacuums are on the rise, more and … Read more

can you vacuum wet carpet

Can You Vacuum Wet Carpet? [Answers & Alternatives]

Did you know that germs and bacteria accumulate on wet carpets, then mildew and mold start to grow? Luckily, your carpet isn’t permanently ruined. If you wonder “can you vacuum wet carpet?”, “can i use a regular vacuum on wet carpet?”. Stop here and read this article first. Keep in mind that the sooner you act … Read more

How to Vacuum Hardwood Floors without Scratching

How to Vacuum Hardwood Floors without Scratching – Easy Guide 2023

Installing hardwood floors can be too expensive or too time-consuming, and you don’t want all that time you put into choosing the perfect color, type, and installation to go to waste with simple mistakes here or there. Therefore, after installing the hardwood floors, you’ll need to be able to clean them perfectly, without any side … Read more

How to Clean Vomit From Carpet

How to Clean Vomit From Carpet – 2 Easy Solutions

Partying has usually been accompanied by a lot of unpleasant vomiting here or there. If the vomit is spilled on the floor, then it’s a bit easy to get rid of it, but if it hits the carpets, then you’re in one of the hardest tasks. Not anymore, Cleaners Advisor got you! Wondering How to … Read more

How to Clean a Dehumidifier

How to Clean a Dehumidifier Easily in 15 Minutes

When you’re continuously suffering from dampness and high humidity levels, then you’ve already thought about obtaining a dehumidifier. But since it’s working perfectly, you’re not thinking about cleaning them, however, dehumidifiers –like other pieces of machinery- require you to carry out periodic maintenance to keep them running effectively. Therefore, it’s a necessity to know how … Read more

How to Clean Vacuum Brush

How to Clean Vacuum Brush Easily in 20 Minutes Only

A Vacuum Brush can define what we can clean inside our houses, the better the vacuum brush, the better the performance it can provide. This increases the need to know how to clean vacuum brush professionally, maintaining one of the most important parts of any vacuum. It’s safe to say that vacuum brushes are replaceable, … Read more

Can you Vacuum Glass

Can You Vacuum Glass? How to Do It Properly [2023 Guide]

You’re making dinner, hands are a bit more wet than usual, you’re holding the plate but it just slips away from your hand to the ground it goes. The plate shattered, glass everywhere on the kitchen floor, this is pretty dangerous and hands and legs are in a huge hazardous situation. Unfortunately, the shattered glass … Read more

How To Clean Bottom Of Pool Without Vacuum

How To Clean Bottom Of Pool Without Vacuum [Mostly DIY]

Pools are where you’d want to have a quiet time, relax, enjoy some stress-free time alongside your loved ones, and you won’t that to be interrupted by any forms of discomfort. Unfortunately, dirt, debris, algae, are the main forms of dirt-forming inside and outside a pool. Therefore, in order to keep that stress-free time enjoyable, … Read more

How to Unclog a Vacuum Hose

How to Unclog a Vacuum Hose 2023

Maintaining a clean house means doing proper vacuuming & cleaning of the house on regular basis. Sometimes improper vacuuming, hidden objects, or poor maintenance can get in the way of that, by clogging your vacuum hose. How to unclog a vacuum hose? You may be wondering. It’s not a simple technique but it’s not that … Read more

How to Vacuum a Shag Rug

How to Vacuum a Shag Rug Easily 2023

Using a regular vacuum head can be difficult on a shag rug due to the way both are built, which would require additional steps and tips to perfect. Shag carpets don’t allow airflow into the vacuum properly, especially if you’re using the aforementioned regular vacuum head. Therefore, you will need to use a different set … Read more

How to Empty Shark Vacuum

How to Empty Shark Vacuum

There is always plenty of dirt to vacuum, but when you’re done vacuuming, you’re still not “fully” done yet. You are now supposed to safely get rid of this dirt into a trash can somewhere, to make sure you’re fully done with the dirt inside your house. Luckily, with advanced technologies improving how vacuums work, … Read more

Commercial Pool Vacuum

Best Commercial Pool Vacuum Cleaners On the US Market

By the end of 2019, there were over 400,000 commercial pools in the USA, and that number can lead to a certain set of points, one of them being the increased demand on a vacuum that’s made specifically for those commercial pools. The concept of “Commercial Pool Vacuum” isn’t new by any means, but the … Read more

Deik Robot Vacuum Featured Photo

Is Deik Robot Vacuum Worth it? [Answers & Reviews]

