How to Get Paint Off Of a Mirror – 10 Effective & Tested Ways [2023 Guide]

Published by Ahmad Jamal on March 13, 2023

Not all mistakes are easily solved, especially when it comes to paint removal.

However, while CleanersAdvisor experts have a solution to nearly everything related to cleaning, how to get paint off of a mirror is no exception.

One day you were painting your bathroom or your living room, and a bit of the paint spill hits the mirror, and you only noticed it when the paint got dry and strong. What can you do to deal with it?

Mirrors are fragile, and exerting extra pressure while removing any type of stains can easily break it into pieces, not what you’d want as a solution, right?

Moreover, a delicate surface like the mirror’s wouldn’t survive traditional paint removing methods like heat guns or metal scrapers.

Don’t worry, this wouldn’t make the problem solving harder, as CleanersAdvisor experts have multiple solutions for you.

First, we’ll discuss how paint can get sticky on a glass surface, then we’ll present you with 10 of the most effective ways on how to get paint off of a mirror.

Moreover, we’ll have extra cleaning tips to help you master how to get paint off of a mirror.

How Does Paint Stain a Mirror?

Generally speaking, there are two types of painting, using a brush, and using a sprayer.

Sprayers are most likely to stain other surfaces, since you have more control over the pain when using a brush.

Here are the most conventional ways in which a mirror can be stained by paint:

  1. Overpainting an area: when you’re overpainting an area you may be too focused on painting you start to spill paint without realising the mistake.
  2. Forgetting to protect other surfaces: you should always protect surfaces that can be easily stained with pain whenever you’re painting, and forgetting to do so is one of the main reasons why mirrors get stained with paint.
  3. Using too much or too little spray: using the wrong amount of paint when spraying can easily disrupt your spraying routine, leading to undesired paint stains on mirrors nearby.
  4. Using wrong spray paint: spray paints differ in quality, and using the wrong one can easily lead to more spilling than ever, choose it wisely.
how to get paint off of a mirror

How to Get Paint Off Of a Mirror

1. Rubbing Alcohol 

One of the most effective ways on how to get paint off of a mirror is using the rubbing alcohol on the stain spot, by simply applying the rubbing alcohol and water onto a soft piece of cloth, to create the effective mixture.

Then, wipe the paint off the mirror until the paint is taken care of, but be careful not to apply pressure while cleaning, as it’ll be useless and damage the normal pressure is the only pressure required.

How to Get Paint Off Of a Mirror using Rubbing Alcohol

2. Nail Polish Remover

It’s convenient isn’t it? Nail polish remover works heavenly on such substances, alongside the paint staining the mirror, as it’s mainly made with acetone, the ultimate remover.

You’ll need a cotton ball or a piece of cloth, then soak it with nail polish remover, and get down to business removing the paint.

Similar to rubbing alcohol, use regular pressure only, as the acetone in nail polish remover will do the dissolving.

How to Get Paint Off Of a Mirror using nail polish remover

3. Graffiti Remover

Similar to the 2 options we broke down, Graffiti remover works as a chemical dissolver for paint staining your mirrors.

However, since it’s a heavy duty cleaner, test it on a small area on the mirror before applying it in full on the mirror, to make sure it doesn’t damage your type of mirrors.

If all works well, spray the area from around 15-20cms (7inches), while covering the rest of the mirror to avoid any potential damages.

Then, after a couple of minutes, bam, no paint is left.

How to Get Paint Off Of a Mirror using graffiti remover

4. Magic Eraser

We expressed how magical a graffiti remover can be, as it makes paint “disappear”, but a magic eraser does the same as well.

It’s a bit easier too, as you’ll need to get the magic eraser wet, and simply run it over the paint, without exerting much pressure at all.

How to Get Paint Off Of a Mirror using magic eraser

5. Paint Thinner

If you use an acetone-made remover and your attempts were to no avail, it means that the paint was left to dry for days, and this requires more aggressive removers.

Paint thinners work pretty well against paint on mirrors, but make sure to take the mirror to the outside for better ventilation.

You won’t need much of the paint thinner, only dip the cotton ball or the corner of a clean cloth with the paint thinner, and get down to business.

After the thinner works on the paint, just wipe it off with a clean cloth.

How to Get Paint Off Of a Mirror using paint thinner

6 Easy-Off Oven Cleaner

Another harsh chemical can work effectively against paint on mirrors, but the easy-off oven cleaner can be potentially more harmful.

Therefore, you’ll need to protect the whole environment around the glass, starting with the floor, moving on to the unstained area on the mirror.

Wear rubber gloves too, protection matters.

How to Get Paint Off Of a Mirror using easy off over cleaner

7. Vinegar

You will notice that at CleanersAdvisor we rarely forget how helpful vinegar can be for different cleaning chores.

Therefore, here we are, vinegar can also be considered an option when you’re looking for how to get paint off of a mirror.

But you’ll need to use cleaning vinegar as it’s less diluted and offers a more powerful solution.

Similar to the last option, wear rubber gloves when you use it, then just dip the tip of a cotton ball in the cleaning vinegar, and wipe off the paint a couple of times until it’s removed.

Then clean your mirror with clean water to get rid of any potential residue.

How to Get Paint Off Of a Mirror using cleaning vinegar

8. Plastic Scrape

Use a plastic scrape to gently remove any remaining paint off of the mirror.

However, since this option requires using heat as well on the pain, we’d advise to refrain from doing it unless you have experience removing paint off of a mirror with a plastic scrape and heat.

How to Get Paint Off Of a Mirror using plastic scraper
They’re not as effective as we’d like them to be, yet still an option

9. Hairspray

Back to easy-to-use methods, where hairspray shines not only on the hair, but as a brilliant idea.

You’ll only need to spray the area where paint stained the mirror, and let it work its magic for a couple of minutes.

Soon, you’ll find the paint easily removed, and all you need to do afterward is wipe it all off the mirror.

How to Get Paint Off Of a Mirror using hairsprayer

10. Pressure Washer

Pressure washers aren’t as common in households, that’s why we left it as a final option.

Pressure washers can be used to remove paint stains off of mirrors, but it’s a bit complicated.

You’ll need to take the mirror to the outside, lay it down on a flat surface so the pressure of standing against gravity adds to the pressure of washing.

Use the lowest power possible on your pressure washer, and get down to business.

It’s advised to use soapy mixture on the stain spots, to reduce the time and effort required while using the pressure washer.

How to Get Paint Off Of a Mirror using pressure washer

Tips on How to Get Paint Off Of a Mirror


  1. Test cleaning solutions before using them in full effect.
  2. Work carefully and slowly around the mirror, rushing or exerting extra pressure can break the glass.
  3. Clean the mirror thoroughly whenever you’re done removing the paint stains.


  1. Don’t use items or cleaning solutions you don’t know about
  2. Never use abrasive materials such as steel wool or sandpaper.
  3. Never use harsh chemicals that aren’t made or tested on mirrors.

To Wrap Up

Now that you’ve mastered How to Get Paint Off Of a Mirror, you know 10 different methods that are as effective as you’d like them to be.

Moreover, never let the paint dry on the mirrors, acting quickly can save you much time and effort.

If you have any questions regarding the 10 methods on How to Get Paint Off Of a Mirror, ask our CleanersAdvisor experts in the comments section below.

As usual, here’s a video to demonstrate how you can DIY paint removal: