3 Best Portable Pressure Washer with Water Tank You Can Opt to in 2023

Cleaning your home or car is a very time-consuming task. It is even more tedious when you do so without the help of modern equipment and technology.

Imagine a pressure washer without the need for a pump, a super long hose, and loads of storage space. Well, now you can! A portable pressure washer with water tank is certainly taking the market by storm.

Discover the freedom of a portable pressure washer with water tank. With improved working mechanisms, your cleaning will not only be easier but made more fun.

Pressure washers require plenty of water to operate and water from the source has to be pressurized enough so that it can flow into the pressure washer unit and get sprayed out of the nozzle.

Do you need a portable pressure washer with water tank?

A portable pressure washer is designed to help you clean practically anything without wasting time and energy. The machine comes fitted with powerful motors that generate a tremendous amount of water pressure per square inch.

If you’re curious about the best portable pressure washer with water tank, then we at CleanersAdvisor have put together a comprehensive list of the top 3 on the market and explained all their pros and cons, which are surely going to fulfill all the requirements.

Plus, a buying guide to give you an idea of what considerations you need to make.

Why Use a Portable Pressure Washer with Water Tank?

1. Portability and Ease of Use

When it comes to portability and ease of use, especially when you talk about home cleaning activities, nothing can beat the functionality and options of an electric pressure washer.

These pressure washers are designed to be portable and are fitted with durable tires so you can take the machine around any terrain and clean whatever you want.

Portability also plays a key role when taking the machine anywhere you want to go. A portable electric pressure washer isn’t as heavy as a gas-powered pressure washer as it isn’t fitted with a bulk motor engine.

2. Sound Suppressing Technology

Another reason to opt for a portable heated pressure washer is that they come fitted with state-of-the-art sound dampening or suppressing technology. Gas-powered washers make a lot of noise that will always bother your neighbors.

A portable electric washer does not make any radical noise or irritating sound, which means you can wash your patio, deck, walkway, driveway, or pavement anytime and as frequently as you want. The best portable pressure washers come with Sound Seal technology.

What Are Uses of Portable Pressure Washer with Water Tank?

There are plenty of uses of a portable water tank for a pressure washer. There are just so many things you can use the machine for cleaning. In light of this, below are the top 5 common uses of portable pressure washer with water tank.

  • Allows for thorough cleaning of your car.
  • Cleans the exterior part of your house without leaving any traces of mold, dust, mud, grime, and many others.
  • Removing spider webs and wasp nests. Pressure washers can easily remove those stinging insects from your home without you having to physically touch them. This act is, however, advisable you do it at night when the insects are dormant.
  • Thoroughly clean mold and other dirt from swimming pools and Jacuzzi before the beginning of a new season.
  • Very effective in cleaning outdoor equipment, machines, farming, and industrial equipment.

Types of Portable Pressure Washers

When deciding to purchase a portable pressure washer, there are several things that need to be considered. Knowing what they are can help you identify which one you should buy.

Here are some types of portable pressure washers available:

According to the Source of Power

1. Electric engine

Just as the name implies, these engines are connected to an electric power source and are mostly used for light to moderate home use. Apart from being plugged into an electric socket, they can also be connected to a power generator.

2. Petrol or gas engine

Mostly useful in industrial and commercial applications, these Petrol or gas pressure washers use to perform medium to heavy tasks.

3. Diesel engines

These are related to petrol engines, only that they use diesel instead. They work more or less like gas engines and should only be used outdoors due to the fumes they emit.

4. Hydraulic engine

Equipment that utilizes hydraulic pressure is mostly found in an agricultural setting. They are quieter, less heavy, and are very compact.

According to Functional Capacity

The functional capacity of pressure washers is divided into 4 main parts of:

1. Light duty

These have a pressure rating of between 1300 to 2000 PSI. They are made to deliver a maximum of 2 GPM. Light duty pressure washers are best used in accomplishing domestic cleaning purposes such as garden equipment, patios, motorbikes, and even small cars.

2. Medium duty

With a pressure rating of between 2000 to 2800 PSI, these washers deliver a flow rate of about 2 to 3 Gallons per Minute. Best for cleaning bigger cars, large patios, swimming pools, etc.

