How To Clean Black Converse All Stars? [A Detailed Guide]

Published by Enaam Siam on May 27, 2023

If you are a big fan of Converse All Stars, you know how quickly they get dirty. But don’t worry, CleanersAdvisor experts are here to solve your problems and teach you How to Clean Black Converse All Stars. With right techniques and appropriate cleaning methods, you can restore your black Converse All Stars like new.

Before we start with our detailed CleanersAdvisor guide on how to clean your black Converse All Stars, let’s know why is it necessary to clean Converse All Stars in general?

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Why Is It Important To Clean Your Converse All Stars?

Why Is It Important To Clean Your Converse All Stars

It is essential to realize why cleaning your  Converse All Stars is so critical. Dirty shoes are not only bad-looking, but also they can store bacteria and fungus, generating unpleasant smells and perhaps causing disease.

Cleaning your shoes on a regular basis not only keeps them looking bright but also increases their longevity.

What Do You Need To Clean Black Converse All Stars?

What Do You Need To Clean Black Converse All Stars

We need to obtain the appropriate materials before we begin cleaning:

  1. A brush with a soft bristle
  2. Warm water
  3. A bowl
  4. Mild detergent or shoe cleaner
  5. Bleach / Baking soda / Vinegar [ all are optional ]

Step-By-Step On How To Clean Black Converse All Stars

Step-By-Step On How To Clean Black Converse All Stars

After gathering the supplies, it’s time to begin cleaning your black Converse All Stars. Take the following steps:

  1. Remove The Shoe laces and insoles

First step you should carry out is removing the shoe laces and insoles. This step can easily help you get deeper access to other shoe parts.

  1. Remove dirt and debris

Brush the surface of the shoes well with soft-bristled brush until you make sure the surface is totally clean of any debris or dirt. 

  1. Prepare the cleaning solution

Combine a little amount of mild detergent or shoe cleaning in a bowl of warm water. If your shoes are really nasty, mix in a little bit of bleach, baking soda, or white vinegar.

  1. Wash the shoes

Dip a towel or a sponge into the cleaning solution you made before and scrub the shoes gently. Focus your attention on any obstinate stains or marking. Avoid using too much water, as this can ruin the shoes.

  1. Rinse and dry

Now, we’re done with the cleaning process. Carefully rinse them with clean water to remove ant soap residue. Blot away any excess water using a dry cloth or towel. Dry the shoes in air away from direct sunshine.

  1. Replace the laces and insoles

Ensure that the shoes have dried well then, replace the laces and insoles.

Can I Keep My Black Converse All Stars Clean?

Can I Keep My Black Converse All Stars Clean

Yes, you can but it is not easy. Here are some shoe maintenance tips:

  1. Regular cleaning is the key for keeping your black Converse All Stars bright, ideally after each use.
  2. Keep your shoes in a dry, well-ventilated location
  3. Use shoes protector spray, to keep dirt and stains from clinging to your shoes.

How To Clean Black Converse All Stars? A Video

This video will show you how Clean & restore Converse All Stars. Enjoy watching.

How To Clean Black Converse All Stars FAQs


It doesn’t have to be complicated to clean your Black Converse All Stars. Cleaning your Black Converse All Stars is easy and can be done with simple household items.

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