How to Shrink a Football Jersey [Step By Step]

Published by Ahmad Jamal on June 5, 2023

Football jerseys can either be as stretched and comfortable as you may seek, or just fit and show your fit figure in a similarly great manner.

However, if it’s stretched or a little bit too big for your liking, you should know how to shrink a football jersey.

Modern styles in NFL uniforms created a full-fitting style of jerseys that show the great figures of players, in addition to preventing the opposing team from grabbing your jersey and taking you down.

So, if you’ve obtained the wrong size, or you seek a better fitting of your football jersey, here’s how to shrink a football jersey to the size of your choosing.

Read through this CleanersAdvisor guide for further instructions.

How to Shrink a Football Jersey

To shrink a football jersey, you’ll need to run your jersey through the washing machine using a normal washing cycle with hot water, adding a laundry detergent to thoroughly clean them in the washing machine, then tumble dry the jersey in the hottest cycle, wait for it to cool down afterward, and test its new size.

Here’s a step by step showcasing of how to shrink a football jersey:

1. Prepare your football jersey by reading its label, separating it from other laundry, and deciding what method and which laundry detergent you’re going to use in the shrinking process.

2. Set up the washing machine by choosing a normal washing cycle, hot water, and applying the laundry detergent.

3. Turn on the washing machine and let it finish the washing cycle completely.

4. Until the washing machine finished its task, set up the dryer to the hottest settings for around 20-25 minutes.

5. Remove your football jersey from the washing machine and tumble them in the dryer for further shrinking.

7. Once the football jersey has cooled down to the room’s temperature, try them on and test how it has shrunk already.

8. If you need it to shrink further, repeat the process without adding the laundry detergent for further shrinking results.

How to Shrink a Football Jersey

Can You Shrink Football Jersey in Dryer?

You can shrink football jersey in dryer if it’s made of natural fibers like silk, wool, or cotton. However, synthetic fibers can still be shrunk, but they’ll require more work and you should not expect them to shrink as much as natural fibers.

For instance, you can get 20-30% additional shrinkage if you repeat a shrinking process in the dryer for synthetic made football jerseys after repeating the process 2-3 times, but shrinking natural fibers once can lead to same if not better results.

How to Shrink a Polyester Football Jersey

Yes you can shrink a polyester football jersey, but as we mentioned before you’ll require more effort and time in the process.

For instance, heating the polyester football jersey with 140 F degrees or more can shrink most of the polyester fabrics..

Therefore, machine washing them drying the polyester football jersey seems effective enough if you carry out the explained steps to the tiniest details.

How Do You Shrink a Polyester Jersey Without Ruining It

The key to shrinking a polyester jersey without ruining it is selecting the suitable settings in the washing machine that fits the type of polyester the jersey is made of.

Then, you should always check in on the polyester jersey inside the washing machine and the dryer every 10 minutes, to make sure the polyester hasn’t been damaged or scorched by the heat inside either machine.

How Do You Shrink a Polyester Jersey Without Ruining It
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How Do You Shrink Synthetic Jerseys?

Synthetic jerseys can be shrunk the same way natural fiber-made jerseys are, but they require additional one or two steps to complete the process to the fullest.

It goes without saying that shrinking natural fiber-made jerseys is much easier than shrinking synthetic jerseys.

However, synthetic jerseys will shrink less than other jerseys, and will require you repeat the same shrinking process 2-3 times before reaching a similar shrinking size to that of the natural fiber-made one.

Does Hot Water Shrink Jerseys?

Pouring hot water on jerseys won’t make them shrink, however, washing cotton-made jerseys in hot water then drying it in the dryer can easily shrink it to a newer more fit size.

Avoid just pouring hot water on jerseys and thinking this may make it shrink, as shrinking requires a set of steps that should be carried in a numerical order as we did in this CleanersAdvisor guide.

To Wrap Up

Mastering how to shrink a football jersey is important to maintain your good looking figure and making sure it’s not interrupted by some stretching here or there.

After reading through this guide, you’ve mastered how to shrink a football jersey, regardless of the nature of its fabrics, natural or synthetic, as we’ve showcased what you should do in either situation.