While searching for another mid-ranged price-wise robot vacuum, I stumbled upon the Deik Robot Vacuum, and this vacuum showed great promise on paper, but that didn’t continue when I tried to obtain the Deik Robot Vacuum to test it. Amazon hasn’t had any of the models there, especially the Deik robotic vacuum cleaner mt820, and … Read more

Coredy R750 Featured

Full Review of the Coredy R750 – [Buying Guide]

We aim at Cleaners Advisor towards providing you with the best options for each price-tag category when we review robot vacuums. You have a couple of budget-friendly options like the Goovi Robot Vacuum, the Mahli Robotic Vacuum, and the Pure Clean Robot Vacuum. Moving on to the next level of robot vacuums with a bit … Read more

mini robot cleaner

List of the Best Mini Robot Cleaner Models in 2023 Markets

When categorizing vacuums, some would put the size of a vacuum in a whole new category, and then compare the vacuums mainly according to their size. Some are just heavy, others are just portable, so when it comes to the size of a vacuum, it matters in a way. Therefore, there has been an increasing … Read more

pure clean robot vacuum

The Advanced Review of the Simple-Yet-Effective Pure Clean Robot Vacuum – [2023 Review]

The research team on Cleaners Advisor has been spotting uprising economical robot vacuums on the market recently. Those economical robot vacuums are considered a great option for those interested in the basic technologies provided by the robot vacuums, and yet to afford the most advanced ones that cost a fortune. Therefore, the importance of those … Read more

Mahli Robotic Vacuum

Mahli Robotic Vacuum’s Definitive Review is The Choice

Running down on options when searching for pretty economical robot vacuums, while you still need to obtain a decent level of performance in that much needed to vacuum your house? There are some quite interesting options to look into, like the Goovi Robot Vacuum, any of the Best Roomba Alternatives, or the fairly-new Mahli Robotic … Read more

Goovi Robot Vacuum

3 Best Goovi Robot Vacuum Models [Buying Guide]

Having a busy life? Tired of the cleaning chores that deplete your power on daily basis? That’s when you know you’re in need of a robot vacuum, and to be specific an economical Goovi robot vacuum. Robot vacuums in general are time & effort-saving, and improving technologies have been increasing the use of robot vacuums … Read more

Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine

Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine [Buying Guide]

Hardwood floors provide a great luxurious look to your house, whether you’re using the vinyl, laminate, or even the parquet hardwood design, they usually give the room (and house overall) a relieving look of beauty. However, with that comes the responsibility of cleaning the dirt types that may endanger damaging this look of beauty. That’s … Read more

Best Value Vacs

Best Value Vacs On the Whole Market [2023 Reviews]

When you think about obtaining a new vacuum, you’ll have to keep in mind that it’s based on 3 main elements: The specific flooring style you want to vacuum, a specific task you need the vacuum to perform, or you’re just comfortable with a specific type of vacs. Therefore, this subject’s main goal is to … Read more

Dyson V7 vs V8

Which Vacuum is Better: Dyson V7 vs V8? [Full Comparison]

Dyson V-Series has been for years one of the finest cordless vacuums on the market, and for such good reasons to back that up. On a near yearly basis, Dyson produces a new V-series model, using more advanced technologies, the good and bad customer reviews and feedback, and put the outcome of those into a … Read more

Best Carpet Cleaner Solution for Pets

Best Carpet Cleaner Solution for Pets [2023 Guide]

Pets can bring pleasure and joy to any household, but they also create messes on carpets. Maybe it’s pet hair or muddy paw prints, and other times it may be a mess that’s a little. If you’re a cat owner, you have come to realize accidents happen at your home. With pets come extra responsibility … Read more

Best Vacuum Mop Combo

Best Vacuum Mop Combo [Top 3 Machines on the Market]

If you’re a cleaning freak – like me – and you love to do all the sweeping, the vacuuming, and the mopping by yourself, then you’re doing it right. However, even cleaning freaks may sometimes have insufficient time to carry out what they love, that’s when you will need to cut the time needed by … Read more

Best Ash Vacuum

4 Best Ash Vacuum Cleaners in 2023

A cozy & comfortable house would usually enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire, but that also produces dangerous types of ash. Those different types of ash can be severely dangerous and cause serious lung problems if you (or a family member) inhale them by mistake. Therefore, you need the best ash vacuum to get … Read more

