Do You Have Poop on Bed Sheets? We Help You Clean It [2023 Guide]

Published by Ahmad Jamal on April 29, 2023

Children are the ultimate gift anyone can have, and pets make your life more enjoyable and fun.

However, with those amazing creatures, you can still have some accidents here and there, as they can leave poop on bed sheets unintentionally, and you have to deal with them as soon as possible.

This CleanersAdvisor guide shall help you deal with poop on bed sheets in an efficient manner, regardless of the source of the mess.

Moreover, we’ll provide you with additional tips to help restore the regular shape and smell of the bed sheets, once you’ve dealt with an accident as soon as you possibly can.

No one wants unpleasant and smelly stains on their bed sheets, right?

But poop on bed sheets can be a huge problem if you deal with it the wrong way. Let’s do it right instead!

What Causes Poop on Bed Sheets

There are different causes to the problem, but the main ones would be children who like to take liberty in relieving themselves wherever they are.

And the same can go for pets.

However, in my personal experience, my wife was just done with cleaning the diapers of our younger kid, then my 3 years old daughter decided it’s time to play with the diapers, and she opened it up and flipped it wide open towards the bed sheet.

Now, that’s a real mess we were supposed to take care of.

Here’s how we cleaned poop on bed sheets. 

poop on bed sheets

How to Clean Poop On Bed Sheets 

1. Put Protective Gloves On

Rubber gloves are the first layer of protection you should have on your hands when you attempt to clean poop on bed sheets, as you don’t want to have poop stains and smell lingering on your fingers.

However, if you face such a problem, here’s a full guide on How to Get Poop Smell off Hands.

Double up on your gloves if the ones are low quality.

2. Remove As Much Poop As Possible

You’ll need to pick up every piece of poop and get rid of it as soon as possible.

Collect the bio-waste and throw every piece of it in the garbage bag.

However, don’t make a mess out of it, only remove the pieces you can remove, and leave the rest of the poop to be dealt with later.

Tie up the garbage bag after you’re done removing as much poop as possible, and toss it in the outdoor trash can.

3. Prepare the Bathtub

You’ll need to prepare the bathtub before moving on to other steps of cleaning poop on bed sheets.

Fill the bathtub with cool water as you’ll wash your bed sheets inside it in a couple of minutes.

Add ¼ cup of laundry detergent, and mix them with your hands.

Leave the bathtub like that for 8-15 minutes.

4. Remove the Stained Bedding

Now that you’re waiting for the bathtub to be ready, remove the stained bedding before you start washing it thoroughly.

Apply stain-fighting solution to the stained spot, and wait 5 minutes so the solution can soak inside the stains.

We suggest using OxiClean as it’s color-safe and properly works on bedding sheets.

This step is important before you attempt to wash the bed sheets in the bathtub.

poop on bed sheets
Stains can be smaller like this, or a large stain spot

5. Separate the Bed Sheets inside the Bathtub

Separate bed sheets from one another (submerging them is easier when they’re dry than when they’re wet or inside the tub) before you move on.

Now, hand wash every sheet separately, mimicking the motion of washing machines.

If you haven’t paid attention to how your washing machine works, press with both your hands and rub the stain with some force to thoroughly clean the stains.

6. Apply Pre-Wash Stain Treatment

Now, drain the water from the bathtub, and squeeze the excess water and liquid from the sheet.

Then, apply the pre-wash stain treatment directly, to deal with the stains and lingering odor.

Let the pre-wash stain treatment sit for 15 minutes before moving on to machine washing.

7. Washing Machine to Clean Poop on Bed Sheets

Since you’ve dealt with the poop and the stains properly, it’s time to wash the bed sheets in the washing machine to restore their regular smell, cleanliness, and shape.

Use color-safe bleach or oxygen bleach to clean them, in addition to your regular laundry detergent.

All that’s left is drying them out before using them again.

Additional Tips When You Encounter Poop On Bed Sheets

1. Never forget to protect your hands with gloves or double gloves.

2. Move pets and children away from the room as soon as you encounter the mess they left behind.

3. Always act quickly when dealing with poop stains, waiting makes them harder to deal with.

4. Use Enzyme cleaners if you’re dealing with harder-to-remove poop stains.

5. White Vinegar & Baking Soda can help expedite the odor removing process.

6. You can use spot cleaning machines to treat the stains.

poop on bed sheets
This is how kids beds should always look, tidy and neat

To Wrap Up

Encountering poop on bed sheets can be surprising for some, but for homeowners who are eager to keep their houses clean at all times, this isn’t a hard task by any means.

This CleanersAdvisor guide helped you master how to clean poop on bed sheets, and provided you with 6 additional tips to maximize the effectiveness of your cleaning.

If you have any questions regarding this guide, feel free to ask us in the comment section below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Here’s a video on how to clean poop off a mattress, which is a bit similar to how to clean poop on bed sheets to a certain extent: