How to Shrink Leather Wallet To The Perfect Size

Published by Ahmad Jamal on June 6, 2023

Obtaining a classy leather wallet is a great addition to whichever outfit you choose to go out with.

However, leather wallets stretch over time without human’s interference, and they stretch more and more when you place more items in them than they can handle.

This means you’ll need to learn how to shrink leather wallet to its perfect size, as an overstretched wallet is not only unattractive, but it can cause the items you put inside it to fall out accidentally.

Therefore, read through this CleanersAdvisor guide, as our laundry experts will guide you through how to shrink leather wallet without ruining it, and you’ll find more about other points in this table of contents.

Can I Shrink My Wallet?

Leather wallets can be shrunk easily using warm water and simple shrinking methods.

They are similar to leather gloves, leather pants and leather boots, and we have a separate shrinking guide for each one of these precious items.

Moreover, shrinking them doesn’t require a long list of steps that need to be carried out for a proper shrinking, they are simpler, but still needs to be carried out properly for a smaller sized leather wallet.

Can I Shrink My Wallet?

How to Shrink Leather Wallet

Start by removing all the leather wallet’s contents, then prepare a medium sized bowl of lukewarm water and soak your leather wallet inside it for 10-12 minutes, before removing it from the bowl and starting to shape it to the new required size. 

Here’s a step by step on how to shrink leather wallet:

1. Remove everything that is inside the leather wallet, including cards, photos, money, coins, notes, and whatever you put in there. Make sure you put them somewhere safe and that kids and pets aren’t close, as they may find them luring to play with.

2. Prepare a bowl of lukewarm water that isn’t boiling, by warm enough for the shrinking to start. 

3. Start soaking your leather wallet inside the bowl of lukewarm water and make sure it’s fully submerged inside the water for 10-12 minutes, as this is more than enough for the water to start the shrinking.

4. Once that 10-12 minutes are done, move the wallet out of the water and start immediately to open and reopen the wallet a couple of times, then start shaping the pockets and card slots to the shape you want by applying moderate pressure.

5. Make sure to press down on any bulges or misshapen components on the leather wallet as it’s more probable to happen when your leather wallet is a bit larger than it usually is.

6. Let your leather wallet dry to the best drying level possible while retaining the shape you created in a previous step, as the drying will make the fibers harden and shape similarly to what you shaped it to.

7. Adding a conditioner after the leather wallet has completely dried out will prevent your wallet from losing its texture, but this is an optional step, if the drying was carried out properly, then you won’t need this step.

How to Shrink Leather Wallet

How Do You Flatten a Wallet?

This video explains in depth how to flatten a gucci wallet:

Can Wallets Go In the Dryer?

According to our laundry experts who have tested shrinking wallets in the dryer, they stated that you shouldn’t attempt to shrink your leather wallet using the dryer machine in the house.

It’ll void the warranty first and foremost, and the outcome won’t be as you would’ve wanted.

Additionally, most leather wallets aren’t made of 100% leather, which makes it tricky to try leather-compatible methods on a wallet that’s not fully made from leather.

How to Shrink Leather Wallet Pockets

This video showcases how to Make Leather Wallet Pockets in details, watch it for further instructions:

To Wrap Up

This guide showcased the best method in which you can master how to shrink leather wallet by using items and methods you can safely and easily carry out at home.

This CleanersAdvisor also provided a step by step explanation on how to carry the process out safely and in detail, so you wouldn’t miss out on any tiny piece of information that can help you with your shrinking goals.