Best Car Carpet Cleaner

Best Car Carpet Cleaner Tools in the US

How often do you give your car a thorough cleaning? When was the last time you had your car carpet professionally cleaned? Many car owners, unfortunately, neglect the carpet for far too long, allowing stains, mud, and sticky substances to accumulate. Luckily, cleaning it isn’t as difficult as one might think! it’s time to consider … Read more

Best Central Vacuum Systems

4 Best Central Vacuum Systems in 2023

Modern houses have been built with the best advanced built-in technologies, to meet the needs of the increasing daily needs of the people. There has been an increasing demand for Central Air Conditioning Systems, Central Heating Systems, and more importantly Best Central Vacuum Systems, and in this article I’ll be talking about the latter. The … Read more

Best Portable Carpet Cleaners

4 Best Portable Carpet Cleaner For a Spotless Home

As the winter progresses, dirty slush started piling up, and mud seemed to be getting everywhere. My carpets have likely taken a hit from all the muddy and slushy boots that have walked through. If you are thinking of cleaning your carpets after a muddy, wet winter but wondering what is the best portable carpet … Read more

Clean Carpet Without Vacuum

8 Best Alternatives to Clean Carpet Without Vacuum

I just moved to a new apartment which was pretty messy and it happens to have a carpet in almost every room. There’s a higher chance that bacteria or unwanted pathogens make their way into these carpets. Being a college student who has a tight budget and tries to save money, I can’t buy a … Read more

Best Cordless Vacuums for Pet Hair

4 Best Cordless Vacuums for Pet Hair [2023 List]

No matter how much you love your pet, that unconditional love won’t change the fact that owning a lovely pet means you’ll be required to carry out additional cleaning tasks. I have an adorable cat myself, but the hair shedding it originally suffers from, needs the extra bit of cleaning on my side. That’s when … Read more

Steam Clean Carpet

How to Get a Steam Clean Carpet

I used to clean carpets monthly at home, during that, I’ve learned something: cleaning carpets isn’t an easy job unless you have the suitable tool for the job. Carrying a heavy bucket and scrub brush everywhere and constantly changing the water to get stains out of the carpet makes the job more difficult. So, I … Read more

Best Corded Stick Vacuums

5 Best Corded Stick Vacuums in the US [Buying Guide]

Some people feel just alright and peaceful with a certain type of vacuums, if you’re a corded stick vacuums fan, this article will make you love them more. If you’re not a fan, then I’m going to change your mind with this list of the best corded stick vacuums on the market. In this CleanersAdvisor … Read more

Best Vacuums for Tile Floors

5 Best Vacuums for Tile Floors [Choose The Best Model]

Sometimes you’ll notice dust or dirt remaining on your tile floor after vacuuming it, and your vacuum is new and performing very well, don’t worry, it’s not the vacuum’s fault, it’s just how tile floors are made. Sadly, vacuum manufacturers don’t announce if their vacuums work perfectly on tile floors, that’s why I’ve prepared a … Read more

Best Vacuum for Stairs

4 Best Vacuums for Stairs [Versatile & Economical Vacuums]

Vacuuming the stairs isn’t an easy job. Is it difficult for you to get into all of the nooks and crannies? Carrying a heavy machine makes the job more difficult. Cleaning the stairs is the most difficult and inconvenient task in the house because they’re frequently used.

Best Multi Surface Vacuum

Best Multi Surface Vacuum Cleaners [Choose One Now]

I’ve never been to a house made of the same flooring type or even the same type of carpets, it’s always a different set or combination, depending on the room, family’s daily tasks… etc. I believe that variety is the secret behind different types of joy that fill the house, starting from the first stone … Read more

How to Clean a Shark Vacuum

How to Clean a Shark Vacuum [Detailed Guide 2023]

The quality of any vacuuming chore will be reduced to the least effective if the vacuum isn’t as clean as it should be from the inside. You may wonder: my cleaning device needs cleaning? Yes, it’s the most susceptible to dirt since it’s the first line of defense against dirt, dust, and different debris types. … Read more

Best Vacuums for Car Detailing

5 Best Vacuums for Car Detailing [Detailed Buying Guide]

If you’re wondering how can a car washing machine clean up tens of cars in the shortest periods of time, the secret is always in the best machines and tools. The same concept applies when you’re the one responsible for your car’s clean state, you’ll need to choose from the best vacuums for car detailing. … Read more

