How to Clean Hamilton Beach FlexBrew – Short & Easy Guide 2023

Published by Ahmad Jamal on May 18, 2022 | Last updated on January 9, 2023

Always brew your coffee in a clean coffee maker to make sure your morning coffee is as delicious as you’d want to kick off your day with.

However, this requires maintaining your coffee maker’s cleanliness for as long as you can.

Don’t worry, this Cleaners Advisor guide will help you Know How to Clean Hamilton Beach FlexBrew, in a short period of time.

And as periodic this process needs to be carried out, the more you do it, the more you get used to it, and the easier and less time-consuming it gets.

Let’s start by asking the 2nd most important question, why do you need to know How to Clean Hamilton Beach FlexBrew?

Why do you need to know How to Clean Hamilton Beach FlexBrew?

Any type of unwanted germs remaining in your Hamilton Beach FlexBrew will make your morning coffee a bitter pill to swallow since it’s not as perfect as you’re used to.

Moreover, NSF International carried out a study in 2011, stating that coffee reservoirs occupy a high rank among the top 10 most germy places inside a house.

This means that the coffee reservoirs should be cleaned regularly as much as floors or windows need cleaning.

Additionally, the study affirmed that yeast & mold were found in 50% of the homes that reported having germy coffee reservoirs.

You don’t want anything to interfere with your delicious morning coffee, do you? Move on with this guide on How to Clean Hamilton Beach FlexBrew to know more about it.

How to Clean Hamilton Beach FlexBrew

Items & Equipment Needed Before Starting the How to Clean Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Guide

  1. Cold Water.
  2. White Vinegar.
  3. Mixing Cup.
  4. Tap Water.
  5. Wet Paper Towel.
  6. Damp Cloth.
  7. Soft Cloth.

Elephant in the Room: How to Clean Hamilton Beach FlexBrew

Create The Cleaning Mix

The cleaning mix is the most important substance you’ll use to clean the interior of your Hamilton Beach FlexBrew reservoir.

Therefore, get the mixing cup ready, and add ¾ cup of white vinegar & ¾ cup of cold water.

Pour the Mix

As you prepare the mix, open the reservoir’s cover, and pour in the mix slowly.

You don’t have to pour it in hastily, you don’t need any kind of spilling inside your machine.

Press “Brew Now” #1

Now you’d want the white vinegar mix to thoroughly clean the reservoir, which means you have to let it move freely inside it.

To do so, press the “Brew Now” button, and wait 30 seconds for it to start.

Press “Brew Now” #2

30 seconds is more than enough, now stop the brewing using the same button.

And to make sure the rest of the operation doesn’t require you setting beside the machine, unplug the machine of power.

Wait 30 Minutes

We already stated we don’t want you to stay foot beside the coffee brewer, so you’ll need to leave the mix inside the machine for 30 minutes.

You can move on to other parts of the brewer, or get done with other stuff until the 30 minutes end, so the mixture can do its job inside the brewer.

Flush #1

To get the machine back running, you have to flush the mixture twice.

First, plug it in back, and resume a cycling brew to flush out the mix, this step can get 70-80% of the mix to the outside of the machine.

Flush #2

Now, use 2-3 cups of tap water to completely flush out the mix and its remains from the interior.

1 cup at a time, until it’s completely mix-free.

Ready to Go!

Re-install the cover after flushing with tap water, and now you can get going with it, fully cleaned up.

How to Clean a Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Hot Plate

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Hot Plate can most probably contain hard stains but don’t worry, it can be easily cleaned.

All you need to get the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Hot Plate cleaned is a simple wet paper towel you prepared beforehand.

Leave the hot plate to cool for 20 minutes away from the machine, then use the wet paper towel over the plate, it’ll soak any type of hard stains there.

Remove the soaking wet paper towel now, and wipe the plate clean with a soft cloth.

How to Clean a Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Stainless Steel Exterior

This step is easier than the rest.

The exterior is easier to maintain in general, since it’s only susceptible to exterior visible dirt.

Use the damp cloth to wipe in the direction of the metal grain, this will be your important cleaning step.

After that, only buff the exterior with another soft cloth for a shiny look.

How often should I clean Hamilton Beach FlexBrew

You need to maintain your Hamilton Beach FlexBrew’s interior on monthly basis, so make a schedule to clean it once a month.

However, the exterior & hot plate can be cleaned whenever you see or feel dirt on them since their dirt is mostly visible.

How to Clean Hamilton Beach FlexBrew FAQ

To Wrap Up

You don’t want anything to interfere with the restful & delicious morning cup of coffee, that’s why you should master how to clean Hamilton Beach FlexBrew.

This guide provides a thorough step-by-step on the no-longer-than 40 minutes cleaning process, that will require you to use the minimum of items and equipment.

If you have any questions in regard to this guide, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.