3. Heavy-duty

Heavy-duty pressure washers have a pressure rating of between 2900 to 3000 PSI. The flow rate of 3 to 4 GPM makes them very ideal to perform heavy-duty tasks such as cleaning large trucks, stone, brickworks, etc.

4. Extra heavy-duty

These machines are extra powerful and are used to perform heavy tasks. They have pressure ratings of above 3000 PSI.

How to Repair a Pressure Washer?

1. Water Pressure Problems

No pressure

The right diagnostic solutions depend on the cause of the problem. Your pressure washer may not have strength if it has a damaged unloader valve or damaged pump inlet valves. You may need to open the machine to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Damaged unloader valve

Open the unloader screw and look for broken springs and seals. Replace them as necessary.

Damaged pump inlet valves

Disassemble the unit and look for dirty or broken components. Clean the dirt and replace the worn-out valves of the inlet manifold.

Low Pressure

Some of the issues that cause low pressure do not mean that your washer has a problem. It could be a wrong application or even a blocked garden hose. You need to check for insufficient inlet water supply, use of the wrong nozzle, or blocked water filter.

Water supply not sufficient

Look for a twisted hose and ensure you have full water pressure from the tap. Using the wrong sized garden hose could also cause low pressure. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure you have the correct diameter-sized garden hose.

Blocked filter

Check the inlet water filter for blockage if the water supply from the source is right. Dirt and debris can reduce water pressure. Remove the hose connection and clean the debris.

Wrong nozzle

Not using a nozzle or having the wrong nozzle can affect the pressure. Refer to the manufacturer guide to ensure you have the right nozzle and change it accordingly.

Pulsing pressure

The problem of pulsing pressure involving high and then is highly prevalent. The rhythmic water pressure can occur due to several factors ranging from a faulty pump to the damaged manifold, water obstruction, and air sucking.

Pump sucking air

Air sucking is the primary cause of pulsing pressure. Before you can start worrying, turn off the washer and keep the water supply running. Squeeze the trigger gun to release the tension and then start the pressure washer.


Dirt can obstruct the water inlet and nozzle to create pulsing pressure. Deposits in the wand or gun may also be the cause of the problem. You can use freshwater to flush the inlet filter, a needle to unclog the nozzle, and vinegar to clean deposits from the wand.

Faulty or damaged components

Fix the problem by disassembling the pump. Check for broken or dirty valves and replace or clean them. If that does not solve the problem, you may need to replace the pump.

Unsteady pressure

Unplanned pressure spikes or drops can make cleaning your home or car problematic. A pressure spike is dangerous as it can damage your surface while a pressure drop increases the cleaning duration. You can use these remedies to fix pressure spike or drop.


A poorly calibrated unloader valve is the primary cause of pressure spikes. Refer to the manual to adjust the unloader to the correct pressure.


Several issues could make the pressure drop after cleaning for some time, including unloader valve problems and nozzle blockage. It is easy to unblock the nozzle with a needle to ensure steady pressure.

A dirty or faulty unloader valve can also make the pressure drop. Thankfully, you only need to remove the unloader for cleaning or repairs to restore your pressure washer functionality.

2. Water Leak Problems

Leaking pump

Before you start fixing a pump, you may need to look at your warranty cover. Disassembling the pump can void the warranty, but there are things you can do to stop leaks without voiding it.

Water leaks from the pump can occur due to various issues like broken seals, loose bolts, and an activated thermal valve.

Broken seals

Check whether your washer warranty is active and return it for replacement.

Loose pump bolts

Loose bolts will create a gap on the pump casing. Fix the problem by tightening bolts to ensure proper sealing.

Activated thermal valve

Wait for about five minutes before using the pressure washer again. The valve will de-activate immediately it is cool enough.

Hose connection leak

A broken or improper connection of the garden hose can cause leaks. Disconnect the hose and reconnect properly.

You may need to check the rubber washer to ensure it is not broken. A broken rubber washer will require replacement as it can allow the water to leak.

Spray wand and connections leaks

If you notice leaks on the wand, you should check the connections. Improper connections will not be tight enough to prevent leaks.

You may also check the O-ring inside the hose connection to ensure it is not broken. Replace the broken O-ring and connect properly.