Best Vacuums for Laminate Floors

5 Best Vacuums for Laminate Floors [2023 Review]

Vacuuming different types of floors can be tricky if you don’t have the related information to vacuum them correctly, and laminate floors are as tricky as any floor type can be. To help solve this tricky situation, I’ve conducted nearly 30 hours of research on 55 different vacuums made by several famous brands, to prepare … Read more

Best Vacuums for Long Hair

4 Best Vacuums for Long Hair [No Hair-tangling Anymore]

The vacuum’s main job is to provide a clean flooring and environment, but some things can get in the way of the vacuum’s main task, like clogging or breaking down. This can be caused by long hair, whether it’s human or pet hair, and for that, you can’t rely on a regular vacuum, you’ll need … Read more

Dyson V8 Absolute Vs Animal

Dyson V8 Absolute Vs Animal [Full Comparison 2023]

Dyson produces intelligent & efficient vacuums, year after year then continues to develop new technologies to help ease & elevate the user’s experience. However, there are some major differences between different Dyson versions and series, and sometimes there are minor differences between models of the same series. I’ve been responsible for carrying out multiple comparison … Read more

Best Shark Vacuum for Pet Hair

Best Shark Vacuum for Pet Hair [Pet Owners Favorite]

I’m a cat person, I love dogs as well, both creatures are adorable, lovely, and always fun to have around. However, this comes at a small price of more pet hair or dirt around the house. In this article, you’ll find the best shark vacuum for pet hair, that’ll help you with getting rid of … Read more

Best Vacuum for Vinyl Floors

Best Vacuum for Vinyl Floors [Advance List 6 Vacuums]

Astonishing and bright, or sexy and dark, whatever your pick for your house, the vinyl flooring can provide you with various options that look appealing to the eye. But with that, you’ll need constant efforts to keep it clean, that’s why in this article, I’ll guide you through the process of picking the best vacuum … Read more

How Long Do Vacuums Last

How Long Do Vacuums Last? [Guide Based on Recent Studies]

Usually, when you opt to buy a new vacuum cleaner, you’ll focus firstly on the brand, then the prominent features like suctions power, type of vacuum, versatility, and other important features, you’ll rarely ask yourself how long do vacuums last. Maybe, because that’s a question for the late future, as you’ll be using it as … Read more

Dyson V10 vs V11

Dyson V10 vs V11: The Precise Analysis [2023 Version]

Dyson vacuums have built an increasingly famous reputation, to be the “built to last too long” vacuums, especially after fixing the flaws found in corded bagged vacuums in their latest models. In this article, I’ll compare the Dyson V10 vs V11, as they are two of the most reputable Dyson models on the market. The … Read more

Best RV Vacuum

Best RV Vacuum Cleaners of 2023 [Analysis Included]

People treat an RV like home, a real permanent home, while others are obsessed with travels and hate to stay at one place. All of them should be searching for the best RV vacuum there is because a dirty trip isn’t the perfect trip. I’m an outdoors person, and I can tell you I hate … Read more

Best Vacuum For Fleas

Best Vacuum for Fleas Choose The Best 2023 Model

Flea infestations inside a house are a major issue that needs to be addressed upon spotting it. No time should be wasted in evaluating your options and searching for the best vacuum for fleas. Additionally, a single flea infestation can hurt a little and cause some disturbance and can cause you nightmares day and night. … Read more

Wall Mounted Garage Vacuums

Best Wall Mounted Garage Vacuums

Are you an owner of a workshop, or you’re someone who loves to create new stuff inside the convenience of your own garage? Then you’re in need of a wall mounted garage vacuum, to keep your work (or hobbit) environment as clean and tidy as possible. This is where this guide comes in handy. I’ve … Read more

Water Filtration Vacuums

Best Water Filtration Vacuums Buying Guide 2023

Are you aware that in cases of dust-related allergies or asthma, water filtration vacuums cleaners can be the saving grace? Water filtration vacuums can purify the air inside your home, creating a perfect environment for people with such health conditions. Moreover, if you’re a perfectionist who loves the floors or carpets to be sparkling and … Read more

Best Roomba Alternatives

Best Roomba Alternatives [ The Best Buying Guide]

Who wouldn’t want a robot vacuum? They can make your whole cleaning experience as easy & comfy as any vacuum, plus the main “Automatic” feature they use. One of the most sophisticated robot vacuums is the Roomba, it provides sophisticated feels, alongside great performance, and intelligent devices. But, despite the sophisticated feel it gives, it’s … Read more