3. Gas Powered Washer Engine and Power Issues

The engine does not start

You may experience trouble starting a gas-powered washer engine if it does not have gas or the choke is in the wrong position. Make sure the washer has gas, and the choke is in the correct position as per instructions before trying again.

Other problematic issues include pressure build-up, spark wire disconnection, or faulty spark plug. Release the pressure in the system by squeezing the trigger gun. Check the spark plug connection and make the right connection or replace the plug if faulty.

Not enough power

If the engine is running but not producing adequate power, you need to check the following.


The engine will not provide enough power if it is running at the wrong RPM. Detach the pump and adjust RPM to the recommended engine specifications.

Dirty air filter

Check the air filter for dirt and clean or replace it accordingly.

Engine stops while in use

Confirm the oil level and refill as necessary. Dirty filters can also make the engine stop while it is in use. Clean and replace the air filter regularly to improve efficiency.

Water in oil

A pressure washer could have water in oil if the pistons are broken or worn. It may also occur if seals are worn. The warranty usually covers pistons and seals problems. Talk to your manufacturer to get the problem fixed.

4. Electric Powered Washer

The washer will not start

The best home power washer will not start if the electric outlet is not plugged in or faulty. Check the plug and main fuse to ensure the problem is not the power source. The pressure washer will further not start with a defective motor.

A defective motor will need replacement, which can be under warranty.

5. Other Issues

Injector not working

Most problems with the detergent or chemical injector are as a result of using the wrong nozzle. Check to ensure the black soaping nozzle is on the wand. A clogged inlet filter or valve will lead to problems with the injector.

A clogged inlet filter is easy to clean with fresh water. However, you will need to remove the hose to unblock the soap inlet valve.

Loud noise

Your water pressure will produce more sound if the water intake is blocked, which you can quickly fix by cleaning the intake. Inadequate oil in a pump or engine can make your machine noisier. It is necessary to regularly check and add oil to increase the lifespan of your washer.

You’ll find some common problems in pressure dishwashers, along with their solutions.

What to Look for in the Best Portable Pressure Washer with Water Tank?

There are several essential things to keep in mind before buying a high-quality pressure washer. So we discuss here these important and notable issues below. Read the full buying guide, and it will help you make a decision about what type of pressure washer is perfect for you.

  • Portability
  • Power Source
  • Power Cleaning
  • Durability
  • Consistency
  • Wheels and handles
  • Warranty  
  • Size
  • Pressure
  • Purpose
  • Location
  • Source of Water
  • Hot and Cold-Water Pressure Washers

The Best Portable Pressure Washer with Water Tank

Sun Joe SPX6001C-XR 1160 PSI Max Sun Joe SPX6001C-XR 1160 PSI Max Best Portable Pressure Washer with Water Tank Check Price
Sun Joe SPX3200 Sun Joe SPX3200 Best Small Portable Pressure Washer with Water Tank Check Price
Pure Clean PCRWASH21 Pure Clean PCRWASH21 Best Portable Pressure Washer with Water Tank for Cars Check Price

1. Sun Joe SPX6001C-XR 1160 PSI Max

Sun Joe SPX6001C XR 1160 PSI

Sun Joe SPX6001C-XR 1160 PSI Max Review

Hala Zaqqout

Overall Score


This cordless portable pressure washer with water tank is a perfect example of what a washer should be like. It has a premium functionality of 4 sprays tips which are as easy as plug and play.
All spraying at different angles to enhance the functionality of the pressure washer.
Moreover, it has a soap spray that is used for light to heavy home cleaning or detailing tasks.
This amazing product has an automatic stop system which improves its durability as it automatically shuts off when the trigger is not in use, increasing its power utilization efficiency.


Sun Joe SPX6001C-XR 1160 PSI Max Features


Get ready to cross a ton of outdoor chores off your home improvement list with the SUN JOE iON SPX6001C-XR Cordless Pressure Washer.

The Pressure Joe SPX3000 electric portable pressure washer with water tank delivers it all to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks: homes, buildings, RV’s, cars, trucks, boats, decks, driveways, patios, lawn equipment, and more.

Quick-Connect Spray Tips

The iON’s exclusive Pressure Select Technology lets you choose the perfect pressure to suit the cleaning task to tackle everything from siding to sidewalks.

Simply select from among the four Quick-Connect tips or Soap Sprayer attachments to customize your cleaning results, and put the power of iON to work on your outdoor cleaning projects.

Powerful Motor

The Sun Joe Cordless Pressure Washer is our pick for the best battery-powered pressure washer. It’s got a stout 600-watt motor that can spray up to 1160 psi.

But since this sprayer is equipped with pressure select technology, you can set it to a lower pressure for washing things you don’t want to get damaged like your vehicle or a deck.

Crafted for the Heavy-Duty Cleaning Task

The bucket on top holds just over five gallons, so once you fill it, you should be able to tackle most jobs without needing to stop for a refill.

And to ensure that the battery lasts until the cleaning is done, this sprayer implements a total stop system that completely shuts off the pump when you’re not pulling the trigger.

The Lid Has No Lock

One minor frustration we had with this pressure washer is that there’s nowhere on board to keep the attachments, so they just end up getting set on top, making them easy to lose.

Sun Joe SPX6001C-XR 1160 PSI Max Verdict

Give yourself the freedom of easily moving around as you perform your cleaning chores with this Sun Joe SPX6001C-XR portable pressure washer with water tank machine. With a powerful motor, you can easily perform light-duty tasks such as cleaning your home, cabins, etc.

A top-loading and detachable bucket is very convenient. To make work easier for you, the machine can be connected to a garden hose for a continuous flow of water.

The unique Pressure Select Technology offers you the option to choose it as the best pressure washer with water tank, which will suit your needs. You can also customize your cleaning results by adjusting the Quick-Connect tips.

You can find everything you need to know in this video below.

2. Sun Joe SPX3200

Sun Joe SPX3200

Sun Joe SPX3200 Review

Hala Zaqqout

Overall Score


The Sun Joe SPX3200 ‘GO ANYWHERE’ Electric small portable pressure washer with water tank is an ideal partner for all your domestic and light-duty chores. The compact and innovative lightweight design makes the product very portable, also thanks to the sturdy swivel wheels.
it comes with a 14-amps motor and five-point quick-connect spray tips of zero to forty-degree angle meeting your daily heavy-duty cleaning tasks.
It has an automatic idling system that allows an automatic shutdown when the washer is not in use. It also comes with an excellent 360-degree easy-glide wheel for easy mobility and maneuvering.


Sun Joe SPX3200 Features


And while we are on the subject of versatility, it may be relevant to mention that the new Sun Joe SPX3200 Electric Pressure Washer gets very high marks in this crucial regard.

This power washer with water tank can handle quick and easy cleanups on all manner of surfaces, from the patio, porch, deck, fence, to your garage, car, boat, siding, and more.

Quick Connect Nozzles

Having a full set of 5 quick connect nozzles really does make a huge impact on the performance, versatility, and overall efficiency of the unit you end up buying.

As a matter of fact, the Sun Joe SPX3200 Electric portable pressure washer with water tank comes equipped with 0º, 15º, 25º, 40º, and soap. This means that you will never be at a loss when it comes to choosing the right spray tip for the job. And you’ll never be left with an ugly mess.

Extreme Power Engine

The most important feature that the Sun Joe SPX3200 Electric portable pressure washer with water tank is sheer, brute, and naked power. We’re talking about a 14.5-amp motor that can very quickly rev up to give you 2030 PSI of maximum water pressure.

Water pressure can be manually selected, using the pressure adjusting knob located on the front of the unit. This ensures that the model will give you a reliable performance under all working conditions, from lightweight to severely heavy jobs.

Easy Glide Wheels

On top of its lightweight, the transportability and ease of use of this model are further improved by the addition of four solid wheels.

It comes with an excellent 360, easy-glide wheels for easy mobility and maneuvering! It’s also lightweight and easy to maneuver at only 19.4 lbs, you will be able to clean anywhere around your home with less hassle as you roll from one project to the next!

Telescoping Wheels

Don’t make the mistake of simply assuming the telescoping wheels can spin every which way on their own. This unit is very portable but will still require attentive, hands-on guidance if you want to avoid making a huge mess.

Sun Joe SPX3200 Verdict

If you’re ready to buy a portable pressure washer with water tank that gives you more for your money than just raw power, there’s a new model you need to know about.

The new Sun Joe SPX3200 small portable pressure washer is blessed with something a little extra, and that extra something is massively increased mobility. Make your cleaning chores more mobile with the perfectly portable GO ANYWHERE Pressure Washer from Sun Joe.

With a compact, lightweight design and sturdy swivel wheels, you’ll be able to clean anywhere around your home with less hassle as you roll from one project to the next!

This’s how to use Sun Joe SPX3200 portable pressure washer with water tank.

3. Pure Clean PCRWASH21

Pure Clean PCRWASH21

Pure Clean PCRWASH21 Review

Hala Zaqqout

Overall Score


This is a portable pressure washer with water tank, that has multiple charging options, providing convenience for its users.
Surprisingly, not only can charge it with a normal power outlet but the best part is that it can be charged with a car plug as well.
Furthermore, you enjoy a large lithium battery that can power the full discharge of its full 4.5-liter tank. As you might have guessed by now, this washer is portable and is very efficient when it comes to energy and water.
It comes armed with a trigger-activated nozzle spray gun and is very easy to move around due to the presence of roller wheels providing a complete 360 degrees rotation. It also has a shoulder strap that comes in handy when needed.


Pure Clean PCRWASH21 Features

‘On-the-Go’ Quick Clean Ability

The Pure Clean system in this portable pressure washer with water tank gives you the power to clean ‘on the go’ with its easy-to-use attachments. The unit is light enough to be portable and easy to carry anywhere you go.

From car cleaning to pet cleaning this is the perfect tool for all-around cleaning, providing convenience for its users.

Energy and Water-Efficient Pressure Wash Power

The energy and water-efficient system in this portable pressure washer with water tank come with a trigger-activated nozzle spray gun, water hose, and refillable 4.5-gallon tank.

The efficiently sized canister holds enough water to tackle any job while at the same time conserving as much water as possible. As well as being water efficient, the pure clean also conserves electricity by being able to use the battery power for your job.

Rugged, Durable, and Reliable

The Pure Clean pressure washer tank is made to last. Its rugged construction lends itself to working in the outdoors and challenging environments.

This unit is reliable and durable making it the perfect tool for the outdoorsman who is conscious of cleaning. Whether you’re camping, fishing, or cleaning, the Pyle Pure Clean Pressure Washer System is just a spray away.

Versatile, Compact, and Portable Washing System

You need not overthink about the pressure washer’s plastic surface as its robust construction will surely last long. Also, it is compact and does not take up a lot of storage space. And it does handle several tasks given the small scale.

The Pure Clean system is small enough to be portable. Its compact size lends itself to tackle a variety of tasks. Take it with you anywhere, and complete small to big jobs.


The water gun nozzles in this portable pressure washer with water tank are too expensive. The plastic thing is prone to frequent damages and replacement spares are quite costly, as the pressure is not exactly tough enough for the heavy-duty task.

Pure Clean PCRWASH21 Verdict

The days are gone when you had to exhaust yourself while washing your car. Due credit goes to the portable outdoor pressure washer Pure Clean which is perfect for cleaning cars. It’s fast with clean on-the-job functionality that provides rapid flow anytime you want.

Everything you need to do is fill the battery-powered pressure washer tank with water, and push the spray gun button. You can see how easily this small machine extracts dust and dirt from the soil without much water being used.

The best thing about this product is that it contains attachments that are great for cleaning any vehicle or any household object within your reach. This user-friendly interface and strong results have prompted us to include the product on our preferred review list.

Here’s everything you need to know about this power washer with water tank.


Portable Pressure Washer with Water Tank FAQ

To Wrap Up

Keeping all your need in mind, we chose the top picks to help you choose the best portable pressure washer with water tank, you can buy one, and makes your life easy.

If you’re looking for the best portable pressure washer with water tank, you should pay attention to the above portable electric pressure washers reviews on our site.

However, choose a portable pressure washer by checking every feature. Sun Joe SPX6001C-XR 1160 PSI Max is the perfect choice for clean Homes, lawns, pools, boats, etc. So, choose the ideal portable pressure washer and enjoy cleaning everything.

Do you still have more questions? Be sure to leave a comment in the box below.

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